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October/November 2001 Issue #60

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

Our hearts go out to all who were directly impacted by the tragic events of Sept 11th. It has had an impact on us in every way, except we didnt lose a loved one that terrible day, although it feels like I did. Ive been grieving again for the children, wives, husbands, and parents who lost their children, no matter what age they were.

The first couple of days, I was glued to the TV; then our phones began to ring, and ring, and ring. People were wanting to purchase a small disposable mask from B&As web page. That was when I first encountered the fear so many people felt. At times the fear has been a prudent fear that urges people to prepare, at other times it has been sheer panic. We listened to them speak about their experience and fear. Weve tried to give each person hope, then we became overwhelmed with the sheer numbers who were calling.

It took us several days to realize that we needed help. I first called a friend to come help us, so now we have help. My mind and heart reeled with the stories.

In the beginning of this work I would ask Mother Mary many years ago about; where the next earthquake would happen and what time exactly, where and when would the next volcano, ice storm, hurricane, or tornado be. She would always answer the same way, Be prepared for any eventuality. And finally, after a long time of preparing, both physically and spiritually, we thought we were ready for anything. The people who have been calling in such fear were not ready for anything. And many have panicked because of it. Preparing helps you feel you have done something to help yourself. It takes you out of the victim mode and into self-reliance.

We have received literally hundreds and hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, and faxs each day. A few people asked how could Mother Mary or God have done this to us, or why did He or She allow this to happen. A day or two after the disaster, Mother Mary gave me a message which we quickly put on our internet website. If you have not read it, Ill tell you what I got from it. The jist is that this is the result of choices humanity has been making over centuries to continue to act in violence. She said that because God has given us free will, we are free to choose everything. These specific acts were the choice of a group of men who have become convinced they are right. We effect humanitys consciousness with the small choices we make daily. Every time we choose apathy, unforgivness, or anger, in the end, we are choosing violence.

Hopefully in the future we will do a better job of policing our thoughts, actions, motives, and intentions. If what Ive done in the past in any way affected our world with the consciousness of violence in such a disastrous way, from this day forward I choose to live in peace. There is nothing I cant forgive. And many of you know that I struggle with forgiveness. I struggle with being present enough in my daily life to be aware of my choices. I wish I could say Im always kind and compassionate in dealing with my fellow human but the truth is that I get frustrated, overwhelmed, and just plain bitchy at times. In my heart my intention is to be compassionate and kind, and to be a whole person. My direction is pointed toward God. I do the best I can every day. Long ago I learned in Al-Anon to live one day at a time. At times I forget, and get back into dysfunctional thinking. When I realize that I am reacting dysfunctionally, I stop. I refuse to be a victim, to be at someone elses mercy. The best action I can take now is to pray, review my inner self, and make a concerted effort to police my thoughts and words, and to make sure my daily intention is stated. My intention is to live in such a way that I affect humanity in peaceful ways.

In stating our intention, we go a long way toward reaching our goal. Mother Mary said to me, Your intention is more important than your individual words. I couldnt understand what she was telling me. She clarified it this way, A con-artist, or someone who is seeking to fool you, will approach you with beautiful words, but his/her intentions are not kind or loving. Yet how many times as a mother did you grow angry with your child when he did not mind and placed himself in danger? Have you not berated your children in anger? Yet your intention was always to love and care for their well-being. You became angry, and yet you love them dearly and would not want harm to come to them."

The people who planned, committed, or in any way had anything to do with these horrible acts are responsible. I feel they are criminals, abusers, and our enemies. Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies. How many of you are doing this? I have been sending love to all terrorists and to Bin Laden, forgiving them, for truly they do not know what they do. They misguidedly think they will go to heaven. Mother Mary tells us the only thing God does not like are abusers. How much more abusive can you get than to terrorize people in such a horrible way? Taking this into our personal life, how many of us have been terrorists to ourselves.

Often we terrorize ourselves with all kinds of put-downs, self abuse, and disgust. When we sit on our pity pots and beat up on ourselves, we terrorize ourselves. This is the energy, thoughts, and emotions we are spewing into the ethers of human consciousness. Do you still see yourself as lacking, as not quite as good, as a bad person, or having bad qualities? This adds to the energy of violence.

From this day forward I will stop all abusive thinking about myself and others. I will pray for all people, the victims, their families, the people in the cities where the disaster happened last month. I pray for all who are living in great fear because of this disaster. I will pray that our world leaders have the wisdom and know-how to put these criminals out of business.

And I will pray for our enemies, for those who choose to terrorize us. I pray they stop of their own accord and/or are stopped with the least damage to innocent people.

