Amateur Radio Operators that are Aware of Earth Changes

This page is a list of hams (amateur radio operators) that are Earth Changes aware, are preparing, and willing to share information by email with other hams and interested parties.
If you want to be added to this list please let me know by email to: and include your ham call, name, city and state, and email address. (Note: The list is shown in ham call zone order.)
Note: you don't have to be an active ham to participate, just a ham call and an email address.
73, KJ5DB.
N2JLE Ed Zane, Waynesville, North Carolina
KB2SHR Lee Hill, Brooklyn, New York
KA3LLX Cyndi Marsico, Eugene, Oregon
KF4JTJ Russell Jones, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
KF4WZV Jack Mooney, Asheville, North Carolina
KD5EMD Jim Albee, Plano, Texas
KJ5DB Byron Kirkwood, Bunch, Oklahoma
N6VBM Brian Burke, Morongo Basin, California
KD7ATT Harry Latham, Buffalo, WY
WL7BR Joseph P Belegrin III, North Pole, Alaska
KB7JOR Kathleen Stewart, Valley, Washington
KK7TH Hank Gerdes, Melba, ID
W8NCD E Sam Moore, Charleston, WV
KB8WNN Kevin Neal, Junction City, Ohio
KL0TW Clipper Ordiway, Fairbanks, Alaska
WB0GIH Rob Collier, Meriden, Kansas
N0NJY Rick Donaldson, Colorado Springs, Colorado
KU0T Jim Wright, Johnstown, Colorado
KP2H Guillermo Munoz, Naranjito, Puerto Rico
LA6FKA Jan, Oslo, Norway
VU3RCN, Ram, Thanjavur, India
(Call Pending), Don Gray Tasmania, Australia

Just for reference: Byron's KJ5DB Ham page
Another page for Ham's and CB'ers preparing for Earth Changes and other possibilities

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