Mary's Message/Newsletter

Annie Kirkwood, Author 

December/January 1998/99 Issue #43

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This is Annie's section

Dear friends,

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did. Im finding that every day is thanksgiving when you are truly grateful for your blessings. Over the last few years, Ive become more and more grateful. Maybe its an age thing, but Im grateful just to be alive! When I realize that this is Gods life force flowing through me, its difficult not to be grateful. One of my greatest blessings is you. I so appreciate your continued support. I meet the neatest people as I travel across the country. At times I lose their address. It is very frustrating to want to communicate my appreciation and not be able to. So if any of you are among the people I never sent a thank you to for all your help, its probably that I lost your address and cant remember your full name. For some reason I can remember entire conversations, describe a person in detail, and not their name. When Ive lost, misplaced, or left without a way to communicate with a person, I pray for them, because it is my way of remembering your friendship and caring. Through this newsletter, I send you a heartfelt thank you, for driving me to the airport, picking me up at the airport, and for the many other ways people help.

This year Im looking forward to Christmas. Last year I didnt have the Christmas spirit. I couldnt get into the seasons excitement to decorate our home, or to send out Christmas cards. This year I seem to be making up for it. I have an overflow of Christmas spirit. Everyone celebrates Jesus birth at this time of the year. This year I feel that Im to celebrate Jesus life, not just his birth. The Brotherhood and Mother Mary have said that Jesus came to demonstrate our full potential. When people were amazed at the healing that took place through him, Jesus himself said that we could do all the things he did and greater things.

Jesus gave us only one commandment. We are to love God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul...then we are to love our neighbor as ourself. I wonder how frustrated he must be to know that two thousand years later we still are not able to follow that one commandment. Of course I know that Jesus is always loving and patient, because Ive had a taste of his love and patience. But still it must be daunting.

Often I voice my love to God and tell Him why I love Him. In reality the reasons I love Him are also my blessings. I love God because He is so good to me. Whenever Ive needed Him, He has been there for me. I love God for His life force that flows through me and makes me unique and individual. I love God because he gave us such a beautiful world to live in. I love God for my creativity, which is demonstrated through many avenues. I love God because Ive been able to reach my first heartfelt wish and be a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and still be young enough to enjoy it. I love God because he answered my prayer for a loving, supportive, and demonstrative husband and life partner.

Today Im able to love God for all of my past experiences, even those that were abusive and hurtful. This was not always the case. I love God because He helped me work through the pain and anger to find a place of inner peace and forgiveness. I love God for my work with Mother Mary. I love God for all the wonderful friends Ive made through this work. I love God for my helper/angels, who come disguised as friends, therapist, doctors, and fellow humans.

I could go on and on, and many days I do. But one of the things I love God for is for sending his many masters and teachers like Jesus to the world. I love God for the many spirit helpers, like The Brotherhood of God and angels. I love God for the awakening that is still taking place in me and my family. I love God because He sat back and allowed me to make mistakes and to learn from them. I love God for teaching me to love as He does unconditionally. I wish I could say that I love this way all the time and love all people without condition. I do for the most part love unconditionally, but there are those times and those people who make it hard to comply with this way of loving.

I love God for the many insights and revelations that have come to me. I love God for realizations, such as, I am more than this body, more than my emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and intelligence. This is very freeing to know that I am more than what I see, and that there are greater purposes to life than what I can see, hear, feel, or smell. We all have greater hidden talents than we are aware of. Isnt it comforting to know this? It is to me. The very thought that there are greater talents within me has given me the inspiration to use the talents I know of. Once I let myself be inspired there have been more creative ideas than I can use.

So this Christmas Im making a pledge to be grateful for Jesus, for his birth, and the beautiful story associated with it, to be grateful for his teachings and healings, and to be grateful for Jesus life. Now that Ive learned to accept and value my life, I find it easier to love my neighbor as myself.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and/or Hanukkah. I hope you realize the great potential that is within you to accomplish, resolve issues, and to enjoy life. May the peace of God be a light to your search. May the example of Jesus life be the road map for your inner life. And may you fully realize the great love God has for you.

Byron and I wish each of you a merry Christmas. As our Christmas cards read, "Christmas is...the gifts of warm togetherness, of love, and peace, and happiness." This is our prayer for you. We appreciate you and are grateful for your support. We also hope you have a wonderful 1999, and that all your troubles will be very, very small, and your blessings very, very big.

