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October/November 1998 Issue #42

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

I goofed! To everyone who received empty newsletters in August, I apologize for the inconvenience. I was trying to do it all myself and it just didnt work. Its really funny, how from our goofs we can learn. We received the newsletter from the printer on Wednesday afternoon before our August 15th openhouse. I didnt think it would be a problem. Byron couldnt help because the phone was ringing off the wall. He asked if I had anyone to help, but I thought I could do it myself. Well my pride and ego took over and as always...pride goes before a fall. I thought, just wait until Byron sees that I can do all of this perfectly, ha-ha. At the time, we were having a new floor covering installed in the bathrooms. As always, one thing gets done, and another gets undone. Then we had to have the plumber out to repair the damage done while installing the new floor. Through all of the interruptions and questions, Im stuffing envelopes, getting them ready for mailing. I sent out somewhere between 50 to 60 empty newsletter envelopes.

The next Monday the phone calls began to come in asking for a newsletter because there wasnt one in their pretty pink envelopes. You have a wonderful sense of humor. Everyone was so very nice and polite about it. Most people blamed the post office. It wasnt the post office who goofed, but me. Once again, please forgive me. I will ask for help in the future and not try to do everything myself. Talk about instant karma! I thought Id show Byron how much better I am at sending out the newsletter than he is, and Spirit knocks me off my high-horse. I really enjoyed the letters from you to ask that another newsletter be sent. If you are wondering where Byron was, he was answering the phone, giving directions, taking orders, and getting the B&A building ready for visitors.

Asking for help and letting someone know what I need is one of the things Ive been working on for years. I thought Id already learned it, but evidently I havent, since it has been so blatantly revealed to me that Ive not completely learned this lesson. Its time for me to take my inventory once again. Could it be that Im not asking for what I need through my prayers? Most likely this is true. Mother Mary said that because, we have freedom of choice, God awaits our voicing our request and needs before He answers.

I usually get into trouble when I fail to ask for help. Its not that I think Im so wonderful or smart. Its more that I dont want to disturb or impose on people. But then, maybe this goes back to the issue of self-worth. I have to look at this more. Once again, thank you for being so understanding and so very humorous in asking for your newsletter.

Thanks to all our friends who joined us for Mother Marys special day. It was so good to see old friends and put faces with names as we met many of our newsletter friends in person for the first time. On August 15th, Mother Mary has made an apparition yearly since 1992. We have been directed to be near water at sunset. Our meeting place now is Lake Tenkiller near our home. It was a very mystical experience. This year an eight-year-old girl saw Mother Mary in physical form standing on the lake. Mother Mary talked to her and gave her five messages, some were personal. Mother Mary asked the little girl to pray for all the people living near seashores because bad things were going to happen. Our little friend says that Mother Mary also asked us to pray for peace.

I too received five requests from Mother Mary during the time the sun was spinning and changing colors. First, She asked us to pray for all children, the ones who are living in violence and the ones who have loving homes. Second, we are to pray for all teenagers, because these are difficult and confusing times for them. Again the request was for all, no matter if their home situations were unloving or loving. Third, we are to pray for all families in the world. She specifically asked that we pray for an end to all family wars, feuds, and quarrels. Fourth, She asked us to pray for humanity. Through our prayers we can change the race consciousness. Fifth, She asked us to pray for peace: for peace to come into the hearts of all people, peace to be a reality in families, peace in our institutions, and peace in the world.

As we have done every year after the sun sinks over the horizon, we gather into a circle and if Ive received any messages, I share them. We close our evening singing "Amazing Grace" and "Let there Be Peace on Earth." Every year has been different and yet every year has been the same. Each year the sun has spun and changed colors. Often there have been blue globes of light around the sun. The second year and this year, little girls have seen Mother Mary. The second year, (1992), two little sisters saw Mother Mary in the sky. This year one little girl saw Her standing on the water. Most people who attended have felt Marys presence and felt the love and peace which has been a part of each apparition.

The next day, Sunday, we held our weekly meditation in the morning to give everyone a chance to attend before they returned to their homes. Our den was crowded, but it was filled with so much love and acceptance. We use the book, Messages To Our Family, as our study guide. Many of those in attendance participated both in the reading of the lessons and in the verbal prayer. Then I led a guided meditation.

Several people said they felt like everyone who attended were in reality a family. Many years ago The Brotherhood asked us to open our home and family meditations to the rest of our family. So its not surprising that we feel the family connection. We are a family. We are the human family, so I guess its time to begin to love our family, set aside our prejudices, and to love our family unconditionally. Its simple, but not easy. I have no doubt we can all do our part. Byron and I really enjoy opening our home and having this special time with you. It was a wonderful weekend and Mother Mary made it all special.

