EpiFeature I: Annie Kirkwood

"Mary's message is that God loves us, no matter what"

Since 1987 Annie Kirkwood has receive regular messages from a spirit entity identifying itself as Mary, mother of Jesus. Some of these communications have been published as books, including "Mary's Message to the World" (Blue Dolphin, 1991) and "Instructions for the Soul" (1997). Annie spoke with us from her home in Oklahoma.

I was born into a United Methodist family and later belonged to the Southern Baptist Convention. Eventually I left that, too. I've been "winging if' for about twenty years. My belief system has changed, almost completely.

Some years ago I fell into a deep depression and was suffering from severe agoraphobia. I was unable to leave my home, even to go out into my yard. I wanted something better, so I began a real deep search for the truth. I started praying to God. I wanted to know His truth and not mankind's truth. See, I remembered that at one time, everybody believed the world was flat, and if you didn't believe the world was flat, it was heresy. But yet God was sitting wherever He sits and was watching the world spin around, as a globe.

So I told God, "If there's an belief system in place right now that is like that, I want to go past it. I want to know what you know."

During this time a friend took me to a bookstore. A book fell off the shelf - it was The God-Mind Connection by Jean Foster. [For an interview with Jean, see our March-April 1997 issue.] I followed the instructions on how to reach the Brotherhood of God [spiritual helpers] and made contact immediately. I had been receiving messages from the Brotherhood for months before Mary came.

Mary was a total surprise. As a Methodist I had never thought of her except at Christmas; as a Baptist, not at all - the emphasis was on Jesus. So when she started coming to me, it was a great surprise. I felt her presence before I ever heard her. It felt like a real live person was in the house. At first, it scared me to death.

I challenged this revelation. I still challenge it. My constant prayer is, "If what I am receiving is the truth, then I am willing to be used as a vessel for it. [Otherwise,] let it die here." How do I know that this is really Mary, the historical mother of Jesus? I don't know that I have an I just know that she is very loving, maternal and gentle.

Mary told me that she didn't come to me so much as her historical self but as God's representative. We've made God into a masculine entity; we've forgotten that God is also all the things we think of as maternal. Mary comes representing that maternal side of God. Her message is that God loves us, no matter what; that if we will turn to God for our own guidance and make that connection to the Spirit of God within our heart, then we will live in that love and be at peace. When all people are at peace, then the world will be at peace.

When Mary first came to me, I said, "I'm not Catholic." For some reason I had associated her with the Catholic church. I kept telling her I wasn't Catholic and finally she said, "Nor am I!" That surprised me, and I realized that of course she's not Catholic, but Jewish! She told me that one reason she chose me was because I was not affiliated with any religion. She wants this message communicated to everybody.

Mary asks everybody to cleanse their hearts from their anger and their fear. When I started doing that, and started learning to love myself, and as I healed from childhood sexual abuse, my agoraphobia went away. Now I even travel to other countries. Many people think that I'm a visionary, or that I am the message; they want to treat me like I'm special or different. I'm not. I'm the messenger. I'm Mary's Fed-Ex. I'm the UPS man. I don't have anything to do with the message, really. I'm just trying to put it into effect in my life.

I have nothing to say to the skeptics. There isn't anything you can say. That was one of my big fears. I asked Mother Mary about that, and she said, "Oh, I could come down and talk to a skeptic, and they wouldn't believe it was me." So, there's nothing you can say to convince them. I have to honor where they are and what choices they make. If they choose not to believe, it doesn't affect me personally.

The above interview is reprinted with permission from
Epiphanies: A Journal for Spiritual Insights, Volume 2, No 5, September-October, 1997.
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