Jaco Fire Rated Caulks and Sealants

FIRE and DRAFT SEALER™  is a noncombustible sealant used for firestopping applications around plumbing, duct work, wiring, framing around chimneys, masonry, other through penetrations and construction voids.

FIRE and DRAFT SEALER™ is used in construction where an ASTM-E136 noncombustible sealant is required. It is colored red for ease of inspection, is non-corrosive, nontoxic, environmentally safe and paintable when dry. It withstand 2000°F for 4 hours.

FIRE and DRAFT SEALER™  is easily applied with a caulk gun, trowel or other suitable tool. The non-sagging quality of this product provides a cost efficient means of sealing through penetrations with no waste. It is available in 10.5 and 29 fluid ounce cartridges, and one and five gallon buckets. B&A is currently only stocking the smaller cartridge.

JACO FIRESTOP™  is a commercial quality, intumescent, non-combustible fire, smoke, and draft stopping sealant for through penetrations and construction voids. A water-based, non-corrosive, non-toxic, odorless compound that withstands 3000°F for 8 hours. It can be safely removed with soap and water prior to curing. Full cure occurs in several weeks depending on thickness and ambient temperatures. It adheres to most construction material including ceramics, composites, masonry, metal, plastic, and wood.

Typical applications include through penetration for electrical, HVAC, plumbing, other construction voids, and around chimneys/masonry. Gaps exceeding one inch should be partially filled with mineral wool or a suitable backing. JACO FIRESTOP™  can be installed in below freezing temperature. It should not be used in continuously wet areas or dynamic expansion joints. Consult the local building code authority and the architect specifications for the proper selection and use of any fire rated product. It is available in 10.5 and 29 fluid ounce cartridges, and bulk containers.

Stock # Description Size Case
J20111 Fire and Draft Sealer 10.5 oz cartridge 13 lbs
J30029 Fire and Draft Sealer 29 oz cartridge 37 lbs
J50011 JACO Firestopper 10.5 oz cartridge 15 lbs
J50029 JACO Firestopper 29 oz cartridge 38 lbs
Prices shown above do NOT include freight charges

COMPARISONS Fire & Draft Sealer JACO Firestop
Rated 2000°F for 4 hours 3000°F for 8 hours
UL classified Yes Yes
ASTM-E84 Zero flame-smoke Zero flame-smoke
ATSM-E136 Yes Yes
ATSM-E814 No Yes
Intumescent No Yes
Non-toxic Yes Yes
Non-corrosive Yes Yes
Odorless Yes Yes
Environmentally safe Yes Yes
Water resistant No Yes
Easy gunability Yes Yes
Premium cartridge Full 10.5 ft oz Full 10.5 ft oz
pH Near neutral Near neutral
Health effects None None
Special handling Not required Not required
Special storage Not required Not required
Skin protection Not required Not required
Clean up Soap & water Soap & water
Freeze-thaw No effect No effect
Rated Yes Yes
Shelf life 1 year 1 year
Color Red tint Medium red

Required areas for Firestopper useage