Mary's Message/Newsletter

Annie Kirkwood, Author 

December/January 1999/2000 Issue #49

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

Here we are again in the Holiday Season. During this Thanksgiving I've been thanking God for each of you. I would still do this work because I do it for God, and because I love being Mary's messenger. But you are like the icing on the cake and being Mary's messenger is the cake. I love receiving your letters, calls, and e-mails. I apologize for not answering them all. I have no excuse; writing letters has never been my strong suit. Now isn't this ironic? It seems that God uses the things I don't like as well as the things I do. The fact that I will do almost anything before I write a letter has always been Byron's way of "knowing" that it isn't me doing the work when it comes to getting the messages.

So be assured that you are very much appreciated and that I thank God for each of you, because without your feedback I would feel like I was in a vacuum. I enjoy reading your letters and e-mails, and the phone calls are like talking to an old friend I thank all of you who have sent pictures and small gifts. You cannot imagine how grateful I am. Writing these newsletters is like writing to an old friend. So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I truly appreciate you.

So what am I learning right now? I'm learning that I can learn a lesson, like unconditional love, over and over, and still receive new revelations, new insights. It seems to be a subject that just keeps growing and growing. I've often heard Mother Mary talk about our "heart of hearts." And I thought I understood it, but it seems that now I have a better understanding of what She is talking about.

As many of you know, we have had a few family challenges this year. What Mother Mary taught me in the past few weeks is that when I love unconditionally, I love from my heart of hearts. Our heart of hearts never gets broken, is never injured in any way, because it never judges. Our heart gets broken, is disappointed, feels betrayed, and hurts. It is in our heart that we feel guilty, remorseful, angry, fearful, and all depleting emotions. But our heart of heart, just loves.

It's nice to have two hearts, especially when you are not feeling so nice; and to know that the one that holds nasty emotions can feel unconditional love, but that there is another, much deeper heart that has always remained pure, clean and loving. Sometimes we think we've been feeling unconditional love, and then something happens and we feel angry, hurt, and other depleting emotions, and we wonder what happened. It's then that we can remind ourselves that we have another, deeper heart that doesn't feel these depleting emotions. It reminds us that we are spiritual, but while on earth we are also human. When someone hurts us, either intentionally or unintentionally, and we feel strong emotions--we can't help it; it's part of our humanness. So I'm learning to appreciate my humanness.

We talk a lot about love during Christmas, and we buy each other gifts trying to express that love. But to me the way we best express love is to keep loving our family members and friends even when they are not acting out of love--even when they are acting out of their pain, fear, anger, or greed. This is when we truly love unconditionally. Often in talks I've given around the country, I get very specific and relate an incident or two, and will say that this person is in my life to teach me to love unconditionally. I wish I could say that I've mastered loving unconditionally, but it's something I'm still working on. It may take me a lifetime to learn.

Once again I relearned that I am to love myself unconditionally, that harsh self-judgment is futile and useless. It gets me no where fast. I'm reminded that I'm responsible for myself first. It's up to me to be sure that my needs are being met. It's up to me to set boundaries and then to honor those boundaries. If I take care of myself, I free my loved ones from this responsibility, and then they are free to be themselves. All of this is part of loving myself.

But most of all, I think that Christmas makes us realize how important it is to honor our loved ones and their needs and boundaries. It reminds us that, although we can't make another person happy, if they don't want to be we can love them by honoring who they are and how they chose to live their life.

Recently, the Brotherhood gave a message in which they spoke of our family. They were not talking about our parents, siblings, children and such, but of our human family. In Mary's Message to the World, Mother Mary said that every race is our brother and every religion is our sister. She also said that to accept and appreciate is to love. I think we come closer to this being true at Christmas than at any other time of the year. So maybe this is where it all starts, simply with acceptance.

In the book Mother Mary asked us to accept our differences and similarities. So how many of us have accepted the differences in ourselves and our spouses...or the differences in ourselves and our siblings? It's something to think about. But then there is the other side of this. How many of our family have accepted the differences in us? Not only do we have to accept the differences that lie between us and our family, but we have to accept that sometimes family and acquaintances do not accept the things that make us different from them.

It's a simple matter of how much do we want to love? How much do we want peace in our lives? How far are we willing to go to maintain the self-esteem and inner peace? I know that as I've come to accept the things that make me different from everyone else, the easier it's been to accept the differences in others. I find the differences intriguing and interesting. But my New Year's resolution is to do all I can to set aside my biases and prejudices.

