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October/November 1997 Issue #36

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

To say our Mary Prayer Day and open house was a success is an understatement. It went beyond success to pure enjoyment. It was such a pleasure and joy to have shared with so many loving people. On Friday, August 15, 1997, we congregated at Lake Tenkiller, near our home. People came from across the country; it was an amazing and beautiful gathering. Before sunset, we got quiet and prayerful in attitude. The sun spun and danced. There were bursts of color. Many felt the presence of Mary, Blessed Mother. Some of us had the blessing of seeing Her, in my case as the standing Madonna. It was an awesome and awe-inspiring experience. One lady wrote a poem, that is available on our Internet web page,* along with pictures Byron took at the lake.

On Saturday and Sunday people came to our home. They shared their stories and insights, talked, and then we all prayed. Everyone treated each other with kindness, love and respect. As often happens when you are trying to host a special time in your home, "Things happen!" Saturday morning I was running around doing last minute clean-ups, when the electricity went off. I hadn't taken my shower and our well runs on electricity. For a moment it was one of those "Oh, NO!" times. But even that worked out as at the last possible moment, voila! There was light--thank God the electricity came on.

Saturday night we had a bonfire, per Mother Mary's request. Some sat or stood close to the fire and meditated. The rest of us sat further away. People talked to each other quietly. We used the fire to burn away the habits, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs we no longer wanted to keep. Mostly people talked quietly among themselves. Later that night, our neighbors who helped us build the bonfire, came to meet everyone. Their belief is different from ours. We respect each others' beliefs and care for each other as good neighbors. They enjoyed meeting people from different places and our visitors enjoyed meeting them.

Sunday we held our regular meditation session and read from Messages to Our Family, as we usually do. We prayed and meditated. It was a very loving and uniting session. Many in the group said it felt like we are family. People exchanged stories, experiences, and addresses. The whole weekend felt like an ideal family reunion. And in reflecting, we are family. We are the human family. That weekend our branch of the human family had a wonderful time with Mother Mary and each other.

I've been counting my blessings. First of all, I've had the unwavering support of a loving mate, children and friends. We could not have done this alone. We had more help than we could believe. Everyone wanted to help and did, in one way or another. Our greatest help came from our son James and his close friend, Amy. They came days in advance and did what was needed from weeding the flower beds, to cleaning the warehouse area, to bathing the dogs. Amy didn't know about our work with Mother Mary before she met us. But her example of love in action took my breath away. With a smile, she did what was needed and never once complained, or tried to inflict her beliefs or standards on us.

I would like to thank Pam & Norm, John & Gywn, Maria, Kathy, Belva, and Nancy from our regular meditation group. Thanks to Marge, Mary Ann & Rose, and so many others who helped that we couldn't begin to name them all. We appreciate Joseph who traveled from so far. It was a weekend of love and sharing for which I will ever be grateful. I'm also grateful for the friends/readers of this newsletter who helped with their prayers, good thoughts, and best wishes.

In reflecting on that incredible weekend, the thought and feeling that stayed with me is love. We don't have to think, or believe the same, thank God! As I watched Amy make people feel welcomed, I was taken with her caring and compassion. Amy taught me that love is helping even if you don't understand fully what the other person believes. She not only helped others, she made sure I had food when needed, and that I didn't overtax myself. My prayer is that I will be as loving, open, warm, and helpful, when given the opportunity to help.

While we were preparing for our open house, I re-injured my ankle. I didn't realize the extent of the injury for three weeks. It answered the question of why I was as grumpy as an old bear. It is very frustrating to have to deal with old injuries, whatever they are.

At this time, my challenge is to accept my body, just as it is. Years ago I made a decision to take a medication that I knew was dangerous and had long lasting effects. When I honestly recall the situation (raising 3 teenagers alone), I know that if I had to do it again, under the same conditions, I would make the same decision. It helps me accept the consequences of the choice I made. It was the best choice and decision I could make in my particular situation. I know that with God all things are possible. I pray that I can be relieved of the results of this decision and enjoy a healthy and energetic body. But whatever the answer, I pray to accept what is happening now.

Mother Mary said that acceptance is love, and it is peace, too. So many times, in order to live in peace, we need to accept the consequences of past choices. I am loving myself when I accept past decisions and the result of those decisions. It would be anti-loving to berate my choice or decision. Acceptance brings me into a peaceful state of mind, which is my goal.

Life is one experience after another. I've had wonderful experiences over my 60 years on earth. I'm grateful for each of them, both good ones and bad ones. The terms good and bad have changed for me. I don't always think in terms of good and bad. I've had enough experiences to know that there is always good in every situation, even those that are painful or embarrassing.

I love my life, I love the giver of All Life more. I look forward to more experiences like the ones I had on that amazing and loving weekend--we opened our home, and welcomed the rest of our family in. Look forward to every experiencethey each bring good, if we remember to look for the good in them. Until next time, I remain your friend.

