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February/March 1998 Issue #38

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This is Annie's section

Dear friends,

We are into a new year and hopefully you have found that everything is changing for the better. I keep thinking that we are in the countdown towards the New Millennium. We are at 23 months and counting.

It's incredible to me that I'm not only going to see the century change, but a millennium too. I remember my grandmother talking about something that had happened in the last century and I'd feel like I did when someone talked about B.C. times. It felt like that was so long ago. I can envision my grandchildren saying to their grandchildren, "In the last millennium, blah, blah, blah." I'm getting very excited about it.

We can affect how this new millennium enters. Mother Mary gave some grave predictions in Her original message, which have been delayed and minimized. I have no doubt that as we work within our lives to change our inner belief from a belief steeped in fear to a belief based on love, we can minimize and delay things further. She said that some things can't be changed. Instead of worrying about what can be, and what can't be changed, I'm concentrating on prayer and inner peace. I encourage you to concentrate on all the good things in life, like: love, peace, joy, and wisdom.

Mother Mary instructed all of us, in Her original message, to be ready for any future event. Byron and I have prepared physically and continue to prepare spiritually. The physical preparation is something that can be accomplished with time and money, then, for the most part, it's done. You can forget it and be at peace. But the spiritual preparedness is something that takes daily work. It takes prayer and scrupulous honesty. I have the bad habit of denying the things I would rather not face or see. Knowing this is part of my make-up, I need to be scrupulous. You may not need to be so exacting. Do what needs to be done in order to stay in Divine Communion with God.

I recently received a letter from a dear lady who asked the question, "How does God want me to prepare?" She says she doesn't fear dying any more, but she wants to carry out her purpose/agreement with her Spirit and God. She asked, "Does God ever reveal it to you again, once you are on your earthwalk?" Well, I think God speaks to each of us in a way that makes it easy for us to understand. Sometimes He speaks through our feelings, urges, gut reactions, and sometimes He speaks through words. I find that many of my messages come through songs. I begin to hum a melody and sometimes I will remember a song...words and melody. These songs haunt my mind. I hear them over and over. Then I think about what the words are saying, how is this song answering my question? Some people get their messages from the written word. Other people get flashes of an idea or intuitions.

I believe we can't help but do what we came here to do. Many times it takes years to prepare us. And I believe we are here to do many things, and not just one. As long as you are living your life, to the best of your ability, you won't go wrong. If you have the urge to take up something foreign, do it if it feels right. When I look back on my life, I realize that I'd been prepared. All of my life experiences were taking me to the place where I was available, ready, and somewhat willing to do what was asked of me.

I needed a loving and supportive husband like Byron. I needed one who had his skills, know-how, persistence and bravado. Mary's Message to the World wouldn't have become a manuscript without his effort. I began to receive the material that became the book two years after we married. Also, I needed to have already raised my family in order to have the time to spend in prayer and receiving messages. I needed to be this age, so that I could have the life experiences in order to understand the many experiences people have. I needed to be down, in order to appreciate my up times. I needed to know what it is not to love oneself, so that I could go through the task of learning to love myself, so I would be able to encourage you to learn to love yourself. For a few years, I needed to live my life in strife, so that I can appreciate the peaceful life I have now.

Another question this lady asked, "How do you know if you are keeping up the commitment?" As long as you are living each day to the fullest, doing what you feel you need to do, being loving and peaceful--you are keeping your commitment. Sometimes we think that being loving is being mushy or slurpy sweet. Now that I love myself, and appreciate that God is in everyone, I don't have the need to fix people. I don't need to overextend myself to be loving. I understand that the most loving thing I can do for people is pray with them. God works so much better than I can. Now that I'm no longer co-dependent, I don't feel the need to rescue anyone. I will help where I can, but I don't give my whole self away trying to make things right or good for others. I know that God gave each person the ability and tools to live this life in unconditional love and with true inner peace.

This same lady says she gets frustrated because she shares this information with her family and friends, and they are not receptive. My belief is that this is not about evangelizing or changing anyone else's beliefs. It's about changing ourselves. In Mother Mary's words, it's about "Cleansing our hearts and minds of fear and anger." I think we are to share where Spirit leads us to share, respecting people's beliefs. My lady friend said she is afraid her family and friends will die without being ready.

We can't know what is in the heart of others. It isn't up to us to make that judgment. We are required to love God, ourselves and others without judgment, reservation or limit. We are urged to be at peace. God is in charge of this world and He is doing a great job of it. Besides, our family and friends may already be ready, we don't know. And if they are not ready, our example and prayers do more good than our words.

