Gordon-Michael Scallion products being discontinued by B&A Products

It is with much sadness that we must announce that we can no longer support Gordon-Michael Scallion and his efforts. And we will no longer be selling his Earth change maps, as soon as we sell the remaining units in our inventory.

For those customer that want or need Earth change maps, we recommend Lori Toye's I Am America U.S. map, her Freedom Star World Map, and her new Six Map Scenario. Lori's I Am America map is the original map that has been out since 1989, long before Gordon introduced his Future Map of the United States. Then Lori's Freedom Star world map was introduced long before Gordon introduced his Future Map of the World. And by the way, the I Am America map is still the original price.

Now, I would like to point out that our problem with Gordon IS NOT with the accuracy of his predictions. We are quite happy that most of the things he predicted have not (yet) happened, and we credit Gordon with creating the awareness that may have caused these things not to happen.