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My Dear children,

I come in love and peace. Peace is your future, not just a possibility. Love and peace are your clear essence. The love you seek, the comfort, acceptance and appreciation that you so desire, are all within your heart of hearts. It is in the deep inner recess of your soul, that you find your true essence. Your essence is the image and likeness of God. What is true of God is true of your image and your likeness.

It is your true nature to live in peace. This is God's truth. You were created to live in peace, be loving beings, be happy, joyful and healthy. So you wonder how come so many are born with infirmities. It is between that person and God why they have chosen to come into the world to suffer the indignities of an imperfect body. God created their spirit, their soul, which is not suffering or imperfect. They were created to live in peace. What keeps many from inner peace is that they seek flaws and find them.

Every person can be loving, but first they will need to learn to love themselves, unconditionally. What keeps many from experiencing love is that they have not learned to love themselves. Therefore they reside outside the circle of inner love and cannot experience what is lacking in their heart. Every person can be happy, and joyful. What harms people the most is to remain unforgiving of themselves and others. Your soul is healthy, but many choose to use health issues to resolve old hurts, to rectify old angers. This is their choice. It is not a wrong choice; it is simply their choice. The truth, God's truth, is that in you nothing is lacking because in God, nothing is lacking. You can be loving, healthy, happy individuals who live in peace.

How do you begin to live in peace? Do all you can to stop any inner war taking place within your body, mind, heart, or being. Then do all you can to end family wars. Let your countenance reflect your inner peace and love as you relate to others. Your facial expression can lead a situation to peace or to discord. Many times in a disruptive situation when one person comes in peace, with peace reflected in their being, they begin to turn the discordant situations towards peace. You are the peacemakers. You are called forth today to live your life with a deep, abiding inner peace. This is how to lead people to peace, not by talking about it, but by living it.

When you live in inner peace, you think peaceful thoughts, your feelings are peaceful, and your behavior is peaceful. Peaceful people do not judge or acknowledge anything bad in other people. You look at them in love and see their true nature, which is goodness, love, joy, and peace. When you are peaceful, you speak truth compassionately and you hear the truth as it is spoken. Love opens your senses and allows you to see clearly and lovingly, hear with an open mind and heart, feel with your whole being, smell aromas that are not of this earth, and taste the living waters of God. Love and peace combined are healing and soothing in every situation and circumstance.

Do everything you can to live in peace. Rejoice when you can accept yourself and others without conditions or judgments. Marvel at the many opportunities that come to you, to live in peace. Let your actions, and behaviors reflect the inner peace as it grows within your being. Do this so that you can live up to your goal of ushering in the new era of peace.

Be prepared for every eventuality in your future by learning to live from a heart filled with love and a deep, inner peace. This way of living enables you to know the truth. When people become fearful and panic due to rumors, you will know the truth and know when to act, what to do, and how to care for yourself and others, as this is your calling. Let not your heart be filled with any lingering fears, and then you will not react to the fears which reside in other people's hearts. Look within your heart of hearts for the truth in every situation.

To be prepared for any eventuality, first learn to love yourself and others without judgment or reservation. Second, prepare physically as you are guided to do. Collect supplies, water, food, fuel, blankets, and the things which will help you, your loved ones, and others. Learn ways to care for yourself and others, become knowledgeable in your preparation. Remain in a state of preparedness; do not waver or falter in this. Use your common sense, that instinct for survival that is within mankind. Be prudent in your preparations and do this with a peaceful heart and a loving intention. Daily do all that you can to live your life in love and inner peace, trusting God to guide you in all things. Then you will be able to face whatever comes your way. It will not matter if the future brings earthquake, storm, flood, disease, man-made accidents, war, or even the moving of continents. Nothing will disturb your inner peace, your loving heart, or your trust in God. Prepare because it is wise to do so.

Daily act and react from a heart filled with peaceful love, and not from a fearful nature. Do away with any lingering fears; resolve anger. Clear your heart and mind of all that keeps you from loving yourself, from inner peace, and from trusting in the goodness of God.

Trust that God's love will guide you in all things. Then daily learn to listen to your heart and mind. Keep your communion with God daily. Trust that when you are in close connection to the Father within, you will hear, understand, and be able to follow His guidance. Trust your knowing, for out of a knowing heart comes peace, out of a knowing mind comes direction, and out of the knowingness of your soul, you know your true nature.

My little children, when you are prepared as I have requested, it will not be necessary for you to anticipate future events. When you try to anticipate the future, you concentrate on outer events, and could begin to forget the most important preparation. The most important preparation is to remain close to God through prayer and meditation--to see His goodness in the world instead of a dire future. You could focus your attention so much on the future, that you forget to see the blessings of this day, the joy of living and the love you have now. Be prepared, yes, but not to the exclusion of your inner connection to God.

Let nothing keep you from God--not fear, anger, guilt, shame, or anything. In reality nothing keeps you from God because He lives within your being as He does in every person. God lives in this world; it is His life force that animates. So in God's truth you are never apart from God, but in your thinking and daily living, you form the illusion of being apart from God. The depleting emotions and depleting issues of your life give you this illusion of separation. So resolve the depleting issues, find the inner joy of living a loving, joyful, and peaceful life. This is my request. This is my prayer and desire for each of you. Thank you for listening to my request. I am loving each of you today.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

Warning - another reason to be prepared!