Until next time, I remain your friend,


This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to you in joy and in love. We are nearing the time you celebrate Jesus birth. It is a joyous time, one that is a remembering of family and friends. I hope that in all your preparations you do not neglect your prayers and your meditations. It is important that you pray daily. It is more important that you take the time to meditate because this is the way to pay close attention to God. It is a good way to hear His silent voice.

Many of you will face times of trials and sorrow in the coming year. The last year of the Millennium is a time of letting go of the old, in one way or another. For the people who do not let go of the old joyfully and willingly, it can be traumatic. My children, listen and hear the still small voice within. Give yourself time to hear God as He directs you. Many of you will have a much easier time during the coming year. Regardless of how your life is going, I request that each of you to spend time in prayer. I urge you to pray for each other. Pray for the children and young people. Pray for your loved ones, neighbors, and co-workers. Pray for humanity, because through each persons life and their experiences, humanity grows and progresses.

Pray for peace to come into the heart of each person on earth, that they may find the peace that passes all understanding, that they may find the love that God has for them. In this way, you are doing much to promote peace in the world. This is your mission, it is your gift to humanity.

When Jesus was born, the angels sang, "Peace on earth." They prayed for mankind to have good-will in their heart. This is still a good prayer today. Many of you have already made peace with your past, your present, and your future. You are already living in peace. As you continue to live with a sense of inner serenity and peace, you are doing much more than you realize to promote peace on earth. It takes a certain number of people to create that critical mass in order to have peace fairly explode throughout the consciousness of mankind. So each peaceful, loving prayer is important. Each peaceful, loving deed is important. Each peaceful, loving life is of the utmost importance.

My children, do all you can to live in peace. If your heart is still filled with anger and fear and all their depleting emotions, do all you can to rid yourself of these issues. Then do all you can to promote peace. You can promote peace through your prayers, most certainly. You can promote peace through your harmonious relationship with other people. You can take charge of your inner life and live a peaceful life. It is an innate ability within you to be able to live peacefully. You have simply forgotten how. You have allowed your pride and self-importance to take precedence. So do not shirk your responsibility to promote peace through your loving, compassionate actions. Each time you refuse to judge another person harshly, you promote peace. Each time you seek resolution to a problem, condition, or issue, you promote peace.

Carefully build a peaceful and harmonious relationship with yourself. Too many are much too harsh in their self-judgments. Be gentle with yourself, and you will be gentle and kind with others. Treat yourself as you wish for others to treat you. In this way you practice having harmonious relationships with yourself. Then, you will find this is your natural way to cope, to deal with others, and to demonstrate Gods love. Peaceful living can be a reality on earth; it will take many, many people living peaceful, loving, non-judgmental lives in order it to be a reality for everyone.

When you are living in peace and in unconditional love, you will have a joy that is beyond what you know now. It is a joy that expresses itself in loving actions. It is a joy that is deeply satisfying and good. The joy of God brings pleasure to the small acts of life. Then it will be a joy to breathe, to see, to hear, to relate to others, to eat, and to do all the things the body needs in order to live on earth. Joy will be your natural make-up. Your humor will then be loving humor. Today people use derogatory remarks to insinuate humor. If it is hurtful to one person, it is not humor filled with joy. Joy is loving, it is understanding, and it is peaceful.

During this holiday season, when you remember the birth of the Christ child, set aside anything that does not promote peace, unconditional and true joy. This is a good time to christen yourself with a new nameyou too can be called Immanuel. You can be a person of peace and understanding. Let the Spirit of Truth ring within you. Allow the Spirit of Truth to keep you motivated to peacefulness and to living in the Spirit of unconditional love. Christen yourself to promote a continuous, on-going communication with your Creator.

Allow the good-will which is felt during this time of the year to be carried into every day of your life. When you have an occasion to react in anger, remember your new name; you are here to bring peace into your heart, your life, and your world.

My dear little children, do not worry about when the next disaster will occur and where it will take place. Let all your energy, effort, and intent be towards the promotion of loving, peaceful living. Do all you can to be ready for any eventuality, then stay true to your new motivation, your new name. Do all things with an attitude of loving peacefulness. Respect all people and their beliefs, their choices in life, and in their way of life. Make no derogatory or harsh judgments in dealing with people. Seek to negotiate peace in any dispute. Settle all old angers and release all old fears. When you are with God, there is nothing to fear. Then, all will be in a Divine environment. Let all your intentions be good. Let all your workings and dealings be good. Work only for the good of the majority. But be good to yourself. Be good to your loved ones and give them the freedom God gives you. You are free to live your life in peace, love, and joy. You are free to choose goodness or wickedness. You are free to choose war or peace. Make the best choices. You can do this. I have confidence in you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

Preparing for ...

