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Special Message for Sept 11, 2001

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Annie received the following message from Mother Mary on Sept 12,
regarding the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Special Message for Sept 11, 2001

My dear children,

I come to you in great sorrow. What has happened in America is the culmination of a humanity steeped in fear. Many misguided souls think the way to God is through violence, yet God is beyond violence. God is love and only loves you. Many others feel that God has allowed this to happen and yet God is love and allows you each to have freedom of choice. Many others feel that God has abandoned the world, yet God is love and only loves.

God does not create violence. Humanity has done this through free will. You have a choice and when you choose hatred instead of forgiveness, you give violence power and energy. When you choose to be apathetic, you choose hatred over of love. When you choose to see the difference in your fellow man, you choose to increase the forces which bring about violence. When you choose to cheat your brother, you choose the ways that bring about violence. This is your choice and not God's. What has happened is the culmination of fear, anger, hatred and cruelty.

There is no evil created by God. It is the end result of your belief in good and evil. Where God is--there is only love. Many await a savior to come rescue humanity from evil. When in reality it is the individual who must rescue themselves from fear, anger, hatred and the belief in evil. As long as you separate yourself into races, cultures, religions, clans, tribes, nationalities, and such distinctions these kinds of acts will escalate.

And still many of you cry out to God to end the violence to punish the guilty. I ask you to pray for the guilty. My son, Jesus, said many centuries ago, "Pray for your enemies." This is the way of love. Yet you choose to hate, to fear, and to harbor ill will towards groups of people for the acts of a few. You choose to see the differences in the races instead of seeing the similarities. You choose to hold revenge in your hearts when this increases the violence.

It is time to end the violence. It is escalating because it is time for it to end for all time. How you bring the demise to violence is through forgiveness and prayer and unity. I call upon my children to pray for all people. To pray for the culprits of these disasters, for the instigators, and the people backing them. I call upon you to pray for the victims that they may be taken to places of safety, peace, and love. Many were able to call out to God who answered immediately. They were not limited by their fear, belief, or religion. It all worked together for their good at that moment in time. Pray for these souls to go directly to God so they will not become stuck in places limited by their beliefs.

When a person dies believing deeply in one belief, then that is what they will encounter. When you pray for the dead you help them go past belief, religion, culture, fear, and terror. They will then go to God where there is only peace, love, total acceptance, and joy. This is a wonderful place where all is light, all is serene, all are cherished. God does not create evil. It is created through the choices made my mankind. The choices made down through the centuries have brought you to this tragedy.

It has not ended, in the future there will be more acts of violence. There will be more natural disasters. People will be leaving this earth in great numbers and together in great numbers. Many of you have been using the term earth changes or end times. What you have concentrated on are natural disasters, earthquakes, storms, that sort of thing. What you have forgotten is that everything on earth is changing, that includes mankind. Humanity is undergoing many changes. When you choose fear, anger and hatred these changes will be made in violence.

I have given messages about future disasters for one reason only, so that through your ability to choose, you will have the opportunity to choose the ways of peace, forgiveness, and love. Focus on these things and keep your mind and heart free of fear, hatred, anger, and such depleting emotions. Release these depleting emotions. Do not harbor them close to your heart. Violence will never end with revenge and more violence. The end of violence will come about through prayer and forgiveness.

I ask each of you to remain in a state of prayer. Pray as you have been taught. Release all depleting and negative emotions through ways that do not cause any harm to others, or to your planet. Meditate on peace and forgiveness. Meditate to clear your mind of fear. Pray for your government officials as they make crucial decisions. Pray for the families of the victims to find solace. Pray for the people who are working to find survivors and through your prayers they are energized and uplifted. Pray for the world population as everyone has been affected by these disasters across the planet.

It is time to make peace with yourself, your past, and your future. It is time to make the commitment to choose peace and forgiveness wherever possible. It is time for each of you to take responsibility for your life and to call upon God to help you. For He awaits your call. God will never take away your ability and freedom to make choices. He is magnificent in His bounty and mercy. He is loving you now. Keep the spirit of good will alive in your mind, heart, and life not just this week but for the rest of your life on earth. You have much work to do. Each of you can pray. Remember this is the highest and the best gift you can give. Your prayers are accumulative and added to the prayers of other people who have set aside fear and anger, will become powerhouses of good. This is how to end violence.

I would not ask this of you if it were not within your realm of possibilities. You can do this. You can make a difference. I ask you to make a difference everyday of your life. I ask you to pray, love, forgive, and choose peace not just right now in the wake of these terrible tragedies, but everyday. I am loving each of you. Thank you for hearing my plea.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.