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June/July 1998 Issue #40

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

"As I live and learn." This phrase seems to be my watchword. I certainly am living and learning. Im still working with the same lesson; how to listen to my body, or maybe its becoming aware of my body. In the past I concentrated on healing my heart of the emotional baggage that I carried. This lesson that is on-going. But Ive resolved the old buried stuff. At the same time I was healing my mental state by learning new behavior habits and eliminating unwanted thought patterns. Now is the time for me to heal the body and its carrying as much old baggage as my heart and mind did...combined.

But first, I want to take this time to thank the many people who have come through my life with all kinds of healing modalities. Many of you have offered to provide me with the herbs, tonics, or other products that have helped you or your clients to heal. I havent been able to stay with any one program because of my own lack of attention. I really, really appreciate your kind thoughts, good-will, and love. Over the years Ive received countless massages, Reiki treatments, and other forms of body and energy work, with good results. I am improving. Like everything else in life, it flows like the tides. I have good days and some that are not so good. Now I have more good days than not.

Im working with the prayer of serenity on this. One place I lack discipline is in exercise. I dont like to exercise even though I know the importance of it. So my prayer is that I have the courage, fortitude, and motivation to stay with an exercise program. Ive started doing this so many times, that I could say, Im the queen of start-ups. Its the stick-to-it-ness that I need. Maybe Ill quit starting and just consider the lapses as my normal way of exercising. Then I will be on the same program. Something happens when we start over and over. At least, it does for me. I begin to feel like a failure. I can easily become defeated. Im remembering Mother Marys admonition to Live Her message, as best I can. Maybe thats the key to working on our individual lessons. Maybe we just keep working everyday to the best of our own ability.

Many people are working out their life issues through health, wealth, or relationships. It doesnt matter what we are facing, if we will just do our best each day. Then stop judging what our best is. If we compare our best today with our best of yesterday, or last week, well find discrepancies. What I found, when I was learning to love myself, was that I couldnt judge one days best with a past best. Yesterday my best may have been that I could work in the yard, or walk through a mall all afternoon. If today my best is that I can only get out of bed and care for my personal needs, then thats my best. Maybe whats most important is that we keep on, keeping on. That is the piece that Ive lacked and am learning now.

When I was learning to love myself unconditionally, I learned not to judge my day. I learned to be happy with what I could do, not to look back to last week, or a year ago. So many times people bemoan the fact that they cant do as much as they used to. This is especially true as we age. To constantly be looking back, as a measure of our potential, is to limit ourselves to the past. But to be constantly looking forward, to a future that is at best only a dream, is to live outside of oneself. Its the NOW that is important. Its what we are doing today that counts, not what we did yesterday, or what we want to do tomorrow. Im using the phrase, Now is the time, as an affirmation. Ive wasted many days ignoring my own life, thoughts, body, and spirit. I dont intend to waste anymore days.

I came to learn, rectify, and atone. I do this by forgiving myself. To ask the people Ive harmed in anyway, to forgive me, as I forgive those people who have harmed me. So today I forgive myself for not having the stick-to-it-ness to complete any one health program. Im working with a local Doctor that believes in health prevention. I feel comfortable calling him with any question or problem. His goal is to help me be healthy and thats my goal too. I will get healthy as best I can. I dont know what my life goals are, or what my higher self has planned for me. But I do know that I can do all I can, and leave the rest to God.

Another thing Im learning is that God intended for us to enjoy life. This is done easier when we set our judgments aside. He loves each of us, unconditionally, and wants us to enjoy our human experience. One of the first things I heard, as I began to listen to my inner guidance was, Lighten up, get the pun, Annie? At the time I was concerned with my weight. Im learning to see the humor in every situation, no matter how dire, or devastating it appears. Its not that were going to live life without problems. Were going to live life with the ability to honestly see and face our problems with Gods help: we can resolve anything, face anything, and we can be content with ourselves and our lives. I dont believe that in order to be spiritual, my life must be perfect. Too many times people are disappointed if things dont go well. They look at their life with the thought that, this is good and this is bad. I no longer see my life in those terms. I know that everything is good when I concentrate on God and His love. My greatest lessons have begun as tragedies. Ive learned that it isnt important for my life to be perfect, because, with God, I can handle anything in love, peace, and with humor.

Im learning to appreciate and accept my body, with all its quirks and faults. Many times its our attitude that counts, and may need changing. As you can tell, I take what is happening in my life and use it to learn my spiritual lessons. I was taught to do this by The Brotherhood and Mother Mary. She once said to me, about my sons past drinking problem, Well take care of the inside and when the inside is right, the outside will take care of itself. So one of my lessons is self-discipline, Im becoming more disciplined in my meditations. Im given nudges, ideas, and insights on what I need to do. Now I have hope and faith that I will keep on getting better, and better, and better.

