Now's the Time

Recently (end of February, first of March), I've (Byron) been getting the message to start telling people that it is now time for them to get serious about their emergency/survival preparation plans, mainly to obtain their storage food and water. I don't know were this information is coming from (except my inner guidance), only that it persists. I've also have quite a few people telling me they are also getting a sense of urgency. I suspect several potential events that might make this message important, but even that is not important. As I often say, "It's not why, or for what, you prepare that is importance--it's that you do prepare that is important."
You can never be too early in preparing for the unexpected, only too late!

Now for those that are quick to judge, I'm not doing this as a sales pitch. I'm not trying to create or nurture fear. It's just what I've been getting and apparently I'm supposed to start spreading the word.

The critical items are a stock of the long shelf-life food and stored potable water. This includes a good water filter, water purification drops, water barrel(s), the means to cook and whatever is needed to be able to prepare meals. And seeds if you have a place to plant a garden.

Update (March 17th): Delivery times of the long shelf-life foods has begun to increase, a typical lead time now is about 6 weeks ARO, where it was previously less than 4 weeks. Please don't wait until delivery times are 6 months to a year to place your order.

For additional information, here's the April/May 1998 newsletter with this and more.

These items are available on our web pages at:
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AlpineAire Gourmet Reserves Shelf Stable Food
Portable Water Filters
Ready Reserve Foods Garden Seeds
Ready Reserve's Monthly Case program
Aerobic 07 Water Purification Drops
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