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June/July 1999 Issue #46

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This is Annie's section

Dear friends,

Well, just when I think Ive got it, Im given even bigger, tougher lessons. Maybe its the way Im able to learn, or maybe its just the way it is. Hopefully, one day in the near future I will be able to share these very painful and tough lessons with you. For now, I request your prayers for me and my family. Before you let your imagination go wild, let me assure you that Byron and I are strongly united in a very loving marriage.

A few days ago I received a delightful e-mail that had the subject listed as, Annie, you are human after all. Im aware Im having a human experience. That has never been a problem for me. What I remind myself of is that I am spirit having this human experience and that there is more to me than this one lifetime. For a time, Ive thought of my life as being my spirit life, the one Im living eternally now. In talks, Ive said Im probably nine billion and forty years old now and will live for who knows how long. I dont believe Ive had all these different, chopped up lives. I believe what Mother Mary said in Her first messages is true...we live eternally. We are living it now, not at some later date, or after death.

What Im living now is only one of many life experiences Ive had on earth. Its a very human experience, one that has been filled with very happy and good experiences and some very painful, angry, and fearful experiences...but all of it has been very human. One of the things that can happen to people who are blessed with receiving messages from Mother Mary or other Divine messages is that we can begin to identify with the messages and the Being giving the messages. Thank God this hasnt been a problem for me. In fact, I still question how this couldve happened to me. Its not false humility or a low self-esteem that causes me to question. Its more that Im aware of my human frailties and human reactions.

Then one wouldnt necessarily have to be receiving any Divine messages to become a spiritual elitist. Ive known people in organized religions, who are religious elitists. You know them because they think their way is the only way to God, and since they have already completed the required things in order to be highly religious, they are in and you are out. Then we have the people who believe that to be spiritual you must read the right books, perform the right rituals or ceremonies, or that you must teach meditation or do something. They most assuredly are very spiritual because, after all, they are doing it.

Once Mother Mary told me that giving a lecture, workshop, or leading a meditation group is not my spiritual work. She said that is my service. My spiritual work involves clearing away the unresolved angers, overcoming my fears, settling old family issues. My spiritual work is when I allow the Spirit of God to work in me, to heal. Its when I face the truth about myself, my life, and how Ive lived it.

I feel that separating ourselves into the ins and the outs is not being spiritual. I think that anything that separates us from our fellow humans is detrimental to our own spirit and the spirit of humanity.

God/Spirit always comes through for me. Just when I think, Thank God, I think Ive finally got it, I get another lesson, usually having to do with my family of origin and/or my present family unit of husband and children. There is nothing like having a family out of peace, out of sync, to bring you up short. When Im relating to my family, I often have a lot of doubts about how Im handling things. I can fall into my past behavior of co-dependency, or more to the point, fight against falling back into that behavior. A good friend of mine reminded me that when I fall in with co-dependent people, I feel yucky, sticky, and bad. Now thats my signal that things are not right, no matter how good they appear on the outside. Sometimes Im a little slow to realize what Im feeling.

It seems as soon as Mother Mary requests something of people, I get the privilege of learning it firsthand. I left off being a drama queen a long time ago. Now when something dramatic happens, I know its Spirits way of getting my attention fast. For me drama is synonymous with loud. So when I first heard the words, Hold a Conclave for Peace, I was already in a situation in which there was little peace. I was working hard to stay in serenity, while living in a very unsettling situation. Quickly that unsettling situation became loud and dramatic. After a while I put it all together; if I want to live in peace, then I must once again set boundaries, speak from my heart, and stop trying to be so nice.

One day when I was facing some unpeaceful stuff, I received a call from a friend in Dallas. He didnt know anything about the situation I was in. In our chat he was telling me about Father Leo Booth, an Episcopalian priest in California who works in the 12 step/recovery field, and has written several books. This priest has a favorite saying that I have now adopted for myself. The saying is, Screw nice, be real. I laughed and commented that I often get into more trouble when I try to be nice. Havent you had those situations where someone takes advantage of you and you tell yourself, it really doesnt matter and that you must be nice? Thats one of the things that happened to me. So now I am just trying like heck to be real. If I dont like something, Ive promised myself to speak up. Speaking up is another lesson I still practice.

Anyway, right now Im in the middle of learning once again how to be real, which to me is also being human. We came into this life to live a very real, human experience. Theres a lot to say for being human. It brings many good, humorous experiences, and many heart-wrenching experiences. All in all, its been a good life, and I expect it to continue to be good, even through the tough times.

