Heres an unsolicited testimonial

"I have been a very satisfied customer of the Sawyer Products, Extractor kit, for many years. I have 3 of them for our family. We keep one in our camper, one in the house, and one in our vehicle at all times. I don't know what I would do without them.

"See about 5 years ago, my Mom was stung by a wasp in her store, where I work. We had your Extractor kit on our store shelf for many months and had not sold any. Until, My Mom had been stung, (she is severely allergic to wasps, bees, hornets, etc.) We were the only two in the store at the time, and would have had to close the store to get her to the Emergency room. But, immediately I took one of your kits off the shelf , tore it open, and used it on her bite. She never got swollen, or had any reaction of any type from the sting. And hours later she could not even tell that she had been stung, no redness, and no allergic reaction.

"Since that incident, we have told many of our customers, friends, and family about the Extractor, and have sold quite a few of them. And now I wish to never be without the Extractor.

I, myself had an incident, whereas I was stung 15 times on my back, within fifteen minutes my husband was able to extract the poison out of all of the bites and by the next morning you could not see welts or any redness, stinging or itching at all. I AM DEFINITELY SOLD ON YOUR PRODUCT! And again, I have told more family and friends and have sold quite a few of these Extractors for you."

Brenda G, Ohio