Until next time I remain, your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear Children,

I come to you in peace and with a great love in my heart. We are one, because we are one with God, our Creator. We are united in love, peace, and joy. I would have you live your life free of all lingering fears, all unresolved angers, and all impediments to your good. You have all the tools, all the capabilities to live your life in love, peace, and joy today.

Begin your day with a grateful heart. Begin each day with a prayer of thanksgiving. When you think of your day, remember, its a gift. Decide to live it to its fullest. Let your morning be one of inner preparation as you prepare yourself for work, or play, or whatever is on your agenda for that particular day. Each morning commit to live this one day in peace. Let love rule your thoughts, and let joy be your goal.

You can do this. You begin with yourself and then expand your circle to include your family, then your fellowman. Begin with small acts of courtesy. Let your love show as you acknowledge people as fellow humans in this life. Smile more, allow others to see your joy. It matters not if they return your smile. You are not smiling to gather a basket of smiles. You are smiling to demonstrate your joy for life, your peaceful heart and your goodwill. Let yourself smile as a token of your love for Gods love.

You can be peaceful, if you will determine to resolve all old angers. If you will forgive quickly, you can live in peace when you fail to take offense. You can be peaceful, when you decide, commit, and do all you can to live in peace. This does not mean you will never become angry. It means that when you do become angry, you will quickly begin to find ways to disperse your anger in healthy ways. Never cause injury to anyone or to yourself. Anger is a part of your make-up, placed deep within you for a good reason. It is the same reason you have been imbued with fear. Anger and fear are a means to protect yourself. These emotions become detrimental to your health and peace when they are harbored, and when you refuse to address them.

Remember that anger and fear were given to you for a reason. They are held deep within you to protect you, either by giving you the energy to flee, or to fight, when you are in danger. They have their good uses. It was never intended for you to use these powerful emotions to harm yourself or others. It was never intended for you to keep these emotions locked away in your heart and mind. These emotions were placed within you to be used for a short period of time. Then you were to return to your natural state of contentment, love, and peace.

Any fear held within your heart for days, has been held too long. Any anger or resentment that you have held for longer than a few days has been held too long. Do everything that you can, when you can, to eliminate these lingering fears and all unresolved angers. This is imperative as you enter this new era. It is imperative that you become peaceful. It is imperative that you love unconditionally. It is important that you become joyful. Enjoy every experience and seek the good that is within every situation and every circumstance. Through your seeking, you grow, and through the search you travel the path to spirituality and peace. The journey to peace is an important one. You need to travel the entire way. Seek to eliminate these emotions from your heart of hearts. It is through the settling of difference and the forgiving of mistakes, that you come close to God. Cry the tears that wash away the pain of unresolved angers. Scream the hurts out of your heart and mind. Speak the words that will eliminate these depleting emotions from within you. But cry, scream, and speak these emotions, out of you, in a healthy way. It is not healthy to scream words that will cause harm or pain to your loved ones. It is not healthy to berate yourself for mistakes of the past.

It is healthy to speak, cry, or scream your pain, tears, and words in prayer. It is healthy to ask God to help you resolve all depleting emotions.

You can do this, my children. You will be guided to the method, people, and organizations that will help you the most. Not everyone can do this without the help of doctors, spiritual leaders, or counselers. It is not incorrect to ask for help. It is a good way to become peaceful. I have complete faith and trust in your inner abilities. Do this now. Become peaceful.

Then you are ready to love in joyful peace. It is the peace that passes all understanding. You are ready to be called children of peace. Jesus said, Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9). This is you. Jesus was speaking of you today. You have the opportunity to usher in peace through the settling of angry resentments and lingering fears. You can be peaceful when you live to forgive all things. When you live in a state of natural forgiveness you will not take offense, but be instantly at peace by forgiving all things, at all times, and with all people.

You can be joyful. You have all the capabilities of living in peace. You have the inner ability to live in joy. Enjoy life and enjoy life as you live it today. Enjoy your home and enjoy your family. Take pleasure in the little things in life. Take pleasure in a beautiful sky, the stars, and the moon. Take pleasure in your talents. Seek to find your creativity. Everyone has these abilities. Your talents may not be like anyone else but you have talents.

Find the joy of prayer and meditation. Concentrate on the good in your life. Seek to expand that good through your joy. Let yourself enjoy breathing, eating, sleeping, working, and playing. Let yourself see the good in others. Welcome the joys of nature. Take pleasure in the sunset and the dawning of a new day. Find something to enjoy each day. It maybe a huge thing like the birth of a child, or the visit of loved ones, or a wedding. It may be in the simple things of life, like the enjoyment of doing chores. Everything in life can be enjoyed, if you have the right attitude and seek the joy in every situation. When you cry, enjoy your tears. When you laugh, enjoy the humor. When you play, enjoy the game. This is how to live in joyful peace. You can do this, my children. I know you can.