I hope you have a very, very happy Holiday Season, that you and your family are safe, find the Spirit of Christmas and have a Joyful Christmas, a loving Christmas, and a peaceful Christmas. May your new year and new millennium be filled with only wonderful, good experiences and a continuation of this Holiday's Spirit. Until next time I remain your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to you in understanding, peace and joy. Once again you on earth are celebrating the birth of Jesus. But remember that this celebration is but a remembrance of the birth of the Christ Child within each person. The story of Jesus' birth was true but can also be used as an analogy. Within each person is the child of God. The child of God is created in Gods image and likeness. As God is spirit, so are you. As God is total goodness, so are you, when you seek within to find that place that my son, Jesus, called the "kingdom of heaven."

Jesus' birth fulfilled many of the old prophesies. His birth represented the coming of the new. He brought with him light. In the beginning God created light. But Jesus brought light in stronger and in newer ways. He said many times, "I am the light of the world, ye are the light of the world." Not only was he the light of the world, but you each bring with you a light that only leaves this body when the soul leaves. Each of you have a light that you are to let shine. But you cannot let your light shine if your heart and mind are steeped in hatred, biases, prejudices, greed, anger, and fear. Your light will not shine when you allow your human self to puff up with your own importance, or when you begin to think that you are better than another person. All people, no matter the color of their skin, were created by God. Every person is part of the human race, and the human race is God's child.

Whenever you choose, you can give birth to the Christ child within you. You can become the beloved one of God. It requires that you love God above all else. This means that you love Him above and beyond your beliefs, the teachings of your religions, the preconceived ideas you have concerning God, Spirit, Church, and Creation. It means you love God beyond your own understanding, your own life, your own self. It means that you learn to love yourself with wisdom, and that you love your neighbor as yourself.

I ask that you first learn to love yourself with wisdom so that you will have a good self-concept of who you are and what you value in reality. Then you can fully love your neighbor as yourself in a good way. Your neighbor is not only those who live close to your home, but those who live on this planet. Begin to see that every person on this earth is your neighbor. Finding within your heart the ability to accept them is a good place to start. Acceptance is love in action, in accepting the beauty of the differences in skin color, tradition, culture, values, and in people that you love.

Accepting loved ones, friends, acquaintances and people just as they are is loving unconditionally. To accept that loved ones don't always agree with you, or that friends may not see from your perspective, is loving without judgment. Accepting people without trying to change or correct them is loving in God's way. And what can be more beautiful, more energizing, than to love as God does? It energizes you because you are no longer responsible to monitor or watch others to see that they do what is "right." You no longer have to be vigilant over what you have no control over in the first place. It energizes the person you truly accept so that he/she is free to act and react according to their own inner self. They no longer need to be vigilant to act or react according to your specifications. They are free, and you are free on many levels.

Acceptance is the first step towards peace. You must be accepting of differences and accepting of the innate goodness that is within the human spirit in order to begin to settle issues, to negotiate disagreements, to bring peaceful resolution to war. So during this holiday season, recalling a time when the angels sang "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men," I ask that you make a commitment to accept yourself just as you are, accept your loved ones, and accept your fellow humans just as they are.

This is a time of joy, and joy comes to those who are free to love as God loves. Joy is more than contentment; it is more than happiness, it is alive, energizing, and edifying. Joy itself brings peace, love, and understanding. "Joy to the World" you sing each Christmas, but how can there be joy when there is suffering? How can there be joy when you still harbor resentments, unresolved angers, and when many people terrorize each other? How can you have a joyful time when children are still being brutalized in many parts of the world? How can there be joy when you still judge each other harshly?

Joy lives in an atmosphere of peace, love, and understanding. I would have each of you realize that the greatest joy you can have is to clear from your heart depleting emotions. The greatest gift you can give each other is to pray the one for the other with love. Revitalize your relationships with joyfulness and understanding. It takes tolerance, patience, and compassion to have the great joy that brought the angels out to sing that night Jesus was born.

Tolerance is an attribute that will help you have not only joy, but will help you to love without judgment and to set aside your prejudices. Tolerance allows you to see the similarities between you and others of different races, different cultures, and different countries. Tolerance soothes the need to judge. It gives you the understanding to seek ways to find compromise.

Understanding gives you the wisdom to find peace in your mind, heart, and inner self. Understanding opens within your mind, and you receive new insight into old problems, a new perspective into old judgments and comprehension. To fully understand another person is to comprehend his circumstances, situations, background, intellect, and culture.

Compassion is what you feel during this time of Christmas as you prepare to help the needy, the downtrodden, and the helpless. Compassion, along with tolerance and understanding, is what I request that you keep in your heart and mind throughout the new year, and take with you into the new millennium.

Let the birth of Jesus remind you that his way was the way of love, forbearance, tolerance, understanding, and compassion. The remembering will allow you to live each day as your life unfolds into joy, love, and peace. Let this be your new goal in life, your new attitude, and your new way of living.

