Mary's Message for the Conclave for Peace

This is a message Annie received from Mother Mary on August 12, 1999 for those attending Marys call for a Conclave for Peace. The Conclave was on August 14 & 15, 1999 at our home in Bunch, Oklahoma and continuing with our yearly Mary Day get-to-gether held each year at Lake Tenkiller.
My dear children,

Thank you for responding to my call. As you Conclave for Peace fill your heart with joy. Many are called, only a few truly answer with commitment and dedication. I ask you to commit your life to peace, and that you dedicate yourself to live in joyful peace to the best of your ability. Do this daily.

It is very important that you individually begin to live peaceful lives. It is more important that you pray for peace. Many of you are already aware of the good your prayers have had on mankind. Pray for mankind. Mankind yearns for a future. Begin by praying for yourselves and your loved ones first. This helps clear your mind of all personal concerns and worries. Do not end your prayers there. Mankind needs your prayers so that as the future unfolds, it will unfold into peace and joy.

There does not seem to be much joy or peace in the world today from most peoples perspective. I hear the hearts of people as they pray for peace and good. Many people are praying for the peaceful settling of family issues and others for the settling of personal issues. Everyone wants a future of good. Most people look forward to a future with hope. All people want a happy and prosperous future. I ask that you dedicate the morning hours to pray for personal issues, for your loved ones, and for your family.

The rest of the day concentrate on praying for mankind. It is easy to do. Simply say the words, "I pray for mankind," but you must mean this with all your heart. There will be an opening in the hearts of people. Pray that mankind will find the peace of God, quickly. For only through the hearts of individuals, who collectively pray for peace, can a change in the consciousness of mankind be filled with the desire for peace.

Do not judge the world by appearances. Your news media loves to sensationalize violence. They feel that this is exciting. I call you to be excited about peace and about loving people without judgment. Commit to healing your heart of all lingering anger and fear. Find ways to settle your personal issues and family issues. Do all you can to live in peace each and every day. Be peaceful in your mind and heart. Your prayers for peace are already turning the consciousness of Man. It begins very slowly and as more and more people pray, and you pray more and more for peace, the change begins in earnest.

You, who have gathered to concentrate on peace these very special days, have answered my request. I am with you and for you in many ways. You will be blessed in all areas of your life. I caution you not to try to second guess how these blessing will come. Neither are you to be placing preconceived ideas on what the blessing will be. These blessings will come to you on many levels. You will be blessed immediately in a spiritual way. The rest will follow. Simply be willing to accept what God has chosen for you.

On the day I am honored on earth, I will appear in many places and many different forms. I am with you as you conclave for peace. So are many angels. The people of the world are now turning more and more toward peace. This is good for it enhances all that you do and you pray for.

Remember not to judge the world by what you hear or see. If you pay attention to your news media you will be mislead into believing non-truths. What you are shown is but a microcosm of the events and lives of the people of the world. The majority of the people are living their life with hope for a good future. They make plans for a future, some plan for an immediate future and others plan for a distant future.

My little children, you who continue to conclave for peace will be creating a macrocosm for good. You will be generating the energy of peace in your lives, as you live peacefully. Let this be your intention and your live a life of peace, love, and joy to the best of your ability. And to live this way no matter what situations and circumstances arise in your life.

What you seek is to live in peace, joy, filled with unconditional love, and prosperous. When you look at your life events, see the good in all circumstances. Seek the good even when nothing looks good. For out of chaos, order comes when you love God. When you find yourself challenged and it seems it is most difficult to live in peace, hold onto your faith and KNOW deep within your inner being that all is good. As you place your faith and trust in God, He will not fail you. He is true and constant in His great love for each of you.

Find the joy in life. Life was meant to be lived in peace and joy, as well as in the knowledge that you are loved. As you live this human existence, you will be challenged. You will find there are times when you feel abandoned and lost. But even during the difficult and trying times, hold onto the knowledge that all is good. All is of God, and if it isnt, when you seek God, He is there. He will help you live your life in peace and joy. It is His greatest pleasure to assist you in doing so, because this was the reason He created life.

I thank you for listening to my request. It is time. It is time for all people to come to God in their own personal way. It is time for peace to reign on earth. I am loving each of you and am filled with joy as you gather together to concentrate on peace.

Mary, Mother of Jesus