Where There Is No Doctor: a village health care handbook (Werner and Thurman)

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Where There Is No Doctor is more than a book on first aid. It covers a wide range of things that affect the health of the villager -- from diarrhea to tuberculosis, from helpful and harmful home remedies to the cautious use of certain modern medicines. Special importance is placed on cleanliness, a healthy diet, and vaccinations. The book also covers in detail both childbirth and family planning. Not only does it help readers realize what they can do for themselves, but it helps them recognize which problems need the attention of experienced health worker. This new revised edition includes information about some additional health problems -- AIDS, dengue, complications from abortion, drug addiction, among many others.

  • THE VILLAGER who lives far from medical centers. It explains in simple words and drawings what he can do to prevent, recognize, and treat many common sicknesses
  • THE VILLAGE STOREKEEPER OR PHARMACIST who sells medicines and health-care supplies. The book explains which medicines are most useful for specific sicknesses and warns against ones that are useless or dangerous. Risks and precautions are carefully explained. Guidelines are given for the sensible use of both traditional and modern medicines.
  • THE TEACHER in a rural school. The book will help him give practical advice and care to the sick and injured. It also gives guidelines for teaching children and adults in his community about the problems of health, cleanliness, and nutrition.
  • THE VILLAGE HEALTH WORKER or anyone who is concerned about the health and well-being of those in her community. An introductory section for the village health worker discusses ways to determine needs, share knowledge, and involve the community in activities that can better people's health.
  • MOTHERS AND MIDWIVES will find useful the clear, easy-to-understand information for home birth, care of the mother, and child health.

"We have worked for years using Where There Is No Doctor as a text and a reference work. Every community owns a copy ..."
-- CODIPSA, Pastoral Health Commission, Chalatenango, El Salvador
"Where There Is No Doctor is an indispensable resource ... This book has been, quite literally, a lifesaver for the poor -- even where there is a doctor."
-- Paul Farmer, Partners in Health
The U.S. Peace Corps provides every volunteer with a copy of Where There Is No Doctor.

WARNING: This book is quite graphic and may be described by the unsophisticated as "gross," but the illustrations and descriptive information is important to the subject. This book provides the real-life information you, your family, and community may really need if you find yourselves without a doctor during a prolonged emergency.. It is sold on a non-returnable basis.