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February/March 2000 Issue #50

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

Can you believe that we are in a new century, much less a new millennium? It's hard for me to believe I've lived this long. In the 1950's and 1960's I thought the year 2000 was way off in the future. I also thought I wouldn't live that long. And here I am alive and well in the year 2000. I'm not sure if I'm elated or disappointed. Either way, I get to continue to live and live and live some more.

I received a couple of things about this year I would like to share with you. One is that this is a year of transition--that the changes (earth changes, I think) will not go into effect until next year. I thought this was interesting since many have been saying that according to the Gregorian calendar the new millennium doesn't begin until next year.

The other thing was a question. "What do you want to leave in the last century and what is it that you want to take with you into the new century?" It wasn't until I was asked this question that I thought about the century. I had heard so much about the new millennium, and had talked about it that way, that I hadn't even thought about a new century. A millennium is an abstract term for me. I have had a difficult time with the concept of a 1000 years. But a century is something I can fathom.

My dad was born in 1892 and my maternal grandmother was also born around that time. They were very near the same age. So my whole life I've had the impression of a century. I used to ask both my dad and my grandmother about the last century. I thought it was so neat to have been around that long. Now here I am living that same experience and not feeling at all old.

So the question made me think. I knew one thing I wanted to leave behind was pain and illness. During the holiday season I stopped off at one of the health food stores to buy some supplements and found a new product that has all but taken my pain away. I now have energy and enthusiasm. I hope and pray that I have truly left pain and illness behind me.

One other thing I wanted to leave behind was whatever poverty consciousness I still had in effect in my life. Needless to say there are many other things that make up my list. What has happened is that, when I find myself beginning to think in a poverty way or to feel an ache, I deny it. I've been giving myself pep talks and doing affirmations to eliminate what I don't want to live with in this century, and the rest of my life on earth.

Then of course, I get to decide what I do want and how I want to live out the rest of my life in this new century. I think back to all the changes that happened soon after 1900. Think about it! The changes were quite dramatic. I feel that in my life I want that kind of permanent good change to happen in my life experience. But I must work on it from the inside first before it will happen on the outside. I recall Mother Mary's words concerning my son David coming to our family meetings with his beer. She said we would "change the inside and then the outside would take care of itself."

How many times do we want to make changes in our lives and start to make the changes consciously? We want to change the way we talk, walk, relate to people, how we look, and so on. The first thing we women do when we want to change is either get a new hairdo or get new clothes. What we need to change is something on the inside. So as you begin to live in this new century, remember that if we change the inside, the outside will take care of itself. I'm working hard to change my thought patterns and my feelings. I'm monitoring myself closely to make sure that how I'm living on the inside is how I want to live on the outside.

There is a definite correlation here. David is proof of the benefits of starting from the inside. One year after we began to meet as a family to pray and meditate, he went into a rehab hospital and has been in recovery ever since. He celebrated ten years of sobriety last year. He reminds me that he is sober one day at a time. He makes no promises about tomorrow, and it has worked. He changed the inside and the outside took care of itself.

I'm still not sure what this year will bring as a direction for me. But one thing that Mother Mary asked is to make myself available once a month. She also asked that I open my home at that time to people. So beginning in February, the second Saturday, I will be available to anyone who cares to visit. We will meditate and pray, probably discuss topics of interest, and I will share what I'm receiving. We will learn together whatever Spirit wants to teach us.

For the last couple of years I've been praying to be able to do the things that Jesus did. Remember, he said that the things he did we would do and greater things. Mother Mary says that Jesus came to demonstrate our full potential. I'm hoping that this is what will happen on the second Saturday of each monththat together we will begin to realize our full potential, not to be better than anyone else, or to be other people's savior, but to honor God's great hope for us. So this is an open invitation. Anytime you are in the vicinity on the second Saturday, please come by and spend an hour or the whole day with me.

I would love to have you join me in praying for the names in our prayer basket. We can make great differences in people's lives with our prayers. Mother Mary has told us that to pray for others is the greatest and best gift we can give. So please join me in praying for the names in our prayer basket. We don't have to know what to pray for. I simply support each person in their own prayers. What they ask for is between them and God. I believe my role is to sustain them with my faith, and that God gives us only that which is good...always.

