Global Sun Oven experiment with Jamie and Jane

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Global Sun Oven

It really works!

It was our time to experiment with the Global Sun Oven. We chose a chicken to bake, because that's what we had on hand; and besides, I like baked chicken.

It was a rather warm (hot) July summer day here in northeastern Oklahoma. Jane (on the right), our shipping clerk and warehouse person, took on the tasks of preparing the chicken for the roast. The process was monitored by Jamie (on the left), of our sales department. I (Byron) took the pictures and got hungry thinking about eating my first sun cooked baked chicken.

The preparation involved washing the chicken and sticking it in a plastic oven bag. We cooked it for about 3 hours, but it was probably ready earlier.The only thing Jane says she would have done differently is to use a container (pan, pot, etc) to be able to turn the chicken easier, and add a little seasoning in the bag..

It was probably the best, most tender, baked chicken I've ever tasted.

Global Sun Oven experiment Global Sun Oven experiment
The B&A building with the sun oven outside
(in the middle of the picture).
Another view of the Global Sun Oven
with the chicken cooking inside

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Original date: July 22, 1999
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