Remember always, that I am loving you as God does, without condition and without limit.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

The importance of communications during time of crisis

Many years ago Annie and I lived in Salt Lake City during a major power outage. It happened on a weekend in the afternoon. At the time we didnt own a battery powered radio or any means of getting information without electricity. At first we thought this was a problem in our apartment complex only. Then we thought it was a localized one for our small suburban area. It didnt cause any alarm at first. Annie had just begun to prepare our spaghetti dinner on our electric stove. We waited and waited thinking the power would return shortly.

After awhile we became concerned, not knowing what was happening. We decided to go out, to listen to the car radio and get a bite to eat while we were out. As we drove in our area, we encountered another problemno traffic lights. We learned the power outage was almost statewide and would take time to repair. We stopped at a local mall thinking we would buy a transistor radio. The stores were closing because of the outage. Then we decided to see if we could find a convenience store that was opened. We found one, but it was inundated with people. We tried to find a restaurant that was open. Those that were open were closing and no longer serving food.

On our return trip home many people were on the road, and we experienced the dangers of driving without the structure of traffic lights, and an increasing anxiety. The anxiety was subtle, but it was there in the concern of how to get food, bathroom usage, and not knowing what was happening. Annie finished the spaghetti on our outdoor grill, and we were literally in the dark. The ensuing darkness was darker than we were accustomed. No city lights, no indoor lights, and no way of knowing how long it would last, or what was being done. We felt like we had dropped off the end of the world. It was very unsettling and felt very weird. There was no TV news, no radio news, no sound, other than our voices in the apartment. Looking back at this experience we are aware of how conditioned we are as Americans to knowing what is happening. CNN and other news programs swamp us with more information than we want at times.

The news services tell us what happened, how it happened, and then they speculate on why it happened. We get blow-by-blow descriptions on the hour. Psychologically we need to know; it is our connection to life. When this connection is interrupted we feel disconnected, anxious, and stressful. Knowing what is happening is important to our well-being. Thus you will want to prepare for an emergency. A good battery, solar, or windup/dynamo powered radio is important to have on hand. It helps relieve the stress psychologically, emotionally and mentally if we can keep as much of our life style intact as possible. Communications help our need to know. It helps us relieve stress and during very stressful times this is important.

The first level of being able to communicate, during times of emergencies, is to be able to receive transmissions that others are sending. This meaning you need a radio receiver. During a local emergency, a radio with the standard AM/FM frequencies may be adequate to find out what is going on in your area. But during a nationwide or worldwide emergency, such as possible Earth changes or the y2k computer bug, you may need the ability to receive short wave transmissions. In this scenario there may be widespread power outages. The backup generators of local stations will soon run out of fuel. However, it is likely that stations, far outside the local area may still be capable of transmitting and providing information.

The next level of communications to have, is a way to listen and talk back, either locally, or longer distances (maybe even worldwide). Local, short-range communications may be accomplished by using Citizens Band (CB) radios, licensed amateur (ham) radio, or other services, such as FRS (Family Radio Service) or GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) hand-held radios. For long distance communications ham radio type equipment, license, and skills are required.

For those that might have missed it, Im a ham radio operator. My call sign is KJ5DB. Back in 1992, when we first started preparing for Earth changes, I kept getting the internal message to get back into electronics and to get my ham license again. I had previously been interested in electronics (my undergraduate work was toward a electrical engineering degree) and I had had my ham license as a teenager. After getting this message, I went to a Radio Shack store and bought a book. A week later I took and passed my first level ham license test. Since I first wrote about how to become a ham radio operator quite a few people have gotten their license. I always enjoy it when I meet someone, for the first time, and they tell me that because of my influence they are now a ham radio operator.

Getting your entry level ham license (the No-Code Tech) has never been easier, especially if you are good at memorizing information. All you have to do is buy a book, read, understand it, and take a test given by local amateur radio operators. This No-Code Technician license is adequate to allow you to buy and use walkie-talkies (hand-held transceivers) and mobile and base stations on the ham 2-meter band (and other VHF and UHF bands). I wont go into all the details here, but additional information is available in the Appendix of my Survival Guide for the New Millennium, or on our Internet web page at:, or Ill be glad to answer questions if you call, write or email me.

I hope this helps you better understand the need for communications in an emergency and what steps you can take to improve your ability to know what is going on around you, in an emergency.

Byron (ARS KJ5DB)