Aircraft Support System - 2 People for 14 Days

Product Code: CA-20

Price: $479.50

Shipping: $5.95

In addition to food, water and medical supplies this emergency system includes specialized aeronautical equipment such as directional and signaling devices. With adverse weather conditions in mind, this unit was designed to exceed most Alaskan FAA and Canadian Ministry requirements.
General Survival Items
Candles, Pliers, Carrying case, Pocket compass, Duct tape, Razor blade, Whistle Rope, Emergency blankets, Screwdriver, Emergency flares, Snare wire, Emergency manual, Survival Knife kit, Firesticks, wire saw, extra Flashlight with batteries, sharpening stone, needles, Gill net, extra fish hooks and leads, Hand warmers, extra matches, Hatchet, Tissue packs, Infectious waste bags, Usage cards, Insect lotion, Utility bags, Mirror, Waterproof matches, Mosquito headnets, Watertight container, Pencil/paper set, Work gloves, Playing cards
Medical Items
Adhesive bandages, Instant cold pak, Adhesive tape, Mouthwash, Alcohol wipes, Sanitary pads, Anti-diarrhea tablets, Scissors, Aspirin Splint, Dust masks, Tongue depressors, Elastic bandage, Toothache kit, First aid creme, Towlettes, Gauze pads, Tweezers, Gauze roll, Water purification tablets