International Shipping and Handling Charges. The prices shown on these pages include the normal shipping and handling (S&H) charges for shipments in the U.S. Postal system only. International orders will be shipped via Postal Office AIRMAIL, unless otherwise specified. If you are using a credit card we can process the card once for the amount of the merchandise, and then again after the shipment has been made for the postage (shipping) plus $2 for handling. All amounts are in US dollars.

If payment is included with the order (in USD), please estimate the S&H AIRMAIL (for International orders), as the cost of the product times 1/2 (50%). Thus a $10 book would need to include $5 for S&H for a total of $15. B&A reserves the right to refuse any orders that do not allow enough for postage.

We are not able to accept Eurochecks, as our bank charges us a collection charge of at least $35 and up to $130 -- sorry.
Also, a wire transfer does NOT well for us where we are located out in a rural area.

For CANADIAN orders (only), estimate the S&H AIRMAIL charges at twice the U.S. S&H charges (as shown in the printed catalog). Thus, as an example, if the amount shown in the catalog for S&H for an order is $4.80, estimate the Canadian amount for S&H as $9.60 (USD).

  1. Payment is in U.S. Dollars (USD).
  2. All "checks" must clear through a US bank, even if written on an International Bank.
  3. US cash is acceptable, but not recommended due to lack of proof of payment should a problem arise.
  4. For Canadian orders, a Canadian Postal Money Order is acceptable.
  5. If using a credit card, please include the "Expiration Date."

VISA, MasterCard and the American Express Card
B&A Products accepts: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and The American Express Card
(please include the expiration date).

For a PRINTABLE Order Form to fax or mail to B&A.
If there are any questions, please contact B&A at the location shown on the previous page.