So hang in there folks, let's pray more and pray regularly for ourselves, our loved ones, and our world. Until next time, I remain your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come with a heart filled with love. I urge you to be faithful in your prayers. To be true to yourself. To uphold the tenets of your faith. It is important for you to pray. Yet, prayer without faith is wasted effort. Believe in yourself, believe in the goodness and love of God. Believe that your prayers are answered.

Pray with your whole heart, your entire mind, and your individual soul. Pray as you never have before. Your collective prayers affect great changes in the world. There are many troubled areas in the world, which need the prayers of the faithful to bring calmness, sanity, and a spirit of harmony. You are important to the world, and your prayers are more so. Pray, believing that sanity and harmony can come to people.

Let your words be uplifting, your prayers rise in hope and faith. Keep hope in your heart at all times. Use affirmations of faith to uplift your mind. Remember that my son, Jesus, often asked people who came to him for help, "Do you believe I can do this?" I would have you ask a similar question before you pray. Do you believe God can do this? Do you pray believing that God can help? Do you pray with faith? Faith is very important to the outcome of your prayers.

Speak to God in your own words, or use the words of a written prayer used in your religion. Pray the rosary if this is right for you. Pray as you work and as you go about your day. You can use every minute for prayer. Speak from your heart, mind, and soul. You can talk to God about anything. He is an integral part of this world. He is in the mountains, oceans, and He is in you.

The beauty of prayer is that it opens you inner life to the riches of heaven, while you are on earth. Prayer gives your life substance, purpose, and helps you maintain hope in all circumstances and situations. Pray with a grateful heart. Be thankful for all things: life, food, shelter, family, work, opportunities and for your own Divine connection to God. There is so much to be grateful for.

Prayer, my children, is more than the asking for things. It is the deep communion with God. In this deepest part of your inner life speak to God about your concerns. Empty your heart and mind of all that bothers, confuses, and agitates you. Then you are ready to pray for others. It is not selfish to pray for yourself first. When you empty your heart of your concerns and worries, you are then ready to give your total attention and concentration to others and their concerns.

When you pray for others, release the outcome to God. It is not important for you to know the situation or the circumstance. God knows what is taking place in that person's life. What is important is that you uplift that person with your faith. As you pray with people, you add your prayers to theirs; this allows an inner shift to take place that brings answers, solutions, and rewards. Do not get embroiled in what is happening in the life of the people you pray for. It is not up to you to decide what they need, or what they should have. Simply pray for their highest good, for the best outcome for all concerned. The outcome is between God and the individual. When someone is ill, or downhearted, pray an uplifting prayer of faith. When people are dying, pray for the person and their family. Pray for all people involved in conflict. Pray for both sides of a war, pray for all people affected by the war, no matter what their belief.

Do not say, "This is so hopeless." When you express such sentiments, you greatly dilute your prayers. Say instead, "Let us pray with great hope, knowing that with God all things are possible." This type of statement uplifts, brings healing, and allows for peace and joy to enter the situation. Set your judgments aside. Only judge those situations that affect you directly and require you to make choices. Then make your choices known to God through prayer.

You may say to God, "My loved one is hurting and I would like to see all the pain removed," with the understanding that what is best for your loved one is what God provides. The judgment I speak of is the one that sets you up as a jury, issuing statements of right or wrong. When you pray with this type of judgmental attitude, it is easy to place blame, to want a punishment to take place. Let God judge. He is so much more capable of seeing all hearts, of hearing all the concerns, and of understanding all things.

Often the best prayer is the one that holds the thought of faith for the person who has lost his faith. You can hold the thought of love, for the person who is angry or fearful. You can hold the idea of peace, for those embroiled in family wars. You can hold the feeling of joy for those who live in sadness. You can hold the concept of wholeness for the sick. You can maintain an attitude and a life of faith for yourself, your loved ones and your world.

Believe with your whole heart, intellect, and soul. Peace is possible in the world. It is possible for all lands and all people to live together in harmony. Business and governments can coexist in cooperation with the people. Believe that all things come together for the greatest good of all people. Believe in the Goodness of God and in the goodness of mankind.

Leave all results to God. Only He knows what is truly needed in every situation and in all circumstances. Surrender your prayers and the outcome of your prayers with a faithful and hopeful heart. Let your soul rejoice in the positive outcome before it is seen. Rejoice in answered prayer before you see any sign of the answer. Keep an uplifted attitude and happy countenance. Let your love shine through your faith. Love God with your whole faith, your whole joy, and your hopeful heart. This is how to pray. This is how to maintain an attitude of prayer and faith. Set aside your doom and gloom. It has no place in a faithful soul. Put away your woes and your tales of heartache; there is no room in the faithful heart for this.

