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October/November 1999 Issue #48

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This is Annie's section

Once again we had the honor of hosting an open house, and it's astounding the pleasure that comes from seeing our friends and supporters once again. We had the added benefit of meeting new friends. I thank all of you who took the time and made the effort to come early and made a special weekend even more memorable. I really appreciate all the help you were.

Mother Mary once again made Her presence known. Many, including myself, had the privilege of seeing her. It's always amazing how many wonderful ways She has shown Herself to me. This year I again saw the standing Madonna figure in deep blue with pink all around it, which is how I usually see Her. The Madonna has shadows that indicate eyes, nose, and mouth. Later as the sun was setting, I saw the Blessed Mother in an oval, like She was inside a cameo pin, but facing more toward the front instead of a profile. This time Jesus was present. In my mind's eye I saw Jesus as a child with Joseph standing to the right of the cameo. All the time we were watching the sun spin, change colors, and I could see the Madonna figure, I was experiencing auditory messages. Jesus said he came as a child to remind me that I had to keep the innocence of a child. I took this to mean that I needed to keep innocent in order to truly experience peace and to never doubt that I am at peace, no matter what is happening in my life.

During the time I was seeing Mary, I was receiving messages. I share those messages that are placed in my heart to share. Mary asked us to observe the 15th of every month as a day of prayer for peace. She again reminded me that we have to begin to live peaceful lives. I forgot one message, and maybe it's for you, if you too joined us that day to pray for world peace. Mother Mary said we would each receive an individual revelation. She urged us not to guess how or what these revelations would be. Mother Mary said they would come to us as either an idea, an insight, advice, or a suggestion. We will recognize it as a revelation.

There was a man who dropped in just as we were putting away the lunch leftovers. He was on the highway going from California to Georgia. He said he had no intention of coming here and he didn't know why he was here. His wife had wanted to come, but not him. He looked like he felt out of place, yet he stayed. Just as we were leaving Lake Tenkiller, after the apparition, he said to me, "I got my message. I know why I was supposed to be here." Then I received a call from a friend who has attended these apparitions in the past. She had recently had lung surgery and was unable to attend this year. She said, "I prayed and watched the sunset. I saw pink in the sky and felt deep down in my gut that I would be healed. It was just a deep knowingness." So without me telling anyone, people were already receiving their revelations.

After the sun set and was gone from the horizon, the group formed a large circle and we ended singing "Amazing Grace" and what I call "the peace song." You know the one that says, let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. This is how Mother Mary says peace will come to earth. It has to come through our individual lives. It's difficult to describe this special day with mere words. So much is felt, perceived, and given in unseen ways. Mother Mary's presence was so powerful.

This year was very special to me because Jean Foster joined us Sunday, and we were so enriched by her words of wisdom. What I felt more so, this year, than past years was the feeling of family. It was like a family reunion of sorts. Many have come every year and this makes it more like a family reunion. Not only was Jean here, but my good friends and super supporters from Dallas: Connie, Alice, Anita and Roger. They have been supporting me since the very first public lecture. In 1992, Anita used her skills as a hypnotist to help me walk out to the podium. One other reason it was like a family reunion was that when someone saw that something needed doing, there was a group who pitched in and got the work done, both before and after.

I apologize to the lady who wrote us to say she was disappointed that the events of August 15th were not in the August newsletter. Maybe I need to tell you how we go about putting the newsletter together. Usually I write my part toward the end of odd numbered months. For August, Byron and I wrote our part the last week of July. We correct each other's work to the best of our ability. Then we wait for Mother Mary to give Her message. So to write about an event that is to happen in the future is impossible. Byron puts the newsletter into the format you receive. After that, we fax it to our publisher who corrects any typos or grammatical errors. It is corrected and sent to a local printer. We then label, stamp, and stuff the envelopes. We work at this as fast as we can so that you receive your newsletter as quickly as we can get it to you, usually about the middle of the month. I hope this clears up any misconceptions.

I've been trying to think of what I'm learning or working on now. I seem to be in a period of rest. After the open house I went to Dallas to work with my therapist and that seemed to help me complete a lot of the inner work that had me toiling away for months. It feels good to have gotten back to a state of inner peace and serenity. I've been working on abuse issues for fifteen years and have finally brought sweet closure to it all.

I'm not going to think that "I've got It" now--not by a long shot. It feels good to know that the most painful part is over. I remind myself that I'm still living and breathing here on earth, in a very human existence. In the words of Gilda Radner, "It's always something." So I expect that I will be back into expanding what I know by living Mother Mary's messages. But for now this is a time of great gratitude. Isn't that appropriate, just as we are getting close to Thanksgiving.

