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June/July 2002 Issue #64

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

My friend, Peggy, and I went to Mexico City to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We arrived the evening before Mothers Day in Mexico, which always happens on May 10th. Since the Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron Saint, she is considered the Mother of Mexico. The Shrine holds ten thousand people on the main floor and more in the balcony. The main floor was filled. People brought the most beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets of cut flowers Id ever seen. It was an inspiring experience to be there, specially since it has been exactly one year since my mother had made her transition.

For a while, we sat outside the Shrine and watched the people as they made their pilgrimage. People watching is one of my favorite pastimes, especially children. We returned to the Shrine a couple of days later and prayed in St. Josephs Chapel, below the main auditorium. Mass is held every hour and there are people coming and going during the mass. It was too distracting for me to meditate there, however the chapel was quiet and just the right atmosphere for a good meditation. Something happened to me that day, but there are no words to describe it.

Afterward, we went to the pyramids and ruins at Teotihuacan, outside the city. I was surprised at the good feelings we sensed at the pyramids. In the late 70s I had unknowingly visited the top of a pyramid in another Mexican state and had a violent reaction. My body went into total rejection by becoming nauseated, perspiring, and weak. I was immediately better, without any treatment, the further we drove away from the mountain/pyramid. My ex-husbands cousin commented that I must have connected with death. At the time of the pyramids use, virgins were sacrificed by removing their beating hearts from their chest. Because of that experience I had no desire to see any other pyramids. There was a sense of the thousands of people who had lived around the giant pyramids and left memories, impressions, and emotion in that place.

Enough of that, what have I been learning? Im relearning to listen. In the Shrine, I heard my name called over and over. Sometimes I think its quite human to turn down, or off, our inner hearing and not be aware of it. Since my return from Mexico, Ive been doing more listening and not as much talking. Sitting in silence is one of the best ways to commune with God. Simply to listen with no expectation of what I will hear, or if I will hear anything. Silence fills my heart and soul with peace and much more that is undescribable. It is amazing that so much happens on unseen levels when you listen.

This type of listening is more than with your ears, isnt it? Its a listening with your soul. Mother Mary has told me so many times that God speaks in a silent voice. So when Im in the silence, there is a sense of knowingness that so much more is taking place than my conscious mind can discern. Does this sound impossible or hokey? Let me remind you that dogs hear more than we do. Remember the dog whistle? When a person blows into it, humans dont hear anything, but dogs within the hearing range will start to bark. Is it possible for God to speak in a silent voice? I not only believe it to be so, but deep within, in my inner awareness and knowingness, I know it is so.

The bridge that collapsed on Interstate 40, the Sunday before Memorial Day, is a couple of exits from the Hwy 82 exit you take to come to our house. It affected me almost as much September 11th and the WTC disaster did. I guess because we have gone over that bridge so many times on our way to Dallas, and it has been crossed time and again by our children, family, and friends. It affected me so much I couldnt sleep and called my friend and therapist, who reminded me that life on earth is temporary, and that most often people dont remember the events of an actual disaster afterwards. We (humans) block, or perhaps, leave our bodies during trauma as a coping mechanism. Those reminders helped because I had hooked into fear. As fear is something I know well, it isnt surprising that I would pick up on it. The thing Ive learned in all these years of working with Mother Marys messages is to get out of the fear as quickly as possible.

I began immediately to pray for those souls who lost their lives in that tragedy and for their loved ones. I ask Mother Mary to take them into her arms, to help them and their families. One of the ways She says we help each other the most is through our prayers. In all my prayers Id forgotten to pray for myself. My friend reminded me to pray, that I detach from the fear and pain. Again, it becomes clear that, if I want to put aside fear, it takes love. So I send my love to those souls as they go on through eternal life.

How often we forget the obvious? How often do we feel that our prayers are just a small thing, when in reality our prayers are our greatest gift to each other. Because I believe so much in prayer, I took a list of names of families and individuals to the Shrine. In my prayers I remember you, the Newsletter readers and subscribers. I also pray for Mother Marys messages, not only those which come through me, but all Her messages. I ask that we, humans, hear the deeper meaning of Her words and understand how much we can help ourselves and our world, if we will only live Her messages.

It isnt easy to get out of fear, or to leave behind issues, even if they have been resolved. Often we talk and talk about the bad stuff that happens in our lives, giving it energy and meaning, when what we need is to pray, be silent, listen, and love. So I guess in all my rambling Im reminding all of us, me included, that the greatest gift is to pray not only for others, but for ourselves, to spend time in silence and to love. And that a big part of love is forgivingeverything. Forgiving, releasing and letting go of fear, hurt feelings, insults, and pride. These are the ways to increase love on earth. And we can all do our part.

