Creative Country Construction (Inwood & Bruyere)

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For more than 20 years, In Harmony with Nature has been the classic book on building your home in the woods, and Country Comforts has been the guiding light for all those who have wanted to create their own homestead. Now the two classics have been combined into one marvelous book, and carefully updated--all the homesteads, techniques, and skills needed to build and live in the ultimate country house. It includes barns, saunas, wells, and fences. The construction methods have been developed through trial and error, as a means of solving problems as they arose. Here, in delightful first-person descriptions, are the stories behind the choice of designs, tools, and techniques--including how they cleared the land, chose the specific locations for their homes, designed layouts that suited their needs and personalities, laid foundations, installed drainage systems, framed windows, filled cracks, raised the roof rafters, farmed the land, and penned the livestock. Over 400 diagrams and photographs show each step in assembly and convey the love and struggle of people determined to forge their own special abode out of natural materials in unspoiled countryside, and to live off the land in harmony with nature. 288 pages, 400 b/w illus.