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Beginning in 2002, bulk refillable propane tank valves were changed by federal safety laws.  Pre-legislation tank valves were typically configured with a POL female  threaded valve. Correspondingly, old style low pressure devices such as grills and other non-portable stoves and heaters had a regulator hose connections that are POL-male.
Post legislation ( New) tank valves are referred to ACME style, and have external ACME male threads as well as internal POL female threads to allow connection of both old and new style grills and devices to new style tanks.
Old stlye tanks are generally not refillable by law, and adapters to allow conncection of new style ACME threeded devices to old style tanks are prohibited.
Adapters are available from our selection to allow old or new stlye devices to be connected to disposable propane tanks and to allow multiple devices to be connected to Acme stlye tanks and disposable tanks.  
No adapters are available for connections to old style tanks.