Practical Outdoor Survival (McDougall)

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Here is a thoroughly practical, "hands-on" guide to wilderness survival by a teacher of survival procedures who has used these techniques himself in genuine survival situations. Most guides to wilderness survival assume that one wants--or needs--to live like the 19th-century mountain men, lacking modern technology and materials. Len McDougall disagrees. Using modern materials (like the "space blanket," composed of aluminum-laminated plastic) the modern survivalist has better means to live unscratched in the wilderness--and to get safely home more quickly--than anyone in ages past. Covered here are complete instructions for assembling the basic survival kit, constructing shelters of all kinds and in varying weather and terrain, obtaining food and water, rescue strategies, compass use, fishing and hunting with emergency gear, and much, much more.

Practical Outdoor Survival belongs in the backpack of anyone who ventures into the wild.