The Kirkwood's Books in Other Languages

Mary's Message to the World by Annie Kirkwood has been translated to over ten languages including: German, French, Spanish, Islandic, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Japanese, ... As the sources for these become available I will add them here.

  • The Spanish version, El Mensaje de la Virgen al Mundo is published by Robin Book in Spain (ISBN 84-7927-132-9). Their web page is: and email address:
    The book El Mensaje de la Virgen al Mundo is shown on their page at: under the catagory of "Espiritualidad."
  • The Spanish version has been in stock at: Latin Trading Corp, 539 W H Street, Ste B, Chula Vista, CA 91910-4301, Phone 619-427-7867 or toll-free 1-800-257-7248, fax 619-476-1817.
    And for International customers you might want to contact Spanish/English bookseller CELESA, Email:, Web page:
  • The French publisher for the books is: Les Editions Marie-Lakshmi, C.P. 98, Varennes, Quebec, Canada J3X 1A0, phone 514-652-5649. Their web page is at:
  • The Italian version: Messaggi della Vergine Maria al Mondo is published by Armenia and its ISBN number is 88-344-0638-9
  • The German publisher for the books is: Christa Falk, Christa Falk Verlag, Ischl 11, D-83370 Seeon, Germany, phone 49 8667 14 13, fax 49 8667 14 17. The books are: Marias Botschaft an die Welt (Mary's Message to the World); Marias Botschaft an unsere Familien, Buch 1 und Buch 2 (Messages to Our Family, Book 1 and 2); Marias Botschaft der Hoffnung (Mary's Message of Hope).
  • Portuguese information is at:
    Mensagens de Maria para o Mundo is a best seller in Brazil:

Messages to Our Family by Annie and Byron Kirkwood has been broken into two volumes and is available in German and French (see above for contact information).

Mary's Message of Hope by Annie Kirkwood is available in Islandic, Portuguese, and German. Islandic information was found at:

Instructions for the Soul, Mary's Message of Love, and the Survival Guide for the New Millennium are currently only available in the American English versions.

If you are a foreign publisher or a distributor of our books and want me to add you to this list, please email me ( with the details of how you can be contacted or the book purchased.