Mary Day 1998

I want to thank the people who came to join us on August 15, 1998 (at the Cherokee Landing State Park on Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma). We all had a good time, renewing friendships and cultivating new ones. We enjoyed having you visit us in our home. I felt sad the following days as if my best friend, or a loved family member had left. But that passed as I remembered the moving meditation we had Sunday morning. It was so good to see many of the people who had been with us last year and to meet many of newsletter friends in person. Thank you all, I love you and I miss you.

Annie Kirkwood

Message received by Annie at the Lake, August 15, 1998.

Mother Mary usually gives a message on or before that day. This year, as has happened before, it was given on the spot. Last year She gave the message beforehand. This year, 1998, She asked us once again to live our daily lives in peace and prayer. She gave five points for us to pray for.

1. CHILDREN - We are requested to pray for all children in the world: the starving and the ones who are fed amply. The children who are being abused as well as the ones who live in loving environments. The children who are safe and free, and the ones who live in violence and war torn areas. The children who are healthy and the ones who are ill or dying. Children who have been abandoned and neglected, and the ones who are lovingly cared for. The homeless children, enslaved, and imprisoned, as well as the children who live in healthy, loving homes. She asked us to pray for all children no matter their circumstances.
Later I had the impression that all children would need our prayers because of the stresses we will encounter in the future. I don't exactly know what these stresses are, but I imagine they are weather-related disasters, earth moving disasters, and the Y2K issue which may cause us to live in stress.

2. TEENAGERS - Mother Mary specifically asked us to pray for all teenagers. These children who are today coming into more choices than we thought of at the same age. She once again specified the abused and the loved, the hungry and the fed, the healthy and the ailing and dying, the addicted and the teens who remain sober, the teens living in violence and family wars and the ones who are living in love and gentleness. The fearful and angry and the ones who are loved and cared for.

3. FAMILIES - We are asked to pray for all families. Those who have both a father and mother, and families who are headed by grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, adopted parents, brother or sister. We are asked to pray for all family units in the world. Specifically Mother Mary asked us to pray that all family wars cease and that true, loving peace come to the family. She asked us to pray for families in all kinds of situations and circumstances. Those who are living in fear and the ones who are free, the families who live in violence and the ones who live in love. She asked prayer for families in times of stress, like illness, death, and inter-family feuding.

4. HUMANITY - Mother Mary asked us to pray for humanity and She uses the term mankind interchangeably. She says we are to pray for mankind to find peace within itself. We are to pray for all sections of humanity, the rich, poor, hungry, ill, healthy, dying and the families who need to be consoled. She asked us to pray for the homeless and people who have homes, the imprisoned and the free, the slave and the master, for the different governments, and government heads of state. She asked us to pray for blind and those who will not see that love is the way to live in harmony. She asked us to pray for each continent and its teeming humanity, each island, each nation, each cultural group and each religious group. What we are praying for is that we as mankind, or as humanity learn to love ourself and live in peace. Through our prayers we can affect the consciousness of mankind, or race consciousness.

5. PEACE - This she requested that we pray to live each day in peace. That we as individual's pray to have the courage to put aside anything that keeps us from a peaceful nature. Mother Mary asked that we then pray for peace to come to every individual on earth and to every region, nation and belief, be that belief a religion or sect. We are to keep ourselves open to finding ways to bring every encounter that we have to a peaceful conclusion. To allow ourselves to become the peacemakers, Jesus spoke of in The Beatitudes. We can affect our world with our prayers.

A couple of last thoughts. This year the sun did spin and change colors, the most prominent color was pink. There was a huge ball of pink vapor or energy which covered the area. Many people saw balls of energy, others saw embryos, stars and many saw the shape of the standing Madonna. Many who attended felt they had a very mystical experience, and there were others who did not experience this. I think that even when don't see the phenomena we are blessed because of our effort, love and time that we give to Mother Mary on this Her special day.

Later we were told about a young girl that was in attendance at Lake Tenkiller, named Brittany (age 9), saw Mother Mary on the lake (above the water) and was given several messages. Most of these were personal, but two were:
  • to pray for the people near the sea,
  • and to pray for peace.
I'll be adding additional information about this when her mother forwards it to us.
Ann from California, attended the Mary Day get-to-gether
and received a message from Jesus while returning home.
Here's Ann's story and the message.
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