Warning for the upcoming Winter 1997-98

The following is a segment of predictions that Annie received from her source (not Mother Mary) on September 12, 1997. These are being provided for informational purposes only and Annie takes no responsibility for them.
"It seems like the big event for us personally is this coming winter Dec 97-Feb 98. Annie feels we are going to have a very cold winter where much of the central part of the US will be frozen in (an Arctic blast), where the term "bitter cold" will be used and new low temperature records would be set in the northern central part of the US (North Dakota-Kansas). Much of this would be due to ice storms, not just snowfall. It will get cold and stay cold, with lots of wind with the cold, and food shortages due to trucks not being able to travel on roads. Trucks being loaded onto rail carriers. It will also cause problems for air travel.

"Cold fronts will also be happening on the other side of the world in Siberia and Northern China (North Korea, Japan). She also saw France, Germany (on national news because of the large amounts of snow), Austria, Yugoslavia and that region, experiencing the same. It may snow in Jerusalem.

"While the freezing is happening in the central US, the east coast will experience snow falls of wet-heavy snow (PA, NJ). She "sees" Washington (DC) completely snowed in, airport shut down for a couple of days, maybe several times during the winter. It may snow as far south as the Carolinas. Florida may get an ice storm that wipes out the fruit crops (part of this "bitter cold.")

"Ironically the western part (Utah, New Mexico, California, etc) of the US will have a normal to mild winter.

"For us in Oklahoma, she saw several ice storms where power was out for long periods of time (longer than normal). (She "saw" herself having to cook on the wood stove and lots of snow and ice. Saw the trees coated with ice.) Snow before the end of the year, but the big ice storms Jan to Feb timeframe. Might have an ice storm around New Year's Day.

"While this is happening in the Northern Hemisphere, she sees flooding and mudslides in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia will have floods (floods like we in the US had in 1995). The Andes will have mud-slides and whole villages wiped away. The Amazon will flood, as will other parts of Brazil. Brazil (and Columbia, Bolivia, Peru) will have an epidemics due to hot and wet climate--a fungus or virus."

Supporting Information
A couple of days after Annie had received this information I received a call from my friend Ashton Pitre (see Ashton's earth changes map) in Marble Falls, Texas. Ashton had read or been sent a copy of an article in the news checkout stand periodical "The Sun" that said that the world's leading meteorologist had met at an international conference in Oslo, Norway, and determined that we were in for "A blast of icy air for the Arctic will shock the entire northern hemisphere with a blanket of snow and ice." The article went a lot further, but a lot of the information was similar to what Annie had received. (The copy of the article sent to me did not have the date of the printing, but was about Sept 14 and the article was written by Zeke Holiday and mentions that a Martin Agaura, a German meteorologist had decided to disclose the information.

Ashton added his comments on the bottom of the copy he sent me stating, "I am predicting a hard, early long winter, very hard ... winter 1997-98 ... so much of this may be worth considering. Be prepared ... stock up on food, water, candles, wood, lamps, kerosene ... etc."

When I (Byron) was talking with one of my suppliers, he said that his daughter was a meteorologist and was also warning of a hard cold winter.

And my country neighbor had previously asked if Annie had gotten her predictions. After I showed them to him he told me that was what he suspected. He said that the leaves were beginning to turn (color) early and that the squirrels were beginning to gather nuts (early). This was his indication that we were in for a "bad" winter.

Note: This information will be in my portion of our December/January 1997/98 newsletter, but I wanted to go ahead and make people aware of it prior to this time. The October/November newsletter is about the upcoming Millennium Bug which also needs awareness.

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    Original date: September 21, 1997
    Last updated: September 21, 1997
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