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October/November 1996 Issue #30

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

Good news. I'm now walking without a brace but using a cane indoors. Out-of-doors I still must rely on a brace to support my leg. It has been a long time since I walked with a bare right leg. It feels so good and free. Once again, thank you for all your support and prayers.

On August 15, 1996, Mother Mary showed herself in the form of the standing Madonna. Just as the sun hovered on the horizon, a pink, vapor-like shape of the standing Madonna was seen at Tenkiller Lake, Oklahoma and at Joe Pool Lake outside of Dallas, Texas. The people in Dallas prayed the Rosary and here in Oklahoma we prayed and meditated as we watched a beautiful sunset. In both places there was the phenomena of a spinning sun and changing colors as the sun was spinning. The whole atmosphere was charged with so much energy and the feeling of love and peace was strongly felt by most who attended.

Although this is not about numbers, we were impressed that in both locations people traveled for hours. In Dallas, people made the four to five hour drive from Houston, and here in Oklahoma people came from across the state and from Kansas. Some of the people in Oklahoma drove four to five hours. Terry and his son who came from Kansas City had a much longer drive. We enjoyed a picnic supper and then we gathered in lawn chairs, prayed, and meditated. It was a spiritually uplifting experience. My son in Dallas called the night of August 14th and kept asking if anyone was going to be here with us. He was concerned that we would be alone. I didn't find that to be a problem, we definitely were not alone and had a good crowd of people join in experiencing a wonderful evening. The camaraderie that develops afterwards makes it an enjoyable and uplifting experience. Our thanks to Caroline Moore for being the hostess in Texas. She was there to answer questions and generally made people feel a part of the group. We thank her for enlisting David's help. David is our son who is very shy.

The healing continues, not just my leg, but we've seen evidence of healing in other members of our family. If any of you have had the opportunity to see John Bradshaw's work on public TV, you will remember that he says, as one member of the family begins to heal from childhood issues, the rest of the family can't do anything else but change. And it's so true. While I visited my family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas recently, I could see how much we are all changing. Some of it can be attributed to the mellowing that naturally takes place as one gets older, but I think and feel that more than this simple answer is at work. So what we do to heal our hearts and minds, helps our loved ones in ways that are amazing.

We also attribute many of the changes to prayer. Prayer works miracles in people and allows us to be with those members of the family who refuse to change, or to find their own inner peace. I noticed how clear my inner guidance is and how my guidance protects me from possible conflict. There are members of my family I would love to have visited. But for whatever reason my guidance was not to do so at this time. Perhaps it wouldn't have been beneficial to one or all of us. I've followed my guidance in some things for years, but in regards to family, I still have done what I thought was expected of me, whether it felt right or not. This time, I strictly followed my heart and had a wonderful time. I guess it's simply that I now trust my inner guidance completely and no longer try to second-guess, nor do I try to understand why beforehand. This is just my encouragement to trust yourself to know what is best for you.

Lately, I've been noticing how much we (as people) separate ourselves into "them and us." There is an older member of our family who will remarry after many, many years of widowhood. Some of the family are judging, when it really isn't their place to judge. Quietly I was asked, "Have you heard?" "Have you met him?"

"What do you think?" My way of thinking is that if I am loving unconditionally, then there can be no judgment when a loved one makes a choice. If God allows each of us the freedom to choose for ourselves, who are we to judge someone else's choices? This I felt was just another way to separate ourselves into "them and us." You know, those who think she is right, and those who think she is wrong.

Our religious beliefs often cause us to judge others as lacking or wrong. Yet nothing separates people like politics. One of my rules for many years has been that I don't discuss religion or politics. I found myself breaking my own rule when I ventured to enter a discussion on the presidential election and my opinion wasn't even asked. Once again, as I disagreed, all outer body language signals sent to me were that my way of thinking was WRONG! You could feel the, "how can you think that way?", implying, I judge that you're thinking is wrong, incorrect, or lacking. After that conversation I asked myself and Byron, "Why did I do that (enter into a political discussion)?" One thing that came out of my mouth as I thought it was, "If everyone voted the same, we wouldn't have a democracy."

I think it isn't that we disagree, it's the judgment that goes with it. So many times we judge what isn't ours to judge. We perhaps feel or think of those who disagree with us, or hold different views, beliefs, or thoughts, as "them." Almost as though this makes "them" the enemy. In the last few years I've been working on peace. First, on making peace with my past, then my future and my present everyday life. Now it seems that God/Spirit is giving me lessons in maintaining a peaceful co-existence with others. Join me in ending the "them and us" appearance. Let us find ways to set aside judgment and simply accept others; where they are in their life's progress, how they view the world, whatever beliefs they hold dear, and in whatever conditions they choose to live their life. We are here to love and be at peace in our lives and our family. God will then work through us, to bring peace to our whole family. Remember that God works through us and not for us. We can make a difference; we can be a part of the peace movements, it takes a majority to have peace on Earth. It takes our prayers, our dedication, and the living expression of our beliefs. We can do it, one day at a time, one person at a time. These are just a few thoughts to encourage you to be at peace and to live in peace. All my love and prayers go with this letter. I am truly blessed to have you as friends.