My children, in all your prayers keep hope in your heart, faith in your life, and peace in your every thought. You can affect great changes in the days to come. You can start a great surge of peace on earth and goodwill towards all men. I have faith in you and in your prayers.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

If you read the last issue of my newsletter you may remember Annie's predictions about a hard, cold winter with power outages. Well, we've had a mild winter here in northeastern Oklahoma (so far), but as you undoubtedly know the upper northeast and Canada have had serious winter problems. The theme for this previous article was to be prepared for winter emergencies.

Sometime around Jan 23rd CNN interviewed a man living in the Montreal area. He was ready for the power outages and had been ready for years. It seems that some decades ago the people of Quebec were sold on the concept of hydropower (utility electricity) for heating their homes, cooking and everything. So just about everyone's homes and businesses are heated with electricity. Needless to say, they cook, heat, and light their homes and businesses with electricity. In all these years they hadn't had any major problem with power outages like what has happened.

This man didn't want to completely rely on anyone else to take care of him. He believes in being self-reliant and in taking care of his own needs. So in addition to having electricity to heat, light, and cook; he installed wood burning stoves. He had food and water stored away. And he had kerosene lanterns to light his house. During the interview he was shown near his wood stove and had a small bench holding a large kettle of water, which was kept at room temperature. When he wanted hot water, he just set a pan filled with water on the stove. He had plenty of warm clothes and was quite comfortable in his home during this long power outage.

One thing he said was that he felt people should never completely rely on anyone else to take care of all their needs whether it be an individual, family, government or institution. He said he just used common sense in thinking about how to meet his needs.

This man set a good example for us. He recognized the need to be self-reliant, anticipated what might go wrong, and used common sense to prepare for it.

Over the years I've talked to a lot of people that have just discovered Earth changes and the predicted events. For many, if not most, fear enters into their minds, and they become overwhelmed about what to do to prepare for the coming events. Many are concerned they don't have the money to prepare. What I suggest is to just start with the basics; use common sense as the man in Quebec did. When preparing for Earth changes, first prepare for emergencies (short term)--then, after you've accomplished that, you can progress to preparing for survival (long term). The following is about preparing for emergencies.

The first thing I suggest is that everyone take a First Aid/CPR course. In many places the courses are either free, or a minimal charge. Encourage everyone around you to take the first aid training. This includes your spouse, children of age, neighbors, co-workers, members of organizations where you belong, such as your church. If, or when, a major disaster occurs and you are injured, you want the person close to you to be able to stop your bleeding or reduce the suffering. If your child is injured, you need to know what to do. Everyone needs to know basic first aid, because if there is truly a major disaster, the paramedics won't be able to respond in a timely manner. Even a winter freeze may require first aid, such as how to handle frost-bite.

The second thing I recommend is that you put up some stored water. Again this doesn't require any or much money. You can use empty 2-liter plastic pop bottles to store water. Or if you do want to invest a few dollars you can obtain some purchased water and/or buy a large water storage barrel. During many disasters, potable (drinkable) water becomes an issue. (See the note below for additional information about storing water.)

The third thing I suggest is to have some extra food available for emergencies--at least enough for a week (or more). Your first source for emergency food should be your own pantry. Build up an inventory of food that has a relatively long shelf life in case of emergencies. Long shelf life in this example may mean food stuffs that can be eaten up to a year after purchase, items like canned goods, crackers, cereals, etc. Again this doesn't have to take a lot of money, just buy a few extra items every time you go grocery shopping.

The three things I discussed above are the critical things you need to do to prepare for any emergency. Now I will suggest other things you can do depending on the time and money you have available to invest in the effort. These include:

  • Make an emergency kit.
  • Develop a family emergency plan.
  • Contact your local emergency preparedness office and have them send you their free literature (Civil Defense, Red Cross, etc).
  • Take up hobbies that would be helpful during emergencies, such as amateur (ham) radio.
  • Become a volunteer for an organization that assists during emergencies, such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, a volunteer fire department, or become a reserve police office or sheriff's deputy. These activities give you experience in handling emergencies, build confidence in yourself, and help relieve fear. It is also a good way to help your fellow man and community.
Note: If you want additional information about some of these subjects, such as storing water, it is available on our Internet web page at: Several of these subjects are covered in the Appendix of my Survival Guide for the New Millennium, or in some cases I may have reprints of previous newsletters available.

Sincerely -- Byron