Earth Changes

Hi, I'm Byron Kirkwood, the author of the book Survival Guide for the New Millennium and coauthor with my wife, Annie, of the best seller Mary's Message to the World.

I first became aware of what is now being called "Earth Changes" when I was helping my wife compile Mary's Message. In Mary's Message, Mother Mary warns us of what is predicated to happen over the last ten years of this century (20th) and soon after. In Mary's Message this is the chapter called the Predictions.

When the well-known futurist, Gordon-Michael Scallion, received a copy of Mary Message to the World, he went back and dug out some of his old writings and discovered that as many as 43 words in a sequence were the same as found in Mary's predictions. Thus adding creditability to what he was receiving and to what was being said in Mary's Message to the World. Mary's Message was the first book Gordon recommend.

After Mary's Message to the World was released in 1991, people began to call us wanting to know what we were doing to prepare for the Earth changes. Being an ex-Boy Scout I had been compiling a lists for things I wanted to acquire, and things (skills) I wanted to learn. After awhile I realized that others would also need this information, so I decided to put it all into my book the Survival Guide for the New Millennium. I was featured on NBCs Ancient Prophecies IV: The Final Visions telling how to prepare for the upcoming Earth changes. This first aired on June 8, 1996 and has been rebroadcast many times on The Learning Channel.

Now with the use of the Internet I can make information available to those that want to know more--thus this page to lead you to additional information. Initially most of this will wind up on our B&A Products web page, but I will add other links as they seem appropriate. Now for the starting points:

Check back often, has I intent to regularly add links and other information to this page.
Sincerely -- Byron Kirkwood


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Original date: August 4, 1997
Last updated: Feb 15, 2000
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