This is Mother Mary's section

My Dear Children,

I bring you the gift of love. It is a gift that is continuously being given to every person on earth, whether they merit it or not. God the Father is forever loving His Creation. He is one with each of us. He lives within each person. At the same time, He is without and in every part of His creation at all times. Nothing you do, say, or think goes unnoticed. But everything you do say, think, or choose is honored as your individual right. With our loving Creator there is no judgment.

I know this is different from other messages I give, but let me explain. Even in those religions that believe so deeply in a judgmental God, there is always penance, there is always a way to return to God's love. Through Annie, I can give the real Truth that God is always loving. What may appear on earth as punishment is in reality, or in God's reality, simply a working out of the laws of action and reaction, or cause and effect. Whenever there is an action, there is always an equal reaction. You move something here and over there something moves. You think in terms of punishment, and you make mistakes that you call sins, then you look for punishment. But when you open your mind and look further into God's love, you find that there is only action and reaction, that all things bring with them a gift, even those events that you view as tragic.

God, in His wisdom, has given all of us eternal life. When this short life-span ends, you continue to live. Your spirit is that part of you that lives eternally. Your spirit has been created in the image and likeness of God. You live forever, so where is the tragedy of death? Where is its sting, when death is simply a new beginning? Or it can be viewed as a return to the reality of God. In death you come home; you return as the prodigal son to the Father's House. You return to a very loving and forgiving Father. There is no tragedy or sting to death. There is joy when you return to the real spirit world. There is the celebration and a reunion of those who made this life's journey with you. There is the reevaluation of this life and you are treated as you believe. Remember that my son, Jesus, said often, "It is as you believe, or it will done unto you as you believe."

For those who believe in a place of punishment, it is there, but as soon as you seek God's help, it is yours instantaneously. As soon as you cry out for help, it is there, as a multitude of angels deliver you into a place of peace and love which was prepared for you in the very beginning. When you believe in punishment and tribulation, you will receive your belief in your life, whether you are on earth or in heaven. You are given opportunity after opportunity to rectify mistakes. You are given the privilege of seeing your mistakes when you return to us after your earthly death. You are allowed to see how you affected your world and others with every deed, thought, and judgment. This is all done in love, without judgment, and with many to guide and support you as you view your life.

So you ask, what about those who are truly bad people, who murder and rob and do all manner of evil things? They will be given as many opportunities to change as they need. They will be given the privilege to view their mistakes and to see how they affected others. But my children, I request that you seek not to correct others. Use your time, energy and attention to correct yourself. Use your time wisely to effect inner changes that will affect your loved ones and your world. Live your beliefs. Put into action your beliefs. Do you believe in a just God? Then be just in all your actions, thoughts, and intentions. Do you believe in a loving God? Be loving in your motives and in your treatment of one another. Do you believe in a forgiving God? Be forgiving of each other. Seek to settle old issues in the family. Let the family wars end. Seek to have loving motives and intentions as you deal one with the other. This then is how to live your beliefs. God loves all people. He loves you without judgment. His love is unconditional. God loves the inner person. He looks past your actions and sees into your heart. He sees what is motivating you. Are your interactions with people based on greed or love? Do you seek people for your advantage, or do you seek a partnership with others? Do you love your family without judgment? Or do you love them only when they believe as you, or act as you think they should? Do you look into the faces of people and see only their skin color? Do you look at the homeless and see only their unkept appearance? Do you look at the addict and only see their hopelessness? Can you look at someone's child and see a loving spirit, or do you only appreciate your family and your children? God loves each person as if they were the smartest, most beautiful, most achieving person in the world. He looks past education, past your financial status, past your outer appearance, past your prejudices, and past your beliefs. He looks into your heart of hearts, where you cannot be anything except honest and truthful. God sees you as you are and loves you still. God hears your complaints and your prayers. God feels your pain and your joy. God inhales the scent of your personality and talents. God tastes your failures and your hope. God perceives your attitudes and motives. God is aware of everything that is you and everything you stand for. He is your Loving Creator. He alone knows your full potential. You are loved, so much more than you can understand. You are loved with a love that is greater than anything in this world. You are loved with an everlasting power that will sustain you in every way.

