Emergency Preparedness Articles

How To Safely Use Water Storage Barrels

The first consideration when using water storage barrels is, what kind of water should you store: tap water or commercially available bottled water?  Bottled spring, drinking, or distilled water is great for emergency storage......

Emergency Drinking Water and Water Storage Barrels

An essential emergency preparedness step is to insure you have a safe
supply of drinking water to last through natural or man-made

Flu Epidemic Still Thriving In Spring

This Air-Aid mask has activated carbon. It captures 99.0% of airborne viruses and other agents or dust verses a gas mask that is only 99.95% effective against most any emergency.

Spring Maintenance - Keep Yourself Safe With A Self Priming Siphon Hose

Spring is here and it's time to remove old gasoline from your boats, personal watercraft and lawn equipment. A self priming siphon hose allows you to transfer gasoline from any tank to another container safely.

What are Potassium Iodate Tablets, When to Use them, and Where to Buy Them:

Potassium Iodate Tablets are to be used in an emergency involving any kind of nuclear accident or attack...

Winterize your water craft with the Original Safety Siphon Hose

The summer season is nearing its end, and winter is on its way.  Time to prepare your boats and fun summer toys to be put away for the season. Make sure you use proper care when winterizing your boat and water craft by making sure........ 

Power Outages and Emergency Backup Generators

August/September 2000

Volunteer Fire Fighter

April/May 2000

Home Safety

August/September 1999

Preparing for...

Earth changes, y2k (computer bug), economic collapse ... etc.

 October 1998 (part 1) & December 1998 (part 2)

Portable Water Filters

February/March 1997

Are You Prepared for a Cold Winter and Power Outages?

December/January 1996/97


October/November 1996

FLASH - City Boy Plants Garden

June/July 1996

FEMA Community Emergency Response Team

April/May 1996

An Unscheduled Winter Preparedness Test

February/March 1996

Future Maps (Earth change maps)

August/September 1995

How to Meditate for the Spiritually Dense

April/May 1995

Free Home Study Courses from FEMA

December/January 1994/95

An Emergency Food Primer

October/November 1996

Solar Power Primer

April/May 1994

Why Prepare? (for Earth changes)

February/March 1994

A Primer on Amateur (Ham) Radio

December/January 1993/94

(Emergency) Test Run

June/July 1993

Coping with Fear

February/March 1993

Storing Water

January 1993