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These are items that either B&A or the manufacturer have discontinued and are reduced in price to sell quickly. Items sold "as-is" and not returnable (all are new, meaning they are not used or returned items).
IBM compatible software

Picture: BayGen Jr radio

BayGen Jr FREEPLAY Radio

Technically known as the FPR2-M

This is the BayGen Freeplay AM/FM (only) radio. It uses the Baylis Clock Work type windup mechanism. It does include the "Extended Play" feature allowing it to run for up to 60 minutes after being wound. Height 8" x 11.5" long x 8" deep, weighs 5.3 lbs. Color is black (matte).

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Atwater Carey TREKKER II
First Aid Kit

This is a really neat first aid kit that Atwater Carey discontinued for some reason (I suspect there were too many different kits so they dropped a few). For the full details, click here.

Stock #1185

Packin' Potty

The Packin' Potty is a fold-up portable toilet. It is lightweight and measures only 16" x 16" x 4". It includes ten plastic liners and one bottle of eliminating solution. Only one available.

Stock #Packin' Potty

Gerber Signal Mirror .... Stock #1175 (Gerber #07560) .... Click here to purchase



Video tape of Annie's Mary's Message to the World talk given at Gordon-Michael Scallion's 1993 Matrix Institute Earth Changes Conference at Olympia, WA on March 21, 1993. (2 units available.)
Stock #3007

The audio tape of the above talk:
Stock #3006

Audio tape set (2 tapes) of An Afternoon with Annie. This is a discussion with Annie Kirkwood and George Cure recorded in North Carolina in 1994 (I think).

Stock #3027

For IBM compatible computer users


Advanced Contact Management Software
(A Business "Survival" product)

This product doesn't exactly fit the other B&A products for spiritual advancement or emergency preparedness, but I couldn't run my business without it. It is a software database package that I use to keep track of the newsletter and B&A's customers (and other databases: Personal, ham contacts, etc). It allows me to print labels, form letters, track purchase and contact history, with a modem I can autodial any one of up to four phone numbers, and do much, much more. It is technically considered a "Contact Management" program, and although there are competitors to this product (some quite a bit cheaper), it is consider to be the best on the market.

It is ideal for anyone in sales or any business where you need to keep track of customers or clients. You can directly locate database entries (customers, clients, etc) by last name, first name, company, city, zip code, phone number, or any one of five "key" fields. Form letters can be developed to insert all the mailing information automatically and you can then edit the letter to personalize it for your customers. Address labels can be printed one-at-a-time (using a SLP label printer) or multiple labels (as an example: the 2 up by 10 Avery labels sheets). Scheduling of future contacts is easy, whether it's a follow-up phone call, appointment, or to set sales targets. Detailed notes can be attached to each record/entry or you can use a simple one-liner for history information. Each record can have multiple contacts, each with their own phone number, reference, title and address; like you might use for a large company. And each file can contain up to one billion contacts (for more you can create different files/databases).

And there is a lot more to this superior contact management program than I can convey in this short narrative.

Stock #6001 ... Single User GoldMine for DOS

Units in stock are 3.5" disk 1.44-meg format, only 2 packages left at this price

These items are available in limited quantity,
please call 918-696-5998 to check availability before ordering.

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