US Army Survival Manual FM21-76

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No one knows survival better than the U.S. Army, so this exceptional field guide is the most authoritative of its kind. Originally commissioned by the Department of the Army to train its special forces in all-climate, all-terrain survival tactics, this is meant to serve as "a civilian's best guide for toughing it .. anyplace in the world." This is a must for campers, hikers, explorers, pilots, and others whose vocation or avocations require familiarity with the wilderness or out-of-doors, this excellent manual describes and clearly illustrates the techniques of survival medicine, tool making, food and water procurement, shelter building, direction finding, signaling, and many others that could mean the difference between life and death in remote areas.
(This is an out-of-print book and available in limited quantity)
Describes and clearly illustrates a vast array of topics, including...
* The Will to Survive * Survival Planning * Survival Medicine * Weapons and Tools * Water Procurement * Wild Plants for Food * Wildlife for Food * Shelter * Firebuilding * Water Crossings * Direction Finding * Signaling * Desert Survival * Tropical Survival * Arctic and Subarctic Survival * Sea Survival * Poisonous Snakes * Knots * Climate * Weather
    Teaches you how to...
  • Overcome the desire for comfort
  • Recognize the onset of a dangerous passive outlook
  • Tolerate pain
  • Use the word "survival" as a pnemonic device
  • Plan ahead for survival
  • Administer the Heimlich Hug
  • Treat insect and snake bites
  • Make wooden and stone knives
  • Make a rabbit stick
  • Start a fire with a bow and drill
  • Procure water in nearly any environment
  • Construct a solar water still
  • Make polluted water potable
  • Conduct the Universal Plant Edibility Test
  • Improvise containers for boiling food
  • Catch and eat insects
  • Make fishhooks and fishing line
  • Build a stakeout for fishing secretly
  • Make spear points
  • Capture amphibians and reptile
  • Catch birds in a net
  • Make an Ojibwa bird snare
  • Make a squirrel pole
  • Make a trip-string deadfall trap
  • Clean a snake
  • Skin and butcher small and large game
  • Build a parachute tepee
  • Construct a swamp bed
  • Build a shelter in the desert sand
  • Make a Dakota fire hole
  • Cross a swift stream
  • Make an Australian poncho raft
  • Find direction using the sun and stars
  • Signal to aircraft with your body