We will be hosting a Conclave for PEACE, August 15, 1999. I invite eveyone who would like to join us to give us a call for more information. We will be hosting the Conclave all weekend in our home, ending by meeting at Lake Tenkiller for what has been a very uplifting experience with Mother Mary, where in the past She has appeared on that date.

Well, until next time, I remain your friend,


This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to you once again in love and with peace. As more and more people are praying for peace, you are finding that turmoil is becoming evident in dramatic ways. Do not for one minute think that your prayers are failing, or that there is something wrong. In order to have peace there is much to forgive and heal. We need more prayers for peace and less judgment.

In your personal lives you may experience the turmoil that is seen in the events of the world. That which needs to be forgiven rises from the depths of you, in order that it may be seen in truth. It is calling attention to problems, situations, and people you need to release in forgiveness. Continue to pray for peace because it is working. Pray that all events, both personal and global are seen in truth. It is not wise to hide from the truth. For when you know the truth of any given situation, you will know what to do and how to do it.

In global events, you forgive for yourself and for humanity. Whereever there is a tragedy which involves several people, begin immediately to forgive. Not that you were harmed, but that mankind was harmed. You, as a part of mankind and humanity, can begin the forgiveness process. Where there is war, refuse to take sides; instead pray for all parties involved as you pray for a peaceful solution. It is important that you pray for all factions involved in the situation.

You can do much to advance the progress of mankind. You can pray for humanity to know the truththe truth of any given situation and the truth about all global affairs. Many of your fellow humans are suffering and their suffering is not revealed. There are many places where people are abused, tormented, and killed. Just as there are many homes where abuse is happening now. In many families brother is pitted against brother, addictions are harming the family. There are many circumstances in which people take advantage of each other, and this causes much pain.

There are many who need to be supported with your prayers. You need the support of your fellow human beings prayers. This is my first call to you. Pray as you never have before. Pray for yourself and your loved ones. Pray for those who oppose you and for people around you who behave in unloving ways. Pray for the world without judging the events of the world. Pray for tomorrow, for the future. Pray for family circumstances, whether they are happy or sad, loving or fearful, uplifting or despairing, just or unjust.

Now my children, I call you to a "Conclave for Peace," to gather together to pray for peace, to hold the image of peaceful families, peaceful cities, and peaceful settlements. Use the date, August 15th, to gather for this purpose. I call you to come together for a day of peace. Talk about personal issues which are keeping you from living in peace with each other, then pray for these issues. Sing songs of peace. Music allows you to voice in a harmonious way your desire for peace. Read poems of peace, state thoughts for peace. Talk about how you can begin to live in peace if you are not already. Talk about how you are already resolving, settling, and healing situations and circumstances in your life for peace.

I will be present on that day in many places. Gather in churches, gather in homes, and gather in beautiful places of nature, by lakes, streams, and oceans, in meadows, mountaintops and deserts. Let yourself become peaceful, for one day. When as large a group as two or three gather in my Sons name, we are all present. When you gather together for conclaves for peace, you do much to further peaceful states of being in individual people, families, cities, and in countries.

Always begin within yourself. It is time to be peaceful, as peaceful as you can be. Live in peace and turn away from the people, circumstances, and conditions that keep you from living in peace. It is time to love all people and to love without becoming enmeshed in their lives. It is time to free yourself and others to find peace in their own way, and in their own time.

I call you to choose peace. But understand, it is not always as you think. Many people have preconceived ideas of peace. Peace, just like love, must be unconditional. Peace comes to people in many different ways. Remember my children, that in order to live peaceful lives, first settle and resolve old issues which have been keeping you from a peaceful life. So many of you will feel the sting of despair in the beginning. That is because you must let go of hurt feelings, hurt pride, and angry, unresolved matters. You may find many things rising from the ashes of the past to be forgiven and released.

Do not let yourself be fooled, this too is the road to peace. So live in peace each day to the best of your ability. Let each day begin with prayer and end with prayer. Let each day stand alone without judgment and without doubt. When a family member or fellow human is living in difficult circumstances, let this be your call to pray for them instead of talking about them. Talk is helpful when it is used to clear away the angers, fears, resentment and envies from your life. You do not help a person by passing along gossip that is detrimental.

Use your words to heal, to speak your truth, to uplift, and to bless. The first person to heal is you; the only situations to heal are those which involve you personally. The rest is healed through prayer. Speak of what is true of you; do not allow another person to speak for you. Instead take the responsibility for speaking your truth when and where it is needed. Many times people do not want to speak about what they are truly feeling or what they are truthfully seeking. Fear enters and closes your mouths or alters your words. The time to speak your truth is when you are feeling out-of-sorts. Then is the time to look within to see what you are truly feeling, what is truthfully bothering you. Do not sugarcoat the truth. Please speak your truth with tact and kindness. If that is not possible, then speak your truth as you can.

Unite with me to pray for peace. I am pleased with your faithfulness. Many have already made the committment to live in peace. Many of you have been working through the issues of life on earth. You can do much to bring peace into the world through your own life. Remember always my love is with you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

First of all, I want to thank everyone that called, emailed and wrote, expressing their concern for us as a result of the tornadoes in Oklahoma (and Texas and Kansas). We are in the Northeast part of the state and were fortunate that we didnt experience any problems. The same storm system did pass through our area the next day and I did my usual ham radio/storm spotter thing. We did have a short, tense period as a slowly rotating storm cell (big cloud formation) passed over our house. But after it passed, the last of the storm left our area.

Over the next few days as I watched on TV the devastation that Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas experienced, I kept wondering what spiritual or life lesson was to be learned from this tragedy for me, Annie, our family, friends, and all the people affected by it? I hoped I might figure it out and be able to share this information ... but honestlyI still dont have it. The closest I can come was expressed by a bumper sticker a few years ago that read: Shit Happens.

However on a physical level I want to share my thoughts on what to do to prepare for a tornado. My first thought was to again encourage people to take a first aid/CPR course. This skill can be used in so many places and under so many circumstances, from a tornado to driving up to an automobile accident. I also would like to encourage those that are interested in becoming hams (amateur radio operators) to do so and to get involved with storm-spotting groups like RACES or ARES. I wrote about becoming a ham in my last issue of the newsletter.

So what can we do to prepare, protect ourselves, and minimize the impact of a tornadic disaster?

If you live in tornado alley, as we do now and did when in Dallas, you probably already have identified the safest spot in your home, should a tornado warning or watch be in affect. For many people in areas that have never experienced tornadic activitythats the first step. Obviously if you have a storm shelter, thats the first choice for a place to seek refuge. The next best place is your basement or cellar, if your home has one. But a basement can be a place of entrapment if a tornado (or strong straight-line winds) actually hit your home. But it is still safer to be below ground than above ground. If you have a basement, consider building up a shelter area in it, preferably next to the westernmost wall of the basement. Both a storm shelter or basement should be stocked with critical items, like a flashlight, radio, first aid kit, and some food and drinking water.

Now for those of us that dont have a below ground shelter, determine the safest spot in your home should a tornado strike it. In many homes this might be an internal closet or a bathroom. A bathrooms plumbing tends to make it a stronger location than other spots in a typical home. And the bathtub is a relatively strong fixture to withstand a cave-in or flying debris.

And for those that dont have a storm shelter, but do have a suitable location to add one, and the money to do so, there are several manufacturers that provide these kinds of shelters. One that we are considering is called the BearDen. If you would like more information on this please contact me.

For more additional information on tornadoes and preparing for them, you can contact your local American Red Cross chapter, Office of Emergency Management, or FEMA and request their literature on tornadoes.

When you suspect that severe weather may be moving into your area, you should turn on the TV or radio and monitor whether any tornado or severe storm watches or warning are being issued for your area. A more effective way to be aware of potentially dangerous storms is to purchase a weather radio with an alert and leave it on. When severe weather enters your area, the alert will sound and the National Weather Service broadcast will be available to notify you of potential problems. This type of system can be used for all kinds of dangerous weather, including high velocity winds, flooding, winter storms, etc. These weather radios can be purchased at Radio Shack, B&A Products or many other places.

If your area is struck by a tornado, but not your particular location, you will most likely be without utility electricity, gas, and/or water. Prepare for this! Consider the basic items you will need to have on hand: flashlight, water, food, clothing, first aid kit, portable radio, etc.

Prepare a basic emergency kit; keep one in your automobile should you have to leave your home, or when away from home. Have an area, such as a closest, in your home where you keep emergency supplies. So if an emergency happens, you dont have to go looking for these items. Have you ever tried to find a flashlight in the dark when you dont know where your flashlight is? Use the Boy Scott motto, Be Prepared and use your common sense.

If you only get one new thought or suggestion out of the information Ive presented, maybe Ive helped in some small way.

Sincerely Byron Kirkwood