In case you didn't already have adequate reason to prepare for the upcoming times, we can now add another to the listand this one's pretty scary.

Have you heard about the new bug that's coming? It's not the flu, it's not a virus, but it's going to bite us in a place we've never anticipated a bug biting usin our pocketbooks!

While this sounds like the start of an old worn-out "knock-knock" joke, it's really quite seriousit's called the "Millennium Bug" also known as the "y2k" (meaning the year 2,000). It's a technology mistake, an oversight, that we are about to pay for, dearly.

The bug is a computer glitch caused by poor foresight on the part of computer programmers, since the modern computers have come into being. All (or nearly all) of today's computers use a two digit code to represent the year, the last two digits of the year. Thus the year 1997 is represented internally in the computer as "97" with the "19" assumed. Now we are about turn the century mark with the year "2000" which most computers will think of as the year 1900.

When I first heard about it, I didn't think this was a particularly big deal. But thanks to one of our newsletter readers I am now becoming aware of what this means to us as individuals, to the country, and to the world. I'll skip a few steps here because I don't claim to be an expert on the subject and go to what affect this will have on us.

Nearly all computer systems, from the largest mainframe computer to the small personal computers, have this problem built into their hardware. The application (software) programs written for these computers also have this problem. From what I've read there are hundreds of millions of lines of computer code to be checked and changed. And if I understand the preliminary information there's not enough computer programmers working full-time in the world to be able to solve the problem in the next two years.

Why do we care so much about the date being correct? Because computer application programs use the date and time to determine what should be done, when. Large mainframe computers control our railroads, airways, and waterways. Just imagine what would happen if an FAA flight control computer ignored a plane on a collision course because it assumed the plane had been in the air a hundred years ago, instead of now. Sound far-fetched?--it's not!

Our banking industry is completely dependent on computers, as are the stock and futures markets. What's going to happen in the year 2000 when you need to use a credit card and the credit card or ATM computer hiccups? If you write a check and it can't be processed, or worst yet, if your paycheck can't be processed because the bank's computer is down, or if all the bank's records just got gobbled because the computer's data was corrupted by a programming error. Maybe the computer's programming told itself to delete the 100 year old stuff!

What happens if all of a sudden your utilities go off, because the utility company's computers hit a glitch. Or maybe the power company's computers were properly programmed to handle the new millennium, but the railroad's computers didn't allow the trains to bring the needed coal to the power plant?

Can these things happen? Yes, most every major company is aware of it and beginning to try to do something about it before the deadlinebut this deadline doesn't grant any extensions. Can this problem be fixed? Yes, with enough time. But these large computer programs have hundreds of thousand (if not millions) of lines of programming code, all which has to be corrected and tested. Testing on these programs can take years. All it might take to bring the computer down is one missed spot where the correction was overlooked.

One man in particular is trying to bring this problem to awareness, a Dr Gary North, the author of the newsletter, "Remnant Review." If you believe what Dr North is predictingchaos starting at midnight January 1, 2000, then: banks won't be able to process checks and credit cards, utility systems may fail, rail and air travel will have problems. A result of this chaos may occur in larger cities when people can't buy or otherwise obtain food, when communication systems are down, and all the problems related to shutdowns.

Actually the problem may start earlier than New Year's Day 2000. Dr North informs us how the government realizes that bank runs may start in 1998 or 1999, as people try to get their money out of the banks while they can, and the government will enact emergency powers and procedures to prevent it. It's understandable that no one can afford for our banking system to collapse as a result of a massive national or international bank run. But what does the individual do? Do they hoard their money, which could become useless by a governmental decree, or leave it in the bank and not have access to it, or run the danger of the bank going out of business? I don't know the right answer, even for our purposes.

What does Dr North recommend? Basically to prepare for an economic collapse of goods and services. To become as independent and self-reliant as possible. In his case, he's bought property in a rural area (from his newsletter it sounds like he may be a neighbor of ours in northeastern Oklahoma or northwestern Arkansas). Basically just do the same things you would if you were preparing for earth changes, only now you have a deadline that's not going to be extended.

Why am I telling you this? The intent is not to scare you by creating fear, but to inform you of what may be our greatest challenge in this era, and to give you time to plan and act while there is still some time left. Also as Mother Mary has told us, awareness is a form of prayer and can lessen the impact of this event.

For more information you can write to: Gary North's Remnant Review, 1217 St Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 (410)234-0691 or check his Internet Web Page at:

Another good source of information is Jim Lord's book, A Survival Guide for the Year 2000 Problem and the Jim Lord's Year 2000 Survival Newsletter. You can contact Jim at: J Marion Publishing, 1322-C Crain Hwy, Ste 335, Bowie, MD 20716, phone (toll free) 1-888-Y2K-2555. And check out his web page at:

Sincerely -- Byron