Right now, I'm still receiving material for another book, painting landscapes again, playing the piano, and learning new songs. The Brotherhood has told me that God wants us to enjoy life. Painting and playing the piano are my way of doing this. I'm very grateful for the support and love of my husband, who encourages me in everything I do, except taking too many trips. His loving support has helped me heal, so that I can enjoy life. I hope you too are enjoying life--it feels so good.

For those of you who have been waiting for Mary's Message of Love, we now have them in stock. Well, until next time, I remain your friend.


This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to you with a peaceful yet concerned heart. I am pleased that so many are heeding my call to pray. It is so very important in your individual lives. Each day begin your day in prayer and end your evening in prayer. It is so very important that you do this--I cannot stress it too much. There are so many things that happen as you pray. It is an interactive experience. As you open your heart and mind to pray, you also open your heart and mind to God.

He has the opportunity to give you more of His spirit, more of His love, and more of His energy. During your moments of prayer, there is so much happening in the unseen levels of your life. You may think that you live only the outer physical life where you see with your eye, hear with your ears, and feel with your body. But in actuality, there is much that takes place deep within your being. Have you not heard the expression, that a certain person runs deep, or has depth of character? Most often when you question that person, they will tell you they spend time in prayer. God is able to plumb your being and make your life mean so much more. Depth of character happens, and depth of soul and depth of heart and mind takes place as you stay in prayer.

There are small changes taking place in the consciousness of mankind. For each small change that takes place, many prayers are required from many, many different people. This is why it is so important that you pray each day. This is why I return again and again to this request. Only when there are changes in individual people's lives can there be changes in mankind's consciousness. Each time you pray, each time our thought turns towards all that is good, loving, and peaceful, you are making a difference. This is why I'm asking each of you to observe a day of prayer. To set aside one day a month to think, feel, and pray for peace. I request that you observe this day on the 15th of every month.

But allow yourself to be flexible, and if this is not a good day or you forget, do not berate yourself; simply make the next available day your day of prayer. I've said many times before that prayer is talking to God. Can you not spend one whole day speaking to God about all the things that concern you, worry you, or puzzle you? Can you not ask God's blessings on the people you know and love? Do you not have the compassion in your heart to be concerned for the homeless, the dying, the children, those who are suffering from the effects of natural disaster? Can you not remember the people who are still living with abuse or addiction in their lives? Are you not concerned about your governments? Can you not have concern for the people who are living with chronic diseases and handicaps?

Pray for the economy of your world. Pray for schools and teachers, as they have a great responsibility to teach the children not only the lessons, but how to live as they go about their day. Pray for your medical personnel and for all scientists that they may use their integrity and know how to help people, and not just themselves. Pray for every phase of life. Churches and church leaders need your prayers, that they may have tolerance and an open mind. Pray for the different factions that are opposed to freedom of thought, freedom to worship God.

My little children, you have been making a difference with your prayers. It is not time that you rest from praying. It is time to increase your prayers. Pray with fervor and good sentiments. This is the best way to help yourself, your family, and your nation. It is the best and highest good you can offer not only yourself and your loved ones, but humanity. Just as your body is made up of individual cells, so is humanity made up of individual people. When one part of your body becomes infested with disease, or injury, the whole body suffers. This is what happens to humanity and mankind. But also, just as a fairly healthy body can recuperate easier than one that is not in good health, so humanity recuperates as more and more people become spiritually healthy. Your prayers help you to maintain your spiritual health.

Do not pay attention to the news media. They love to focus on the scandals and the violence. Seldom do they let you know of the many people who care for others, the animals, or the planet. Most stories are told in such a way to leave doubt as to what the good people are doing. When you give credence to these types of stories, you are looking at appearances. My son, Jesus, told you two thousand years ago not to look at appearances. What he was saying is not to look at the face value of anything, but look beyond the first presentation. He cautioned you to seek the truth in all things.

When you think of your prayers, infuse them with your faith. You have much to be joyful about, and your faith is only one of the aspects of your soul that increases as you pray. Remember that Jesus often said to the people who came to be healed, "It will be done according to your faith." The more you pray, the more, you become serene and peaceful. There is no greater force or power than God's, and in your prayers you are infused with this great force and power. It is the constant communication with this great Source of Goodness, Energy, Intelligence, and Wholeness that happens when you pray to a loving and caring God.

