Miscellaneous notes from Products and the Kirkwoods

Annie and Byron's television and radio appearances include:
  • NBCs Ancient Prophecies IV: The Final Visions, first on June 8, 1996,
    and numberous times since on The Learning Channel (TLC).
  • Britian's BBC "Everyman Show" Feb 1996
  • Fox's "Strange Universe" Jan 1997
  • Annie was on the Cristina Show in Spanish on Sept 29th, 1999.
  • We were also filmed for a documentary to aire in Austria (in German) sometime in November 1999 and a French show "Report" on a Saturday at 1:30 PM on French Channel 1, sometime around Oct 20th, 1999.
  • Annie was a guest on the Howard Stern Radio Talk Show on Thursday, April 2th (1998).
  • Annie and Byron were originally on the Art Bell Dreamland show Oct 23, 1994 and it was replayed on June 6, 1998. And recently on the Art Bell Coast-to-Coast interviewed by Mike Siegel on April 16, 2000.