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Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My Dear Children,

I come to you in love. Today I request that you remember who you are. Each of you is the beloved child of a benevolent Creator. Find the many blessings which make up your life. Be grateful for each of these blessings.

You are blessed with life, a life that is ever flowing, ever changing, and ever yours. You are in charge of your life. God has blessed you with the freedom to always choose to live your life as you like. If you think you are not living your life as you like, then find out why. What is missing in your life, what can be improved? What can you do today to improve your life? Remember that life is lived from the inside out. Focus on your inner life: what you think, what your thought patterns are, and what your behavior patterns are choosing for you. How you think, is how you choose to live. Your thought patterns are the guidelines for your choices. Your behavior patterns will demonstrate to you how you think in your inner core. These are blessings, my children. The blessing of seeing for yourself where you are headed. And...the blessing of changing your life, by changing your attitudes, thoughts, behavior patterns, and beliefs.

You are blessed with the capacity to love and to be loved. All of Gods children have this great gift. You experience love in so many ways. There is the love you experience as a little child from your mother, father, siblings, grandparents, and other family members. As you grow in stature you experience the love of friends, teachers, and peers. You begin to understand the workings of love. Then as an adult you experience the love of a mate, companion, and spouse. Throughout your life as you experience love, hopefully you learn to appreciate and accept yourself. When you can love yourself, then you can truly love others. When you become a parent you return to the beginning as you experience the love of your children. To love and be loved is one of the greatest blessings there is, because you experience love as it comes to you and as it goes out from you. Acknowledging Gods love by loving unconditionally is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.

You are blessed with the capacity to change. You always have the ability to change many things in your life. You can change your attitudes, behavior patterns, and thought patterns. These may not be easy to change alone, but your other blessing is that you do not have to do it alone. There is help. God, the Father, is ever ready to help you if what you desire is for your good and the good of others. This is a wonderful blessing. Because this means you do not have to live in dire circumstances or situations. You can change. When you ask the Father within to help you, you will be led to the people, organizations, and institutions that can help you make the needed changes.

You are blessed with a direct connection to The Source of All Good, who is the Father within. Through this connection you receive guidance. You keep these lines of communication clear through your prayers and meditations. You are never alone, God is always with you. He respects and loves you enough to allow you to call upon Him when you want. Through those times when you neglect this communication, God continues to love you. All you need is to want to be in touch with God and He is there. The help you seek will come to you in amazing and miraculous ways, and through everyday routine ways. God will not let you down. God blesses you with your own inner ability to speak to Him and to hear Him. God is always listening to you.

You are blessed with the ability to forgive. You can forgive when you can let go of depleting emotions. You can forgive and forget to such an extent that the hurt, shame, guilt, or whatever depleting emotion is never remembered. You can forgive yourself. You have this great ability and it is a blessing. As you wipe the slate clean of depleting emotions and situations, then you are free to love unconditionally.

You are blessed with joy. You have the innate ability to experience happiness, pleasure, and mirth. It is within you to take pleasure in the common things: like the sunset, sunrise, forest, and seashores. You can take pleasure in your loved ones, and in their accomplishments, talents, and love. You can take pleasure in your work, career, hobbies, and sports. It is within you to enjoy humor and see the humor in life. You have everything you need to be happy. You lack nothing. If you are not happy today, then look within to find what is keeping you from experiencing joy.

You have the blessing of experiencing peace. You can experience peace when you clear away all the depleting emotions and situations. As you work to clear away the fears and phobias of your life, you become stronger because you can realize more of yourself. Then peace can be a reality in your everyday life. To be peaceful is to be forgiving and you already know you have this ability. To live a life of peace is to accept and love yourself and all people unconditionally. To live a peaceful life is to strengthen and empower humanity to change from its warring ways to a peaceful consciousness.

You are blessed with a beautiful world and wonderful resources. There is so much beauty in this world. There are the changing seasons, great mountains, and rolling hills. There are so many wonderful beaches and seacoasts. There are the many animals who live on this planet with you. There is beauty in daytime and in the night. There is beauty in the minerals and the people of this world. There are so many different kinds of foliage and plants to enhance your existence. You have so much beauty in this world that, wherever you look, you see beauty.

Your greatest blessing is you. You are unique and individual. You are different from any other person on earth. You have many abilities, talents, capacities, powers, and skills. You only need to allow yourself to express all your blessings and all that you are.

