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Survival Food Supplies

The most basic approach to emergency preparedness requires storage of food for at least a few days.  Some people are more comfortable with weeks, even months of long shelf life food set aside.  Your comfort level should be based on your situation, i.e., are you in a remote place or a metropolitan area, where help may come sooner.  Is your area subject to hurricanes or winter storms that may disrupt  municipal services and retail food stores for hours or a few days or do you believe you must prepare for longer duration emergencies such as terror attacks, wars, or social unrest?  How much food and which food products best suit your needs can be determined from your decision about the duration and type of emergency you need to prepare for.   B &A Products offers basic to elaborate survival food supplies for all of these  emergencies. Flavored food bars to dehydrated canned foods, purified drinking water and water storage drums and water storage supplies are all available from BAProducts.Com.

Let us assist you with your Survival Food Supplies plus emergency water filtration.


Cooking and Food Storage

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3- Wick Cooking Candle  
Product Code: 3012 
Essential preparedness item for the home or emergency.  A canned three wick cooking candle which can be used non vented (indoors) in most folding emergency stoves (See item # 9560). Matches and resealable plastic lid included for storage and re-use. 12 hours of burn time using all three wicks continuously or up to 50 hours burn time in single wick burn mode. Boils 1/2 liter of liquid in 15 minutes.  Waterproof.    
Price: $9.95
Shipping: $5.95

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Chow Kit - Knife, Fork and Spoon  
Product Code: CL0721BP  
Ideal for camping, hunting, outdoor activities of all sorts, and great for emergency and survival kits. Stainless steel, clip together for easy storage and carrying.  
Price: $2.95
Shipping: $5.95


1-Person Cook Set  
Product Code: SS361  
Stainless steel cook set made of rugged high quality stainless steel with copper bottoms. Fold-away "stay cool" handles. Fully nests together and packs into its own nylon cover. Safe to use and easy to clean. Consists of the following campware basics:
One 8-oz plastic cup
One 3/4 qt copper bottom pot with lid
One 1 qt pot with lid
One 5-1/2" copper bottom fry pan
Nylon cover
Retail Price: $21.95
SALE PRICE: $13.25  * On Sale *
Shipping: $5.95


Portable Food Service Set for 2  
Product Code: PIC2 
Picnic or emergency food service set.   Includes dishes, glasses,cups and utensils for two persons in a handy self storing case with carry handle and strap.   Ideal for picnics, camping or as an emergency relocation preparation.
Set contains 2 each of :
    Melamine Dinner Paltes
    Melamine bowls
    Unbrakable tumblers
    Stainless Steel mugs
    Stainles Steel knives/ forks/ spoons
    Cotton napkins
    Dirty plate bag   
Price: $16.95
Shipping: $5.95

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Stainless Steel Family Cook Set  
Product Code: SS365  
Made of rugged high quality stainless steel. Fully nests together and packs into its own nylon cover (included). Safe to use and easy to clean. Consists of the following campware basics:
One 6 qt kettle with locking bail handle and lid.
One 2.5 qt kettle with locking bail handle and lid.
One 1 qt pot with locking bail handle and lid.
One 10" fry pan with handle.
Price: $54.95
Shipping: $5.95


Cinsa Enamel camp cup  
Product Code: SS10985  
"Cinsa" extra heavy glazed enameled cup, 10-oz, color is blue with white speckles. Ideal for emergency kits or general camping, hunting, boating, etc.  
Price: $3.95
Shipping: $5.95


Cinsa Enamel coffee pot  
Product Code: SS10346  
This is a "Cinsa" enameled (blue with white speckles) 12 cup coffee pot with peroculator. Ideal for outdoor living, camping, homemakers or emergencies. Size: at base 6-7/8" diameter (plus handle), by 10" high.  
Price: $23.95
Shipping: $5.95


Emergency Food Warming Kit - Sterno  
Product Code: 4133 
The Sterno Emergency Food Warming Kit, contains the essential components needed to prepare, heat, and serve food in emergency situations.  Kit contains
1 -Emergency folding stove, 2 - 7 oz. Sterno fuel cannisters ( 2 hours burn time each), 2 - mini Pillar Candles (9 hours burn time each), 1- 5piece cookware set  (Pot with lid, fry pan, plate  & cup), and stainless steel fork, spoon and knife.  All items come conviently stored in a portable nylon carrying case.
Be prepared to cook and have light in all emergency situations including extended power outages from Hurricanes and storms. Preparedness at bargain prices.  
Retail Price: $24.95
SALE PRICE: $19.95  * On Sale *
Shipping: $10.95

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Displaying 1 through 8 of 8 products.


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B & A Products Co. can provide Emergency Preparedness Items and strategies to help individual’s families, businesses, and organizations survive and function in place during and beyond natural and man- made disasters. Basic Emergency Survival Items such as stored Emergency Drinking Water, Emergency Water Filtration equipment, Survival Food Supplies, Particulate Masks and personal emergency protection items; will allow you to survive and cope with the aftermath of disasters and emergencies even after help comes. Disaster Preparedness is a must in today’s world. Don’t be caught unprepared. Links

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