Commonly Asked Questions

The following are answers to questions that we are frequently asked about Mary's Message and the information in our other books. Most of these relate to the differences between the information in Mary's Message to the World and the accepted Catholic beliefs. The next section covers issues about Earth changes and preparedness.

God's Truth
When Annie was receiving the information that was later published in the books, she asked and insisted on being given the "really, really, real truth." She wanted to know God's Truth, not man's truth. She did not want her belief system to limit the information she received.

To understand the difference, Annie in her talks, uses the example of man's truth, as when it was believed that the world was flat. Mankind believed that the Earth was flat. During that time it was considered heresy to speak of the world being anything other than flat. But God knew the Earth was round.

In the April/May 1992 issue (#2) of our newsletter, Mother Mary answered a question Annie posed with;

Always when I work with people on earth, I must work with what is in their minds, this includes their vocabulary, ideas and beliefs. I am not allowed to destroy anything, not even erroneous beliefs. I work with their way of thinking and how they view their world. As I have been saying, the church has been distorting my messages. They do not believe what I say is truth, if it does not conform to their set belief system or their church doctrine.

If you understand what it means to have to work within a particular belief system and still try to convey the truth, you will grasp the problem Mary, Jesus, the Brotherhood, and even God have in communicating with us. This is core to understanding many of the other commonly asked questions.

When our publisher, who is Catholic and studied to become a priest, read the manuscript for Mary's Message he told us that we would have to take out all the references to reincarnation, because the Catholics wouldn't buy the book. Annie's response was, "No" because Mother Mary had given this to her as it was, and Annie wasn't going to take away or add to what She had given. But then Annie thought about it and decided to ask Mary. Mother Mary told Annie to, "Tell Paul (of Blue Dolphin Publishing) that in the beginning the `Church' believed in this (reincarnation). It was removed because of man's will and not God's will." When Paul researched the matter he found out that the references to reincarnation were taken out in 408AD by Constantinople. This is apparently documented in something called the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Since then we have found out that a number of references to reincarnation still exists in the Bible. The one that I remember and relate to is, when Jesus asked his disciples, "Whom do men say I am? And they answered, John the Baptist: but some say, Elias; and others, One of the prophets," that this was referring to reincarnation. (Reference Mark 8:27-28)

Mary's Other Children
Catholics believe that Jesus was an only child, and that Mary remained a virgin her entire life, while in Mary's Message She tells us about her other children. Ironically, Protestants accept that Jesus had brothers and sisters, as it is mentioned in the Bible. The Catholics explanation is that in those days cousins were called brothers and sisters, and that the Bible references are to his cousins. First of all, what would they then call the actual brothers and sisters? And while some people and religions take such a literal interpretation of the Bible, how then can others take what the Bible literally says and put another meaning on it (brothers and sisters mean cousins)?

Another reference to Jesus having a sister was made by Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet) in one of his readings from Jesus, when Jesus mentioned going to his sister's wedding (Ruth's wedding I think?).

Jesus and facing the devil
Question: On page 280 in Mary's Message to the World, the chapter "A Message from Jesus," Jesus' says, "the beast is an illusion...there is no devil; it is a fallacy." But the Bible tells us that Jesus faced the devil in the desert, how do you explain the difference?
Answer: Good question, as a matter of fact we asked the same question to Jesus several years ago and what He told us was, "Yes, He did face his devilHis ego. The thought that He could do this (40 days and 40 nights) alone, without God's help." So to state it another way, the devil Jesus faced in the desert was His own ego.

Why have some of the predicted events not happened?
If you've read Mary Message or followed some of the people making predictions, you may recognize that many of the major things that were predicted haven't happened. First of all--that's GOOD! We don't really need to have a major disaster happen and a couple hundred thousand people die, just so we can tell everyone "I told you so!"

But now for the explanation we received from Mary. In the June 1996 issue #28 of our newsletter, Mother Mary tells us that we are in a grace period of ten years or more. But that natural disasters will still happen and there will still be loss of life. This part of the newsletter (June 1996) is on the web page, so if you are interested I suggest you read it.

