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B&A Products, Ltd. Co. is owned by Byron and Annie Kirkwood. B&A was founded in 1992 in the Dallas area to provide support for Annie's books and Byron's products for emergency preparedness. The Kirkwood's and B&A moved to Northeastern Oklahoma in 1995. This beautiful area is known locally as Green Country and is in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

The web page is divided in two sections. Byron operates B&A Products, Ltd. Co., an emergency preparedness distributor, and Annie writes spiritual and inspirational books and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter.

B&A Products is an Emergency Preparedness distributor with a wide range of products on four different web page domains (click on the logo below to go to the corresponding web page):
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  Annie's web page includes the bi-monthly newsletter, Mary's Message/Newsletter, information about her books, and much more.
Annie's "Latest Stuff" web page
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Annie's books

If you want to contact B&A other than by e-mail, the address is:
B&A Products, Ltd. Co., 700 East Shawntel Smith Blvd.P.O. Box 1376
Muldrow, OK. 74948-1376
Phone 918-427-3600 Fax 918-427-3214
B&A accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and The AmericanExpress Card

B-A 10th Anniversary
B&A has been in business since 1992
and we are having our 10th anniversary

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