Mayday Deluxe Office Emergency Kits

The Outward Bound Map & Compass Handbook features practical advice on choosing the right compass, using it to find your destination, reading and using topographic maps, and how to use an altimeter to pinpoint your position. Randall helps steer you clear of the most common routefinding errors, and passed on an array of routefinding tips drawn from his rich store of experience in the wild.

The Mayday Industries Deluxe Office Emergency Kit series are designed to fit in a bucket(s) that doubles as a toilet. The OEK5 was voted "Best Overall Value" by the Wall Street Journal in an article published October 5, 2001.




Emergency Preparedness Kits

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Product Code: 4006

Price: $16.25


Product Code: N2150W-PLP

Price: $10.50


Product Code: SS99500

Price: $149.00


Product Code: 4133

Retail Price: $24.95

SALE PRICE: $19.95  * On Sale *


Product Code: OEK05

Price: $137.25


Product Code: OEK10

Price: $188.25


Product Code: OEK20

Price: $250.60


Product Code: PSP-04

1-9 10-19 20 +
$84.95   $74.95   $69.95  


Product Code: TRV-01

1-4 5-9 10-24 25 +
$64.95   $59.50   $56.90   $52.50  


Product Code: CA-20

Price: $479.50


Product Code: GSP

Price: $495.00


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