Please join me in praying not only for our country, our fellow Americans, but for our world, our leaders, and for our enemies. Mother Mary says the best and the highest thing we can do for another is to pray for them. Let us join our prayers, energy, intentions, and motives to healing this great sore on humanity. Thank you my friends, I truly love and appreciate each of you. Until next time I remain your friend,


This is Mother Mary's section

My dear Children,

I come to you with great love. It is the thing most needed today. Gods love is your assurance in trying times. He is your refuge, your constant protection. Remember that Gods protection is not just for this earth experience, or while you are on earth, but is your constant your whole life long, from before the beginning of time extending beyond the end of time. Gods love will disburse all fear. Fill your mind, heart, and being with the reminder that you are truly loved. Many of you are confused. You wonder why God allows tragic events to transpire. You mistakenly think God is the cause.

This is your world, my children. It is a gift from God to humanity. You are at liberty to exercise your free will and have choice in all things. Each choice carries with it the consequences which come with the choice. And...the choices of a majority of the people become entrenched in humanitys consciousness. This world is the place to work through your choices, both individually and globally. Today more so than any time in your recollective history, you are a global community. What happens in one part of the globe does not go unnoticed. All acts are today open, even those acts which a few wish to keep secret. The light of Truth shines on you, and so you are able to see things in a new perspective. In many parts of the world, the light of Truth is still mired in ignorance, fatalism, and fear. Yet even in the most remote part of the world, people soon learn of events in other parts of this world. Your neighborhoods have expanded, and are no longer confined to your locale, or town, or village. Your neighbors are your fellow humans.

I would have you at this time not polarize yourselves into different factions, but to think of all people in the world as your neighbors, to realize that the action of a small percentage of humans does not constitute a faction. It constitutes a small group of misguided and ignorant men who are using the banner of religion to carry out their own agenda. There are no Holy wars. God does not ask His children to do anything but love. Wars cannot be Holy; only that which is whole, complete, and creative can be Holy. Wars by their own nature are fracturing. I would not have you be ignorant and think that you are helping when you place yourselves as a people against other people. In your thinking realize, that you are not against a whole religion because few of their members have become criminal in their behavior. You treat these criminals as you treat all criminals. They will be brought to justice in spirit, and society asked that they be brought to justice on earth.

It is the right of a community to stop acts of violence. It is the right of the community to bring those who create evil to justice. That is the right of the community. But to wage a war against a segment of the population because they have similarities is wrong. I ask you to not create enemies out of innocent people, but to know where and who your enemies are. Enemies are those who endanger you, abuse you, or terrorize you.

In this light I would have you seek within to find where your heart is. To love and not fear. To seek peace in your heart daily, and to live and think peacefully at all times. Even when you, as a community, bring wicked people to justice, pray for the misguided and wicked. Pray for peaceful solutions and peaceful outcomes. Forgive them, for truly they do not know what they do. How to do this is individually, to seek peaceful solutions and peaceful outcomes in all your disputes with yourself and with others.

I would have each of you pray continuously for yourself, your loved ones, and your world. It is beneficial to pray for yourself first. For you cannot help anyone else until you are in the proper spiritual mode. Then I would have you pray for your loved ones, because they are utmost on your mind. Once you have yourself set in the right spiritual mode and you are free of concern for your loved ones, then you will be clear to pray for others. Include in your prayers statements of forgiveness. Ask God to help you forgive, where appropriate, and let go of any thought, bias, or thought patterns that increase dissension, contention, or unfriendliness.

Prayer is a very good action. It is not a weak action but a strong one. Remember that prayer is collective, meaning that each time you pray for something or someone it is added to previous prayers. It is also collective, in that prayers for the same thing, as in prayers for peace, added to other peoples prayers for peace, become a strong force that can move mountains. Many times when I call for prayer, I hear your unvoiced groans and skepticism. You feel you are doing nothing, because you are not using physical force. But you are using a much more powerful force, a spiritual force that can remove obstacles, change race consciousness, and bring more good into your world than seen before.

But if you let down on the prayers, if you become complacent, uncaring, or inattentive to your time for prayer and meditation, the global consciousness reverts to a lower level of peace. It allows the wickedness which is still in the global consciousness to prevail. I do not ask your prayers for peace now or when there are warlike conditions, but at all times and continuously. It is of the utmost importance that you not only pray for peace, but that you resolve old issues, from your past and the people in the past who have harmed you. It is imperative that you live peacefulyl each day. And it is equally important that you choose to have peace in your future.

Do not diminish you input to global peace. What you do, think, react, and feel affects humanitys consciousness. You are important, not only to yourself and your loved ones, but to your world. How you live may not be broadcast throughout the world, but the world is affected by your life. You each make up the whole of humanity and each of you can change humanitys behavior through love, forgiveness, prayer and peaceful resolutions.

I would not ask this of you if it were not within your abilities. You are in charge of your life and your world. I am loving each of you, more than you realize.

Mary, Mother of Jesus