The Grab and Run Kit

An emergency kit you can build yourself

Shirley Jonas grab and run kit

When a sudden emergency strikes, you won't have time to organize and grab all the essential items you will need for a quick escape. One of the cutest emergency preparedness kits's I've seen is provided by Shirley Jonas' Mayday--Emergency Survival Manual. It is called appropriately enough, the "Grab and Run Kit" and has room for the essential items you will need packaged in a common everyday plastic "trash can."

To quote the Mayday--Emergency Survival Manual, "A garbage can that you have carefully stocked with emergency supplies would be a great boom in a disaster. The worst part is this problem may not be the disaster itself, but the aftermath. We are told that this takes the greatest toll on people's lives--the lack of food, heat, clean water, light and first aid. Not being prepared for this sort of thing can kill you! Food, medical supplies, blankets and other things can be stored in a new clean garbage can and it can be easily stored in a corner, a closet or under a table. The illustration above will give you a good idea of how to pack your `grab and run' mini-storage."

Reprinted and used with permission from: Mayday--Emergency Survival Manual, Shirley Jonas,
PO Box 878110, Wasilla, AK 99687.
The above information is from page 74 of the Survival Guide for the New Millennium.