Battery Guard

Battery Guard

Product Code: RPSC-810

Price: $24.00

Shipping: $5.95

Prevents Battery Failure Due to the Extended Use of 12 Volt DC Appliances

Don't be left stranded by an unexpected battery rundown! When your vehicle's battery voltage falls below 11.2 volts, the Battery Guard will automatically suspend the power to your 12-volt appliance to save enough battery power to start your vehicle. It works with devices up to 10 amps (has a 10 amp spade type fuse). Includes a 4-foot power cord for convenient positioning of accessories. A green LED indicates good battery condition and a red LED indicates the battery voltage is low and that power has been suspended to the accessory.

Easy to install and remove it just plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket. Ideal for use it cars, trucks, boats, RVs, aircraft, etc. Works with 12-volt heaters, coolers, fans, chargers, spotlights and any device that requires less than 10 amps (120 watts) to operate.