Too many people still pray with fear in their hearts, because they still believe in a vengeful and angry God. In this belief is the concept that you could be harmed by God. The real Truth is that God is more like a loving parent to his only child. The only begotten child of God is humanity. So as you heal the remnants of anger, fear, envies, resentments, and grievances in your heart, you help heal humanity of its woes. You are doing good, so continue to pray.

One of the reasons I've requested that you set aside the 15th of the month for praying for peace, is that prayers are accumulative, and so when a large group focuses their prayers on peace at approximately the same time period, you do great work for mankind and humanity. Please do all you can to comply with this request. If for any reason it is impossible, then pledge to pray daily for peace. All prayers are good. Simply talk to God, let Him hear your concerns, worries, needs, and wants. Speak to Him as you would to a loving Father or Mother. You can certainly do your part to move mankind and you into the Thousand Years of Peace. I thank you for heeding my request and am loving each of you dearly.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

This is Byron's section

A Wake Up Call

You've probably all heard of the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." Well, the events in the last few weeks and months are a reminder that we are living in interesting times.

Earlier this year Oklahoma City was struck by a huge F5 tornado. Recently there was the 7.8 earthquake in Turkey that has already claimed 15,000 or more lives. Next, Hurricane Floyd hit the east coast and flooded areas of North Carolina, New Jersey and others. Floyd caused the largest peacetime evacuation ever in this country. Next, the earthquake in Taiwan, which has already claimed 2000 lives. And I have the feeling that before this newsletter is finished and reaches you, there will be more to add to this list. (It has: Japan and Mexico.)

As I watched the television weather radar representation of Hurricane Floyd moving up the east coast of Florida, I remembered a portion of the talk I give on preparedness and survival. I've often said, "What if you turned on the radio and the biggest hurricane ever was headed your way and you had ten minutes to load everything you needed into your car and get out of Dodge ... before the roads become clogged (with cars)." The point I try to make is--this is not a good time to start planning your emergency kit; it's a good time to grab it and go. The TV news segment next showed long lines of stopped cars trying to evacuate the area. Can you imagine the frustration of people wanting to get out of harms way, just sitting there in a traffic jam? Watching this, I got the feeling of deja vu.

In 1989 and 1990, while helping Annie compile Mother Mary's individual daily messages into the book that became Mary's Message to the World, I became familiar with the "Predictions" chapter and what we are now calling "Earth Changes" (predictions/prophecy). I said to myself, if these things happen, what should I be doing now, while things are normal? I made list of things we would want to have on hand (stockpile) and things (skills) I wanted to learn. Later, I realized that, if I needed these, so might others, and it became my book, Survival Guide for the New Millennium, now in its fourth printing. My objective in writing this book, giving my talks, and generally talking and working with individuals--is to get people to prepare. To think about what they would do, if and when, these things happen--basically to do some simple planning.

We can't do a lot to prevent the tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural and un-natural disasters, but we can do something about how they affect us, our family, relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.

So consider, what would you do now if you knew that things were about to become "un-normal"? We are coming up on the winter season which always holds the potential for problems; and this winter also has the millennium roll-over, and the potential for the computer bug to bite. What would you do today, if there was a high likelihood of a period without electricity, a cold snap that seems like it will never end, both of which might make securing food, staying warm, communications, and whatever, difficult or impossible to do?

Over the last seven years, I have written many articles in this portion of the newsletter about what to do to prepare. The best of these can be found on our Internet web site at: and in my Survival Guide, so I won't repeat them all here. The topics include storing water, survival food, selecting a portable water filter, preparing for a cold winter, becoming a ham radio operator, home safety, and a lot more.

But to summarize, the basic steps to preparing are: take a first aid course, store water, store a reasonable amount of food, make an emergency kit, and most of all, PLAN on what you would do if a disaster happened in your area.

Planning takes on more significance if you have children that may be at school and you need to determine a place to meet; if you have elderly or disabled family members, plan for special medications for those that need them, etc.

So regardless if you, or those close to you, believe in the Earth changes prophecy, or are concerned about the computer bug biting do believe that you need to be prepared for the unknown.

Another thing I say in my preparedness talks and while talking with people is, "Do you know how many disasters it takes to make a believer? ... ONE, if you are in it. The one across town or around the world doesn't count!" Now's the time! We do live in interesting times.

Sincerely -- Byron

Just a suggestion: with Christmas coming up, consider giving gifts that might help your loved ones in times of emergencies: first aid kits, flashlights, solar/dynamo AM/FM radios, and things of this sort.