Delivery and Stock Status of products at B&A Products

This is to help you have some idea of what is available and what is on back order or worse. Please use this as a guide. If you have a question about a particular item or the status of one of these items previously ordered, please give us a call at 918-696-5998.

Katadyn water filters and other products: Good news from B&A Products
We currently have stock on all the popular Katadyn water filters and replacement elements and can ship the next business day. This includes the Pocket Filter, Combi, Mini-Filter, TRK Drip Filter, Gravidyn Drip Filter, Expedition, Syphon, Gemini, Standard. Replacement elements include the PFE, MFE, Combi ceramic and carbon filters, Ceradyn, Superdyn, Carbondyn, KFTE (1040), and the new Gravidyn combination ceramic-carbon filter. And we have in stock several varieties of the Micropur products and some inventory of the popular parts and kits. (Date: July 22, 1999)

Long shelf life food products: Good news from B&A Products
Both AlpineAire and Ready Reserve Foods are shipping food system orders in two week are less. Individual can orders may take a little longer. We even have some items in stock in our warehouse.
Ready Reserve seeds, samplers, sprouting kits and candles are in B&A's stock.
AlpineAire 3-Day Food Packs are in stock at B&A.
(Date: July 22, 1999)

BayGen/Freeplay products:
Bad news from B&A Products The BayGen original FRP1 radio has been replaced by the NEW GLOBAL Shortwave Radio. It even includes a built-in solar panel and we are selling them at the same price as the old 4011 radios. Our new stock number is 4011A. We do NOT have these in stock. (Date: June 10, 2001).
Good news from B&A Products We have the BayGen Freeplay Lanterns in stock. (Date: Dec 22, 1999)
Good news from B&A Products We do have the AM/FM BayGen Jrs (FPR2) at a close-out price. We also have the 4012S with solar panel in a clear blue case. (Date: Nov 30, 2000).

news from B&A Products The 12-volt Heated Blanket (RPHB-1101C) is back in stock (Date: Dec 22, 2000)

Good news from B&A Products The SM837D Info-Mate radios (AM/FM/SW/VHF/TV) is currently in stock. (Date: Dec 29, 1999).
Also we have a similar radio at a lower price, the KA007 Multiband World Receiver that has AM/FM/SW/VHF bands, it is in stock. (Date: Nov 30, 1999)

Good news from B&A Products The Potassium Iodate is in stock. The manufacturer has changed the number of tablets to two hundred tablets of 85 mg each. These will be scored so they will be easier to break into for smaller baby dosages. The recommended usage dosages will change accordingly and be printed on the bottle. (Date: Jan 6, 2000)

Good news from B&A Products The ES879 Solar Battery Charger with Meter has been discontinued, but we have a few in stock. (Date: June 10, 2001)

Other miscellaneous products: Good news from B&A Products
Most of our normal camping and survival items are in stock, or can be restocked usually within two weeks if we run out of an individual item. Items that are the exception to this may be shown above. (Date: July 22, 1999)

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