Im beginning to prepare for August 15th and ask for your prayers for that date. Im receiving the message today that Im to hold a workshop/seminar that weekend. I will have more details later. Until next time, I pray you are well, have plenty of love and money and...time and energy to enjoy it. I remain your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

It is with compassion that I come to you. I love each of you, as does God, our Father. You are important to this world, to Gods creation. You are more dear than you are aware of. Believe this, believe it to the point of such assuredness that it is unquestionable, undoubted, and irrefutable.

For a while now many of you have reverted to fear. You live in fear: of your lives, of your way of life diminishing, the fear of attacks on your person, and the fear of war in your area. I would have you stand still and seek God during times of great fear. Become aware of His great love for you and all people. God does not create war or disasters. God created mankind with the gift of choice. Each of you has not only the ability, but also the responsibility to choose how you will live. You can continue to live in fear, or you can rely and trust God to protect, to give you courage, and abilities to deal with life. At the time of need, you will know what to do, not before. Many of you want to solve future problems by knowing what is in the future. Future problems could be averted with your use of the gift of choice. If you do need to take action beforehand you will know it. All you are required to do is maintain an attitude of prayer and trust in God.

The gift of choice is a wonderful and powerful ability that each person has. You may think you have no choices in life, but you do, because God gave you that gift. No one can take it away from you. No one can diminish it or replace it. You are the only one who can use your gift of choice. If you feel someone else is choosing for you, then be aware that person acts because you allow it, you sanction it, and because you dont use your ability. When you fail to use your choice, then you are like a flag in the wind, buffed by the choices of others, going one way for a time, then the other, remaining essentially static.

Choose today to live in faith and love, not in fear. It is a matter of choice. Many of you are aware of the fear in your lives because you smell it and feel it around you. You are afraid of making a decision and afraid not to make a decision. Remember that any decision you make is the use of choice. You are afraid of failing, or succeeding, and of spiders, traffic, heights, and so many different things. One fear is not better than another. Fear is fear. It causes the same bodily reactions no matter what the cause. It is time to eradicate these fears, by facing them, resolving the issues behind them, and by making the choice to do whatever it takes to put an end to them in your life.

Choose to love. Choose to accept who you are, your race, culture, age, and the things you cannot change. Choose to be accepting and become serene in your choice. Remember the prayer, "God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change." So many of you rebel against what you cannot change when that is a fruitless and pointless effort that uses your energy to remain indecisive. My little children, you change from the inside out. It all begins within you and then travels to your outer life. And remember also, that as one or two of you change from a fearful nature to a loving one, you affect the whole universe.

The first thing you can change is your indecision, your fear of making a choice. Decide to choose: do not let yourself be battered by life; instead choose to face life with Gods help. You dont have to face life alone, to make changes alone, or to live life alone. God, our loving Father, awaits your request. When He gave you the gift of choice, He gave it willingly, without limit, and without condition. Because it is an unconditional gift He will not take it away from you. Because you have choice in everything, even as to the seeking of God, it is up to you to ask, seek, and to look to God. He is always waiting patiently for you to call. In his lifetime, my Son said many times, that when you ask it will be given to you, when you knock at the door, it will open, and when you seek, you will find. That is a promise that is immutable. My hope is that you will learn to love not only God, but His gifts to you of life, choice, and unconditional love.

During these troubled times, when there are rumors of war and acts of war in many places, your stability will be in God, in His great love for you, and in His guidance. When you are guided to acquire, or build, or formulate, or learn a craft or acquire an item, plan, do it with alacrity. For through the activation of the body, mind, and heart, you will prepare. Never forget that you will plan and prepare both spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

My children, above all, you are spirit beings; before you became human, and when you are not human, you are spirit. At times you identify so much with your humanness, you forget you are spirit. Yet many people work very hard to become spiritual, when you are spirit first and foremost. I call you to be all that you are, spirit and human. My request is that you realize that your hope, your help, and your future are in God. When you seek His guidance, it will come. When you use all your faculties, those of the spirit and those of your human nature, you will be prepared in all ways.

In the depths of your being you are connected to God; it is not God who turns a deaf ear, or His back on you. It is you who fail to seek God in all things. Many still seek God only in church buildings, which is of itself good, but first He is to be found within your mind and heart. Many more seek God only in times of crisis or tragedy. Seek God every day, my children. He is waiting for you to call Him. His love for you is greater than you can comprehend, or understand. His forgiveness is simply part of His great love. Move out of fear by concentrating on God, on His love, and on Him as your hope. The future which I predicted still can be changed; it will be through your prayers, meditations, and love. It is important for you to forgive, resolve old angers and fears, to increase the time you seek God, and to increase your concentration on His goodness.

I would have you prepare for any eventuality. In that manner you will not be unsettled when the unusual or unthought of happens. You will already have a close relationship with God where your hope and your guidance lie. You will already know what to do, because you have prepared in all ways. I am loving you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus