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February/March 2002 Issue #62

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

We survived the holidays. It got rough there for awhile. In many ways it was so sad, yet in other ways it was a nice holiday. Last year (2001), we lost two family members but added seven to our immediate family through marriages. So in all things God gives us abundance. We now have four new grandchildren, one new daughter-in-law, and two new grand-daughters-in-law.

In the past two months Ive been working with affirmations. I do this for awhile, then forget about affirmations and return to this way of praying. Not that I stop praying in my usual way, by simply talking to God. That never stops. I often wonder if He gets tired of listening to me. Of course since God is even more patient than Mother Mary, the answer to that is obviously no, He never gets tired of listening to me.

Anyway, back to affirmations. I have a friend who recently told me about her experience of waking up to find herself hooked up to a respirator after her heart and respirations stopped during a bad asthma attack. She said that with the respirator in her mouth she couldnt talk, so she began to talk to herself. She affirmed health in spite of being near death. She said it took a long time before she saw any results, but after doing this for many years she hasnt had any asthma trouble for several years. Her story brought back to me the use of affirmations.

I could never say I was healthy, because something within me cried out this was not the truth. I asked her how do you get past this? She said she also affirmed that she believed what she was affirming, and that she was calm even when she wasnt. That when she was in danger of losing her breath she affirmed calm in her being. She advised me to find the words that would work for me. After much soul searching I stumbled on the phrase, "Im not afraid. I say, Im healthy and Im not afraid."

When I thought back to how health was treated in our family, I remember all the dire warnings. In my culture, or at least in my family, it went something like this; dont go out with wet hair, youll catch a cold and get pneumonia; dont sit in a draft, you could get a cold or the flu; you couldnt eat hot and cold foods in the same meal, it loosens your teeth; never bathe and go out into the cold air; dont drive with the windows down, the air could get into your ear and cause an ear ache. And it went on and on. Once I got started thinking about this, old warnings kept surfacing, which allowed me to release.

So here I am facing more old fear. It seems that I was filled with fear and still dealing with it. I was telling my son, David, about this and how our family had taught me to fear so many things. He said, "Thanks for not passing it on." At first I didnt get what he was telling me, but then he explained. I had not raised them with all these admonitions and so he didnt have to deal with them as I was doing. It seems I did at least one thing right in raising my children.

The affirmations are making me want to exercise, which is a miracle. Ive always hated exercise, but now I find myself taking Tai Chi classes and hope one day to remember where to properly position my feet and how to hold my hands. This year, for my birthday, I received cash and was able to use it on me. Usually Ive used it in other ways, but this year Byron insisted I get something I wanted. After much thought and listening to my friend talk about creating her exercise room, I got inspired to do the same. This week I will have a weight machine. Now Ill have to affirm that Ill enjoy exercising every week. Ive also found myself not eating as much as I used to, although I still look the same, I feel so much better.

My friend reminds me it takes a long time to believe what you are affirming. Then it will be as you believe. Thats the thing to remember, its about changing a belief, which is not easy, but is doable.

I really dont make New Years resolutions, but each year, on my birthday I decide how I will live that year. Last year I wanted to have fun, I still do, and since I just had my sixty-fifth birthday I feel free. And I am free! Free of all the old unresolved issues of life, free of buried anger, free from some self-sabotaging behavior patterns, although Im still working on this. Im free from pride, Im not too proud to ask God for help. There is so much freedom that now I want to be free of ill health and free of a poverty consciousness. Im finding myself being free to be totally honest and open with myself and others. Not that I hadnt been before, but there were still some family members I wasnt quite as open withnow I am. It sure feels good to be open and honest with everyone. Mother Mary has always encouraged me to be honest with you about what is going on in my life. To tell you about my angers and how Im doing in eliminating them, about my good times and our bad times. It hasnt always been easy to do, but Ive tried to be as honest as I can with you, Her readers.

Anyway, this is what is going on with me right now. I hope this exercise thing is not something I soon lose interest in but can keep at it until I see results.

We received so many beautiful Christmas cards and many of you wrote a note to share some experience or thought. Your notes are read and reread. They let me know what is going on in your life and I feel good about our friendship. I wish I could sit and talk to each of you individually. I apologize for not answering each of you, but in reality Im not much of a writer. It has always been the way Byron knows that what I receive is not me, because I anguish over my part of the newsletter and any letter I have to write.

Thanks for letting me ramble on and on. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Holiday season. Most of all, I pray you will have happiness, peace, love, money, and time for everything in your life this year. We hope all your challenges are minimal and all your blessings increasing.

Oh yes, Marys Message of Hope Volume II, will be available soon. It is a compilation of the newsletter messages after Volume I up to the year 2001. Ask for it at your local bookstore, they will be able to order it for you, or write or call Byron at B&A Products.

Until next time I remain your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to you today in love with a heart filled with joy and peace. I ask that you love, if you have not already done so, that you first learn to love yourself. This I repeat over and over, because it is the most important thing you do on earth. Many of you want to know why you are on earth, why are you here, what does it all means, and what are you supposed to do? I hear this in your prayers. I am giving it to you today. You are to love my children, to totally accept each other, to love from the depths of your being and to live in peace.

You are on earth to bring love as acceptance, appreciation, interest, and caring into your life; into the lives of your family and loved ones, and into your world. You are on earth to fill it with love, to accept every person on earth as your fellow human, to accept that there are difference among you. You are here to accept these differences and to see the good in every person. No one is to be left out for any reason. If you sit in judgment of another person, you will be judged likewise.

Do not judge one another, allow God to be the judge for He is the only true judge. Do not judge each others capacity to love, to believe, to live, or any other issue of their life. It is not up to you to decide who is spiritual, or good, or worthy. For everyone is a creation and child of God, and only He has the right to judge, certainly not you.

Love does not judge, it accepts. Love does not measure or grade, it appreciates. Love does not determine or criticize, it willing receives each person who comes into its scope. Love does not evaluate, appraise, or surveyit acknowledges every person. Love is God energy which is always readily available, never runs out, is never depleted. This is how I would have you love, my little children.

This is the kind of love that heals; the non-judgmental, unlimited, free-flowing energy of God. Nothing else heals. When my son was on earth he healed many people and you call them miracles. What he did was to love each person who came to him without judgment and he realized that they too were children of God. We are all children of God, myself included.

In order to love in this unlimited and unconditional way you will need to step out of the superficiality of life on earth and go into the depths of your being, into that place where you are one with Godwhere your spirit meets and connects to God. Too many times people live in the superficiality of life. Many live on the surface of life, dealing only with what they see, hear, feel, smell, or taste. Many others go a little deeper into their emotions and thoughts. Yet there are those who go deeper into their being, into their very depths, into the spirit of life, into that place that loves as God does, that see the worth of every human, even those who behave wickedly. I tell you this so that you will strive to live from the depths of your being, from the place of spirit. So you can bring spirit into your life and the circumstances of your life, not for you to use it as a measuring stick to determine who is and who is not doing as I request. This is for your use, for your own good, and as a means for prayer.

Remember, my children, that the best and highest gift you can give another person is to pray for them. Leave the judgments behind and instead pray for those people who concern you. Pray and lovethis is my request of you.

Whenever you pray for each other you pray for yourselves also. No prayer you say for another is for that person alone, it also includes you. So if you pray for your husband to see the light, your prayer says, let me see the light too. If you pray for your son or daughter to forgive, you pray for yourself to forgive too. Whatever you ask for another person carries with it the same request for you. In this way you help yourself as you pray for others.

You do not have to say what it is you are requesting, you can simply give God your concern, your caring for that person by simply saying his or her name. Then God will determine what is needed, when it will be most beneficial for your request to become a reality, and how best to give the person their blessing.

When you are praying, remember that God knows your heart and mind, and knows your motivation and desires. He knows how sincere and earnest you are. Nothing escapes His notice. He is aware of your concerns and answers your concerns. The answer may not be as you had envisioned, but the answer comes in Gods own way, at Gods own time, and for the good of everyone concerned.

Once you have made your concerns known to God, then is the time to remain faithful and trusting. When you are finally able to surrender your concern to God, you will feel a peaceful serenity that surpasses all understanding; it is a knowingness, a hope, an expectancy of the good that will inevitably work out in that situation or circumstance.

Your prayers are your love pouring out to God in concern and caring. Let your love increase, yet free your loved ones to be their best, to have your support, and to know that no matter what the outcome on any given day, you will continue to love them. Once you have truly learned to love unconditionally, your persona, your judgments, your thoughts, your likes and, your emotions will not dictate how or what your loved one is to do. Your unconditional love is freeing to you and to those you love this way. You freely allow them to make mistakes, just as God allows each person to learn at their own rate. You will have more compassion, yet your compassion will help and not hinder. You will have more energy, because you not only free your loved ones but yourself. How energizing it is to love unconditionally, how peaceful, how serene.

Love is the most important way you bring peace to earth. It will be through love, the freeing, unconditional love, that this worlds inhabitants will find peace. And world peace can only come through people, through every person. Leave your harsh judgments aside and vow to love this way, throughout this year. Remember first to begin with yourself. Accept, appreciate, acknowledge, and avow that your most important mission in life is to love. To show those lost souls who have forgotten, that God loves unconditionally, and that your compassion, and acceptance is freely given. I am grateful for you my faithful children.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

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