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season. My holidays are over now that I've had my birthday. I celebrate beginning with Thanksgiving and go to children's birthdays, to Christmas, New Years and our Anniversary, and then end with my birthday. So now it's on to everyday living. I hope we all have a great year 2000!

Until next time I remain your friend,


This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come in joy and love. It is a great privilege to bring to you words of encouragement, words of instruction, and words to make your life enjoyable. You are living in a wonderful time, a time of great change. It is soon upon you, these great changes. While in reality the changes have been going on for several years, it is just now becoming noticeable to your scientists and other learned ones. You will hear of changing weather patterns, changes in climate, and of changes in many other areas. The migration of birds will be affected, as will the ocean currents. The migration and ocean currents will be talked about in a very short time.

I would have you be prepared to meet any eventuality. When you are prepared, both physically and spiritually, as you can be, I would have you enjoy a peaceful life. I would have you enjoy the changes, enjoy the times you live in. When you enjoy, you are truly experiencing life. Take delight in your daily activities. Let the thoughts and meditations of your mind be upon goodness, joy, love, and most definitely peace. This is how to live in these days.

Many of you will have challenges, but in every challenge you will find goodness, and in that goodness you will find blessings. Let your attitude be one of peaceful enjoyment, and you will find that your daily life is more serene. Meet the challenges that come to you with equanimity. Then you will hear the inner voice that guides you in all things. Look within for your guidance, my children. Listen well as God speaks to you in a silent voice. But this silent voice is heard and recognized when you pay attention to your inner self.

When you can hear the silent voice of God within you, you will have peace and joy. There is nothing like relying and trusting God to protect, supply your every need, and to love you. Right now you are living on faith, but, my little children, that is exactly how you are to live every day. Faith is the substance of all your tomorrows. In the years to come you will still have many harsh realities to face. It will require you to be strong in faith and to trust completely. It will not be difficult to face whatever is in the future with a strong connection to God. Let your heart be at peace for this is why you live. You live to be strongly connected to God and to enjoy the life He has given you. You live to have choices and to make use of your gift of choice. You live to love freely, without encumbrances of judgment or biases.

As you begin your meditations, state your intention. Let each meditation have at least one specific intention, and you may have other intentions. My children, God hears your heart of hearts and understands you fully. Because He has given you freedom of choice, you must ask for what you want. It is your choice to be connected to Him, to have His help as you learn to trust and depend upon Him. There is nothing you cannot ask of God. I must warn you though, God will give only that which is for your highest good and the good of the whole.

In order to trust, you will need to have the belief that God is reliable and that God can be trusted with your best interest. If you believe God is capricious and changeable, you will not be able to trust Him completely. I have said that God loves each of you unconditionally over and over. When you hold this truth deep within your core beliefs, you will be able to trust.

A portion of trust is the anticipation and confidence that what you ask for is done. If you will remember when my son, Jesus, prayed, he thanked God for the answer immediately. It was a part of the asking. Ask from your deepest longings. Ask for what is the best and highest for you. Let God hear your request. Then anticipate the answer. Then stand back and watch as God works wonders in your life.

Remember that at times God must prepare you to receive what you long for. Many times you are not ready to receive your answer. Then there are others to consider and their good must be taken into account too. Most often, it takes time for all of this to happen. So as you wait and anticipate, increase your faith and your trust through affirmations. Anticipate the answer enough to be grateful for the answer before it gets to you. Daily be grateful that all your prayers are answered in surprising and wondrous ways. Remember, God can accomplish a deed in the twinkling of an eye. But many times this is not what is best for you. Therefore the wait is part of the preparation for you to be able to receive.

Enjoy the wait. Take pleasure in the anticipation of the answer. Never dictate to God how it must come. If you think you would never dictate to God, you do when you hold preconceived ideas of how an answer is to be given. When you tell God in your prayers what is needed, you dictate. You are only to ask and wait for the answer. Your answer will come in God's own good time and in His own good way. Simply wait and trust. Yes, my children, it is simple but not always easy.

