Mary's Message to the World
from the Spirit Link - Winter 1996-97

When we think about Mary, what pops into our minds may be Archangel Gabriel or perhaps the reported appearances at Lourdes, Fatima or Medjugorje. But for one new resident of Oklahoma, communication with Mary has become a natural part of everyday life.
The voice that inspired Annie Kirkwood's book, "Mary's Message to the World," rang true to so many people that it has been translated into ten languages.
"In 1987 I began to sense a presence and hear my name called," Annie Kirkwood told us in a recent interview. "I finally asked who it was and the voice said, 'Mary.' 'Mary who?' I asked. And she said, 'Mary, mother of Jesus.' I could only respond, 'You've got to be kidding!'
"I went through a period of time when I argued with her. I thought she'd made a mistake. 'I'm not Catholic,' I explained. 'Neither am I,' Mary replied."
Spirit Link: What did Mary tell you about the purpose of her visits to you?
Annie Kirkwood: Mary said she had a message to send to the world and she had chosen me to send it. I still don't know why she chose me.
Spirit Link: What is your religious background?
Annie Kirkwood: I was raised a Methodist. I spent 15 years in the Southern Baptist Church and also attended Unity.
Spirit Link: What is the major point of Mary's message to the people?
Annie Kirkwood: The main thing is that we are loved unconditionally by God - no matter what! We already have within ourselves all the wisdom and knowledge we need. We simply need to learn to rely on our God-given inner guidance.
Humans need to learn to love unconditionally - ourselves and everyone else. There's a whole chapter in "Mary's Message to the World" on how to love yourself through acceptance an appreciation.
It's important to know that God created each one of us as a original. And it's through that uniqueness that God contacts us. So when we try to mold ourselves to try to communicate with God like someone else does, we're missing it because our pattern is different. When we try to make someone else conform our image of how God should be worshiped or prayed to, we're missing the boat again.
Spirit Link: Why did you move from Texas to Oklahoma this past year?
Annie Kirkwood: One morning I had a vision of myself moving to a farm and I said, "What's this!" We liked our condo in Dallas. My husband Byron didn't care for the country. I told Mary, "If we're truly moving to a farm, please give Byron a message without my having to tell him." Several weeks later Byron said, "I've been getting this strange feeling that we're supposed to move."
At one point Mary asked, "Are you ready to take your next step?" I assured her that I was. She told me, "You need to move to Northeastern Oklahoma." I still don't know why, but I trust that I'll know in due time. Since we arrived I've met other people from around the country who have moved here because they were guided to during their meditations.
Spirit Link: There are several dire prophecies in Mary's Message to the World. What is her reason for including them?
Annie Kirkwood: The purpose of prophecies from God are always to alert people that they are headed in a certain direction if changes are not made. Mary gave the prophecies to make us aware of the seriousness of our situation. She wants us to know what needs to be changed.
Spirit Link: Have the prophecies changed since Mary's Message was printed five years ago?
Annie Kirkwood: Yes. Many of the predicted disasters have been delayed 5-10 years from this year. This is happening because people are truly making changes within their hearts. As more people change, a planetary shift in consciousness will occur. It is beginning to shift, but we haven't accomplished it completely. Understand that it's not important for all people to believe alike. The changes are happening because people are returning to God in their own way, whether it is through their religion or through seeking within. People around the world are praying for good to come into their lives. They may think they're asking for more prosperity or for war to stop, but when we as for good, it's a blanket thing and we're making a change toward the global good.
Spirit Link: Can we transmute all of the prophecies of Earth changes through shifts in our consciousness?
Annie Kirkwood: Mankind is taking an evolutionary step at this time. It's as great as the step that we took from Neanderthal to Modern Man. it's that huge! This step has to occur for mankind to grow. We can't stop growth. There will still be some of what we call disasters, with 2012 being an important year.
But we can go through these change with far less trauma by listening to Mary's advice, "Take care of the inside and outside events will take care of themselves. If you let my words flow through you like a stream of water flowing through a river bed, it will do you no good. You must LIVE this message.