You are loved, hold this thought every day. Let this become your daily encouragement. Let this thought be your daily motive for being. You are loved and you are understood. You are the joy of a loving Father. Let His joy be in you and fill your days with happiness. God gives us gifts that do not perish, but which live eternally. His gifts are for your betterment. Use His love to heal your minds, hearts, and bodies. Allow His love to take away your fears. Allow His love to enter into every area of your life.

My children, take my words and use them in your life to open your heart to love as God does, to open your mind and allow a new, more wonderful concept of God to be your guide, and to be at peace in all your dealings. I am loving you. I pray for each of you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section


Several times I've been asked, "What kind of house/ shelter should you have (for earth changes)?" Unfortunately, there is no one good answer, but I've made some suggestions.

Now there is a new book that covers the subject in detail, and has information about the shelters I've referred people to. The book is, No Such Thing As Doomsday: Underground Shelters and How to Prepare for Earth Changes, Wars & Other Threats by Philip L Hoag. At the bottom right hand corner of the front cover there is a statement that I find interesting: "Some People Worry-Others Prepare." From the foreword, "Do you want to build an underground shelter or put together a disaster preparedness program? Do you feel overwhelmed? This book can help you overcome inertia and get the project rolling."

The first part of the book covers the threats that might cause you to desire a shelter. The author emphasizes the nuclear threat but also touches on earth changes. Then he begins to get to the real nitty-gritty, the different approaches to underground shelters. He also lightly covers the other two shelter suggestions I mention below, Monolithic Domes and Radius Defense.

In the main part of the book he goes into detail about radiation shielding, air supply considerations, power systems, cooking options, lighting, food & water, communications, EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) shielding, security, psychological considerations, and even addresses community issues regarding shelters.

If you have any desire to know more about a shelter, anything from a simple storm shelter to a sophisticated underground shelter, this book is the place to start. B&A is now carrying it, stock #2236.

Prior to finding Philip's book, the only solution I had was to recommend that people contact Monolithic Constructors Inc in Italy, Texas (about an hour south of Dallas) to find out more about their monolithic dome homes. I've been impressed with the Monolithic's dome homes for several years now.

A couple years ago, I met David South, their president, at the Dallas Preparedness Expo and had a chance to talk with him. I asked the obvious questions about his dome homes in relation to the earth changes scenario. He said that their domes can withstand up to a force-five tornado (up to 300 MPH winds), and should do well in an earthquake. The Monolithic domes in North Carolina were recently "tested" by both hurricanes Bertha and Fran. Bertha had winds of up to 115 mph. Neither bothered the Monolithic domes located in Morehead City and Sullivan's Island, where some of the worst of Bertha happened. David South told me the biggest problem with extremely high winds is that the structure tries to slide around the ground. Another advantage of these units is that they are very energy efficient.

Monolithic has a newsletter called The Monolithic Dome Roundup available by subscription. And they have a video tape and information pack. When I watched the tape I was impressed at how these units are constructed and the sizes of buildings that can be built using this technology. They even offer courses on how to build your own unit, or to go into business as a contractor of dome homes.

You can contact Monolithic Constructors Inc at 1-800-608-0001, or write: PO Box 479, Italy, TX 76651, web page: or e-mail:

If you saw us on NBC's Ancient Prophecies IV: The Final Visions, last June (1996), you may also remember seeing a gentleman named Walton McCarthy, who provides underground shelters. I was finally able to contact him and get some information sent to me. When I received his literature on the S16 Disaster Shelter, I was impressed with its completeness, capability, and well-thoroughness. This is a totally self-contained spheroid shaped underground disaster shelter designed to protect up to 16 people for long periods, or 30 people for short durations, such as during a tornado. The literature says that it provides protection from tornadoes, earthquakes, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons/accidents, nuclear power plant accidents, nuclear/chemical terrorism, power plant failures, forest fires, and famines. The basic housing also includes an air filtration system, septic tank, 1000 gallon water tank, lighting, storage, radiation shielding, plumbing, etc. And there are a list of options that includes a self-contained underground power plant with 3.5 KW generator and a 280 gallon gas tank. An optional connector port and "T" allows multiple units to be connected together or access from another location, such as a basement.

Let me just say that this man seems to really know what he's doing when it comes to underground shelters. His literature is quite impressive. Unfortunately the $33,500, plus options, plus installation, price tag, prevents me from ordering one at the moment, but maybe someday.

To contact him, write: Radius Defense Inc, Dept BK, 222 Blakes Hills Road, Northwood, NH 03261. Phone 603-942-5040 or fax 603-942-5070. Web page:, or email:

Although there are probably other good solutions, this will give you a place to start if you are concerned about shelters for the upcoming times.