An Evening with Annie and Jean

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This taped conversation between Annie Kirkwood, who has faithfully written Mother Mary's many messages to humankind, and Jean K Foster, the writer/conduit for the Holy Spirit's God-mind books, bring the everyday concerns of men and women into spiritual perspective. Their theme is "abundance," and the dialogue focuses on individual responsibility in bringing prosperity, wholeness, and joyful and fulfilled living into our experience.

Here are some of the questions that are discussed by these two spiritually oriented writers:

  • What can we do to alleviate suffering?
  • Do we tell God our money problems?
  • What does "go to God" mean?
  • What is our greatest deferent to manifesting abundance?
  • Why is loving ourselves important?
  • How do thoughts determine our circumstances?

In uncomplicated yet profound words, Annie and Jean open people's minds to their power—as God partners—to overcome and transform seemingly adverse conditions into positive and productive circumstances.

An eighty-minute recorded conversation about bringing everyday concerns of men and women into spiritual perspective.
Recorded at Jean's Masters Conference held in Warrensburg, MO, June 6, 1997.