Earth changes, y2k (computer bug), economic collapse ... etc.

This is a continuation of my article last issue that covered first aid, storing water, and food ...

Part Two

The next area to consider is fire, heat, and light should utility power and/or gas be interrupted; and how to provide the ability to cook, stay warm, and light to see during dark periods. The minimum you will want is a supply of candles. These might be ordinary candles you can obtain at a variety store, or the special long-burning candles available from survival/emergency preparedness suppliers. Suggested light sources include flashlights requiring batteries, or other forms of flashlights, like the hand-pump DynaLight that doesnt require any batteries, the new BayGen Freeplay windup lantern, or a solar lantern that can be charged by sunlight. Other light sources include chemical breaklights, and camping-style propane lanterns. Propane stoves are available to cook on, and there are propane heaters to provide heat. However, propane products are not recommended for normal indoor use. Most propane devices use the small canister-type fuel bottles, which might not be adequate for long-term use. But with an adapter these can be used with the larger bulk-type (barbecue) containers.

Another handy little unit is the Emergency Heat and Snap-On Stove system from Alco-Brite. This little unit will boil water in 8 to 10 minutes or fry an egg in 4 to 5 minutes.

Now consider communications. Since I discussed this in my recent newsletter (June/July 98) I wont go into too much detail. But when an emergency happens you need to know what is happening around you to help you plan. Thus you need as a minimum a radio receiver. Normally for local emergencies a radio that has the AM/FM bands will suffice, but for a national or worldwide emergency (such as y2k or Earth changes) you may need to receive the shortwave bands. Beyond simply receiving information, you may want to be able to communicate with others, either by using CB radios or becoming a licensed amateur radio operator.

Handling power outages or the loss of utility power is important. Depending on your location you may want to have a backup generator to be able to provide electrical power should the utility power fail. Generators are available fueled by gasoline, diesel, and propane. The least expensive and most readily available are gasoline generators. The approximate price range for these are between $400 to $800 (for about a 5KW unit, meaning a unit that would power fifty 100 watt light bulbs). They are available from many sources, such as Sams Warehouse, home improvement stores, etc. The diesel and propane units are many times more expensive, but are quieter, longer lasting, and more energy efficient.

The use of a generator is a short-term solution to emergency power due to the amount of gasoline (or other fuel) you can safely store. Another consideration is that stored gasoline (and diesel) tend to go bad (get gummy) in a few months, so a fuel restorer/preserver should be added to extend its life. Picking, sizing, and installing a generator is somewhat beyond the scope of what I can put in this short article, but I did want to briefly touch on the subject.

If you and your family were going to be on your own for an extended period of time, what other things would you need? What about normal household supplies, including soaps, and other cleaning supplies. How about medications you and your family requireboth prescription and over-the-counter items like aspirin, cough medicines, pain relievers, etc. What about your paper supplies we all take for granted--toilet paper, tissue and hand towels. I realize that in an emergency we may have to do without many of these items, but with a little planning, extra money and storage spaceeven that may not be necessary.

For those that have children, preparation for them is important. If your child has special needs, you will want to have plenty of supplies and/or medication on hand. If they wear a hearing device, or other aids that require batteries, you will want to have extra ones on hand, including glasses. Also consider how quickly children grow and have clothing in bigger sizes available. Children often have special toys that comfort them, or a special blanket. And for adults, you may want to include playing cards and a few board gamesince no electricity means no TV.

At this point preparation can go in several different directions, depending on your age, physical condition, and desires. Mainly what I suggest are things you can learn to doskills you may want to learn, or even hobbies that may be useful in an emergency. When I started preparing, I got my amateur (ham) radio license. While in Dallas I became a volunteer for the American Red Cross Disaster Services. And here in Oklahoma Ive become a volunteer firefighter. Thus your next step may be to consider things you would want to learn. You may want to read books on survival and emergency preparedness, or how-to books on a number of subjects. At this point it is up to you to consider what you want to do before an emergency or disaster happens.

The more information you have the easier it is to remain calm. The more skills you have, the more confident you become. When you are confident of your ability to face an emergency, the less likely you are to panic. You need to know what to do and how to perform before an emergency occurs.

I realize that this covers a lot of material in two short articles. I just hope it helps to get you started in preparing for whats to come.


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Book: Spirited Leadership by Ellen Castro
Book: The Complete Book of Underground Houses by Rob Roy

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