Thank you for listening to my words. I love each of you greatly.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

This is Byron's section

Recently a friend of ours loaned Annie a copy of a book titled, Psychic Warrior. While on a drive to Dallas, Annie started reading it to me to break up the monotony of the drive. I became intrigued. This is a story about one individual's involvement in the U.S. military's super secret "Remote Viewing" project called "Stargate" and at times known by other names: Sun Streak, etc.

While on a training mission in the middle east, David Morehouse, a career Army officer, was hit in the head by a stray bullet fired from a machine gun. His helmet save his life, but his life as he knew it would never be the same. While still on the training exercise, he started having strange dreams and nightmares. This was the beginning of his spiritual awakening and the opening of his inherent psychic ability. The story of Morehouses career and involvement in Stargate is exciting, intriguing, encouraging, and discouraging at the same time. He soon found that remote viewing could be used to transcend time and space; that basically nothing is secret from the psychic spy.

In Psychic Warrior, Morehouse viewed and discovered the real cause behind the so-called "Desert Storm Syndrome," how our government knows what caused it; and why Korean flight KAL 007 was off course and shot down by soviet fighters. Morehouse soon recognized the potential for remote viewing to help mankind, and not just be used as a "spy" tool. His, and another remote viewer, awareness led to actions that caused him to lose his military career, all his military benefits, and put him and his family's lives in danger--as the government spy network felt threatened.

In 1985, the CIA officially announced that they had been using psychics to do remote viewing. They claimed that the effort was discontinued because the success rate was 15% or less. Morehouse and others had experienced success rates at up to 85% at times.

In Psychic Warrior, David Morehouse mentioned the (real) names of several other remote viewers. One of those was Joseph McMoneagle, the original remote viewer number 001. This name was somewhat familiar, in that his publisher is one that we deal with regularly, and his name was associated with books on remote viewing. So my next reading material were two books by Joseph McMoneagle; Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space through Remote Viewing; and The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewers Perception of Time, and Predictions for the New Millennium.

In 1970, while serving overseas in the Army, Joe McMoneagle had a near-death experience that opened him to spontaneous psychic flashes. As a result he was recruited for a military program, code name Stargate, to develop and apply remote viewing skills for national security. For twenty years, McMoneagle honed his intuitive psychic abilities, and refined the scientific protocols that resulted in this most reliable method of information retrieval.

In Mind Trek he describes, replete with actual remotely viewed drawings, the development and application of ones natural intuition through the proper use of these protocols.

While McMoneagle's Mind Trek does not have the excitement and intrigue of Psychic Warrior, it does convey a better understanding of remote viewing, how it works, who can be trained, what works and what doesn't. It is also full of interesting examples of sessions that McMoneagle viewed.

McMoneagle's second book starts out a little slow, as he reviews remote viewing in the first section of the book, but that soon changes as he shares his predictions for the future, gathered from his work over the twenty plus years he has been doing remote viewing. These predictions, up through the year 3000 (y3k), give us a better understanding of what we as mankind can expect to happen as a result of our actions today.

The fourth book in my reading sequence on remote viewing is Cosmic Voyage by Dr Courtney Brown. Brown, a university professor, was trained by one of the original Stargate remote viewers in the protocol of remote viewing. In his remote viewing sessions he encounters two alien civilizations that are intimately and currently involved with humans on Earth.

A first race is a Martian race that barely survived an ancient natural catastrophe on their own world, that still struggle to survive on their nearly dead planet, while some of the race live in hidden retreats on Earth.

The second race are the Greys, a highly advanced humanoid people, who nearly destroyed themselves by wanton abuse of their environment, and who now seek to enhance their own evolution.

In the course of his remote viewing work, Dr Brown observed and interacted with a distant galactic federation of extraterrestrial civilizations, which humans, if we survive the Earth's coming planetary crises, may one day join. On a personal note, when Annie started getting messages back in the late '80's, we were told about a "Federation of Planets," and we just filed the information away.

These books on remote viewing have intrigued me. Then by "coincidence" and on cue, two of my favorite television shows have segments involving remote viewing: JAG and X-Files. The JAG segment was titled Psychic Warrior and was about the trial of a Navy Admiral that was heading up the Navy's remote viewing project, where a viewer died. After reading these books on remote viewing, I realized that the writers of the programs had not really done their homework on remote viewing, but these shows were very timely. It was also interesting to speculate, the idea that maybe the military is not really completely out of the remote viewing business!

The X-Files segment barely touched on remote viewing, but was shown less than a week after the JAG segment--coincidence?

After reading these books, there is no doubt in my mind that remote viewing exists, works, and can be used as a tool to help us--mankind.

Sincerely -- Byron

P.S. Here's hoping that you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and that the computer bug turns out to be a non-event, or at worst only a nuisance. Or, if there are problems, that you are prepared to handle them with the least amount of grief.

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