Survival Food Supplies

The most basic approach to emergency preparedness requires storage of food for at least a few days. Some people are more comfortable with weeks, even months of long shelf life food set aside. Your comfort level should be based on your situation, i.e., are you in a remote place or a metropolitan area, where help may come sooner. Is your area subject to hurricanes or winter storms that may disrupt municipal services and retail food stores for hours or a few days or do you believe you must prepare for longer duration emergencies such as terror attacks, wars, or social unrest? How much food and which food products best suit your needs can be determined from your decision about the duration and type of emergency you need to prepare for. B&A Products offers basic to elaborate survival food supplies for all of these emergencies. Flavored food bars to dehydrated canned foods, purified drinking water and water storage drums and water storage supplies are all available from BAProducts.Com.

Let us assist you with your Survival Food Supplies plus emergency water filtration.


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