Open yourself up to receive, however the answer comes. Many times you delay the answer to your prayer because you want it to be given in a certain way and to look like what you think it should. In whatever manner God answers your prayer it will be good, because God only gives good. You must believe this with all your heart, all your mind, and all that you are. Begin today to believe in the goodness of God, in His Divine Love, and in His great compassion. Believe that God wants you to enjoy life and not to suffer through it. Believe that God wants there to be peace in your life, in your world, and in your future. Jesus believed in a God who loved you so much He would withhold nothing from you except that which would cause you harm. Focus all your attention, all your concentration, and all your being on the goodness of God, on His love, and on His peace. You can do this, my children; it is well within your ability to change your belief from a God who punishes to one who loves unconditionally, who gives only good to His children.

Use these messages to better your life. Use them daily to change your world. There can be peace and enjoyment of life. I love each of you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

This is Byron's section

Recently Annie and I went to a local restaurant and the owner, a friend of ours, greeted us and said, "I heard a rumor that the y2k bug was really the flu!" This seemed appropriate at the moment, since Annie and I were just getting over the dreaded flu, and the y2k computer bug had pretty much turned out to have been a non-event.

The y2k computer bug did increase the awareness of the need for people to prepare for the future; to become more self-reliant and not depend on some outside faction, such as the government, if and when, some disaster should happen. Many people did take the computer problem serious and prepared for themselves and their family. Now that the threat is considered over, some people are disassembling their preparedness supplies, in some cases actually trying to return common items like batteries, flashlights, and generators to their suppliers.

FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a government agency) recommends that people keep the items on hand. "FEMA recommends that families always have a disaster supply kit that contains items you'd need if services were unavailable for a few days," said James Lee Witt, Director of FEMA. "Those families that prepared for Y2K were doing the right thing whether those supplies were needed over the New Year's or not." "Being prepared for a winter storm, a hurricane or earthquake is good policy," Witt said. "We congratulate those who prepared for Y2K and urge them to begin the new year prepared for any eventuality."

As most of you probably know by now, we have been encouraging people to prepare for Earth changes, since shortly after Mary's Message to the World was first released back in 1991. Although the biggies of the Earth change predictions, a major portion of California sinking into the ocean and a polar shift, haven't happened (that's a good thing)--they have been delayed a few years (reference the grace period mentioned in the newsletter in June 1996). We have still been told that there will be more "natural" disasters and that there will still be loss of life. While encouraging people to prepare for Earth changes and just to be more self-reliant, I often feel like the boy that yelled wolf. However, the earthquakes in Turkey and other locations are good examples of what has recently happened and that we can expect to continue to happen.

Several friends recommended I read the new Ruth Montgomery book, The World to Come. I had a little problem getting a copy as my distributor kept back ordering it, saying it was unavailable until recently. When I finally got a chance to read it, it confirmed what we have received--that the Earth changes are still on our agenda--only delayed.

For those that may not know, Ruth Montgomery was a newspaper correspondent covering Washington, DC in the 50's and 60's. As part of her newspaper duties she was asked to attend and write about a seance. Prior to this time she was a non-believer of the psychic world, but that soon changed and she learned to communicate with the spirit world through "automatic writing."

Ruth became very skilled at this form of communication and wrote fifteen books. These covered a wide range of subjects: the spirit world, reincarnation, walk-ins, UFOs. etc. She had stopped writing until this latest book. It was Ruth Montgomery's books that intrigued and somewhat frightened Annie into wanting to know more about Earth changes. Annie said to herself, "If this is going to happen, there must be other information out there (about Earth changes)." This led to a search of information that uncovered Jean Foster's book, The God-Mind Connection, where Jean wrote about how to communicate with the Brotherhood via automatic writing. Annie, using Jean's instructions, tried and was able to receive her own information; never realizing that what she was receiving would become the book, Mary's Message to the World. For those that don't know, Mary Message, has a chapter called The Predictions, that covers what we are now calling Earth changes.

The World to Come: The Guides Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age is a very good overview of Earth changes in general, contains the latest predictions given to Ruth by her guides. One of the most interesting messages is about a walk-in president that is aware of Earth changes and helps our country and foreign countries prepare for them. Apparently he is already in politics and we may know of him, but he has been in a relatively low position in our government. Whether he is the next president or later, is not quite clear.

If you want one book that overviews Earth changes and other information from the spirit world, The World to Come, would be a good choice.

Sincerely -- Byron

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