Basic Survival Rain Water Filter System

by J Galante

Filter assembly part 1
Filter assembly part 2
Filter assembly part 3

Filtering Material

1. You will need at least 15 to 20 lbs of granulated activated carbon (charcoal, but NOT the barbecue pit type), which we found at an aquarium supply store. Be sure there is no chemical additives! This must be thoroughly flushed and rinsed before use, units water runs clear, to remove carbon dust. This must be changed after a while (after 1 month with constant use) because it becomes saturated with contaminants and can be release them back into water. We estimate that we can probably change it after 2 to 3 months since we anticipate filtering rain water as we catch it, and this probably won't be very day. Our 18 lbs should last us (3 adults and six small pets) 5 to 6 months with God's mercy and a little luck!
2. You will also need a large package of 100% pure polyester quilt batting (padding), which can be found at most fabric stores. Don't compromise with cotton, it can mildew and rot!


per J Galante

Option: in step 2 of the diagram above you can leave the bottom of bucket A in place (not cut it out) and poke holes in the bottom with a hot nail. This allows the activated carbon and quilt batting to be kept separated.

The information shown above was furnished by J Galante and make available by B&A Products. However, B&A takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or the ability of the above shown filter to thoroughly filter or purify rain water. Please note that this is for rain water only, and this does not include any form of ground water (creeks, lakes, etc). This is provided for information only.

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