Survival Basics Emergency Preparedness Kit 1 Person for 3 Days

Product Code: SB-01

Price: $33.95

Shipping: $5.95

This emergency preparedness kit can sustain one person for three days. It includes emergency food (9 - 3600 calorie food bars), emergency water (12 - 4 oz pouches), medical kit (see below), flashlight and emergency blanket.
Includes 22 essential first aid items:
Moist towelettes - for washing and cleansing
Plastic strip bandages - for small cuts and splints
Sterile gauze pads - use for bandaging or cleansing
Alcohol preps - can cleanse a wound or start a fire
Aspirin tablets - to relieve pain and reduce swelling
Bacitracin ointment - to prevent infection and promote healing
Tape strips - use to secure bandages or small splints