How do I handle those close to me that don't believe this?
First of all, pray for their awareness and that they will know the truth. This doesn't necessarily mean that they will accept what you are trying to tell them, just that they know their truth.

Fortunately, there is more and more being presented to make people aware that something is not quite "normal." Haven't you noticed the abundance of movies and made-for-TV "disaster" shows, such as: Twister, Dante's Peak, Asteroid, Tornado, Volcano, ... and such? And you may remember NBC's four "Ancient Prophecies" series that aired on prime time national TV (I was a guest on #IV). And the cover of LIFE Magazine (Sept 1993) was titled "The Year of Killer Weather: Why Has Nature Gone Mad?" And there are more books being released that discuss Earth changes. One of the most recent and the one I currently recommend is Tom Kay's When the Comet Runs (my book review is on our web page.)

All these shows, movies, books, and articles are making people aware that all is not normal. Just be patient and be ready when they say something like, "Have you noticed how strange the weather has been lately?"

Why live through this time (of Earth changes)?
A reader asked, "Even tho I have deep faith, I really would not want our children and grandchildren to have to live through those sad times. Maybe you can advise me in that regard."

The way I (Byron) answer this, is to say how I handled the issue. If you've read Mary's Message to the World and believe what is said, then you understand the concept of reincarnation and a life plan. That means that each one of us born in this time period did so with free choice. We chose to be here for these exciting times. We knew, while in spirit, that this is going to happen and we wanted to experience it first-hand. And if we die the physical death as a result of Earth changes, we just return to spirit to be recycled (reincarnated) again later.

So the way I look at it, if I made the choice (while in the spirit world) to be born in these times, it must be OK.

This (Earth changes) is overwhelming, what do I do?
Yes, it can be overwhelming. The first thing I suggest everybody do, even if you/they don't believe in the Earth changes, is to take a First Aid/CPR course. Get your spouse to take the First Aid course: your of-age children, neighbors, co-workers, church members--everyone. Because when these things start happening, you won't be able to call the paramedics (EMS services) and have them arrive on time and take care of everything. You must depend on yourself and those around you.

The First Aid/CPR courses are given regularly by The American Red Cross and many hospitals, fire departments and other organizations.

What you will find after you take the First Aid course and do the basic other things to prepare, is that you will feel less frightened and more confident in yourself and your ability to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Where is a "safe" area?
After learning about Earth changes, many people then ask, "Where's a safe area (to move to, to be during the Earth changes, etc)?"

First of all, Mother Mary has told us that no area is completely safe during the times of the Earth changes, because each area will have its share of problems. What I then tell people is about the maps that are available that show how some seers see the United States/North America or the world shaped after the changes happen. The two sets of commercial maps are provided by Lori Toye (I Am America) and Gordon-Michael Scallion (The Matrix Institute). There are also many more in books and other places. There is even a FREE map offered by Ashton Pitre of Marble Falls, Texas showing what he sees the US to look like after the Earth changes happen (note 1).

When you get the maps, look at where you are currently located, and then at places you may consider moving too. Of course, you may already be where you are supposed to be and a move is not needed. Then after looking at the maps, I ultimately suggest you take the question of whether to move, or where to move, into meditation and see what comes through for you and your family. The answer may come in unexpected ways. You may later hear a song, either on the radio, or maybe just the tune in your head, such as "Rocky Mountain High" or "The Yellow Rose of Texas," meaning to consider Colorado or Texas (as examples). Or, you may be talking with someone and Asheville, North Carolina comes up and you start thinking about there. Your answer may come to you in ways you would never expect.

Do realize that there are areas that are not considered safe by most people. When you look at the maps, if all the maps show a certain location as underwater, it's probably not a good place to consider being. Other poor choices include near any ocean, or even a large body of water (inland lake, etc). On an earthquake fault line. Where mountains might come down on you. Near a volcano or nuclear power plant. Besides using your intuition to get your answer, also use common-sense.

(Note 1: My August/September 1995 Newsletter was about Future Maps.)