All these blessings come with a responsibility to care for yourself, your loved ones, your fellow humans, and your world. Be grateful for all these wonderful blessings. Your main responsibility is to pray, to love, and to live in peace. I request that you stay in an attitude of gratitude, because you are truly blessed and loved.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

Preparing for ...

Earth changes, y2k (computer bug), economic collapse ... etc.
Part One

For many of you this may be a review. For new readers of the newsletter here is a starting point for preparing for the coming times, whether they be due to Earth changes, economic and social collapse due to the y2k computer bug, or whatever. What I am suggesting is to become self-reliant, so you are able to handle situations and crises, and not have to depend on todays infostructure of government and emergency services.

First, I suggest that everyone take a first aid/CPR course. Learn how to stop an injured persons bleeding and lessen the pain and suffering of a friend, loved one, or a complete stranger. Why first? Because the ability gained through taking this course can be used anytime, from a household injury to a major disaster. It gives you confidence and lessens panic, if you know what to do and how to do it. It is an easy step to take, relatively inexpensive (if not free), and gets you started on preparing. Often the first step is the most difficult because people are overwhelmed when they first consider preparing for these possibilities. First aid courses are normally offered by the American Red Cross, many hospitals, and fire departments on a regular basis.

The second step has to do with water: storing water and being able to purify or filter water. To understand the relative importance of water, consider that you can go without air for about three minutes, three days without water, and three weeks without food; meaning water is more important to our survival than food.

Thus everyone should have a certain amount of stored water they can get to (in their house, car, etc). Small amounts of water can be stored in (clean) two-liter pop bottles. These can be stored in extra closets, under the sink, the garage, or wherever fits your situation. They should be stored out of direct sunlight and off the (concrete) floor. And they can be kept potable (drinkable) by adding either a few drops of Clorox, hydrogen peroxide, or Aerobic 07 (which doesnt have the taste and smell issues of the other two). Larger amounts of water can be stored in food grade water barrels, if you have the space to accommodate them. These are typically available in 15, 30, and 55-gallon sizes.

No matter how much water you store, you will always eventually need more. Thus you need to be able to purify or filter water from other sources, such as surface water (streams, lakes and puddles), and rain water. The basic method to purifying water is to boil it at least 10 minutes, before using it to drink or wash with. But this requires a lot of heat/fire, and takes time and effort. The better way is to use a water filter, such as one of the Katadyn water filters. This uses a porous ceramic filter that filters out bacteria and other dangerous contaminants larger than 0.2 micron. Katadyn is consider the best (and most expensive) and is used by missionaries worldwide, the International Red Cross, the World Health Organization and basically the whos-who that need portable water filtration.

The third step in preparing is to have an emergency kit. Whether you purchase one or build it yourself is not important. What is important is that you have one and have ready access to it when you need it. The kit may actually be several kits: one for home, another in the car, and others where you might need them (example: your office or school). A good kit will contain a first aid kit, some small amount of water (small because of size and weight of water), water purification tablets or drops, a water filter, some form of emergency food, a source of heat and light, and then other items you may want or need to survive in a short term emergency. In our B&A Products catalog we have a list of items that we provide in our custom-made back pack emergency kits. You can use it for a check list.

Now for food. Should you be in your home when an emergency happens, the first source of food is in your panty and refrigerator. If utility power goes off, keep your refrigerator closed as long as possible (up to maybe a day). Then for extended power outages, when you do open it, be prepared to either eat those items that are already prepared, and cook those items that will soon go bad. If this happens during a winter freeze, you may be able to move some items to protected cold areas (like a screened in porch or garage).

Beyond your panty, consider what forms of food you would want to purchase to handled longer term emergencies. The military MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) are good, in that they are ready to eat, either warmed or room temperature. While these were plentiful, at present they are hard to get and expensive. B&A has picked up an alternative to MREs, called HeaterMeals, that requires no refrigeration, has a shelf-life of two years, and have their own heater built into the package (for more information see the ad on the back of the newsletter).

If you are preparing for a long term emergency, you need to consider long shelf life dehydrated or freeze dried food available in #2-1/2 (about a quart) and #10 (about a gallon) cans. These cans are double-enameled, meaning they are painted on the inside and outside to prevent rust. And when sealed, they are flushed with an inert gas, such as nitrogen, or an oxygen absorbent package has been added to remove oxygen. These products are expected to be usable from 10 to 20 years, if stored properly. This means, out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, and at room temperature or below. Thus you wouldnt want to store them in your (hot) attic, or in a basement where there is moisture (a dry basement would be ideal). People often store them in a closet, or the #10 cans fit nicely under a bed.

- Part Two next issue -
will cover heat, communications, generators, etc
Sincerely -- Byron