Two Person Support Unit - 2 People for 3 Days

Product Code: PSP-04

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This rugged unit packed in a kraft box was designed for strength and heat resistance so that it could be thrown into the truck of your car and be forgotten. Like your spare tire, it will be there when you need it! Packed with the no-nonsense material you'll need to get you through a bad trip. Weight is 9 lbs.
General Survival Items:
Carrying case, Non-glass mirror, Duct tape, Tissue packs, Emergency blankets, Utility bags, Emergency manual, Water rations, Flashlight with batteries, Matches, Food rations, Whistle
Medical Items:
Adhesive bandages, Gauze rolls, Adhesive tape, Razor blade, Alcohol wipes, Tongue depressors, Aspirin, Towelettes, First aid cream, Tweezers, Gauze pads