Mary Day 2000

August 15, 2000, Cherokee Landing State Park, Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma

This year our Mary Day Get-to-Gather started on Saturday with Annie's 2nd Saturday Meditation held in our home. Then Sunday we had our usual Sunday Meditation where we read a lesson from Messages to Our Family, pray and then Annie leads us in a guided meditation. Monday was a chance for those that wanted to visit our home to talk with others that attended. We also opened our home again on Tuesday, until we left to go to Cherokee Landing State Park on Lake Tenkiller (Oklahoma) for our Annual Mary Day gathering.

We had people visit from California, Idaho, Arizona, Washington State, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and of course Oklahoma.

Annie received a message from Mother Mary (below).


My dear children,

I come to you today in love and with a heart filled with a sacred joy. You have been called today to gather to pray and consecrate your life to the purpose of peace. I call you to enter into a communion with The Father within, who is Divine and Whole. I call you to bless each day you live with the purpose of peace.

Many of you have been faithful to living in peace, many of you feel you have failed to do this. You do not fail when it is your intention to live in peace. Your intention carries with it more power and more vibrancy than you realize. If your intention is to live in peace and find yourself becoming upset or angry, do not think you fail. It is a time for releasing what needs to be gone from your life and to forgive all who cause you pain, anger, or disappointment. It is a time to live your life in eternal forgiveness. It is time to live your live with the sacred purpose of peace. Only in this way will we have peace on earth.

It is not a time for discussion, but of intention and simply living in peace. To talk about peace, and not follow with a life of peaceful living is fruitless. It is a waste of your time, energy, and life force to only talk. Now is the time to stop talking about peace, it is time to stop discussing peace as something outside of you. Now is the time to bring peace into your inner life, so that all may see your faith.

Do whatever is necessary to live in peace. This peace needs to be lived on the inside and then it will become a factor on the outside. Now is the time to forgive all things. It is not time to talk about forgiveness, it is time to do it--to forgive all things and all people until peace has come to all people. It is time for action, a time for living an active peace within. How do you become active within? Increase your prayer, increase your meditation, forgive all things, and choose to live in peace.

In all things you have the freedom to choose peace and to choose the way of love. This does not mean you will never become upset. It means you settle all issues quickly and reach a point of agreement as soon as possible. It means you do not delay seeking to find resolution. But remember, my children, in all things seek God, and in all situation seek God.

To live in peace is not the same as to talk about peace. To live your life loving all people is not the same as becoming subservient to all people. Many times people become confused as how to love, and how to live in peace. In order to live a life of love, respect all people, respect their choices, beliefs, and life circumstances. Set aside judgment, uplift instead of belittling. To live in peace is to encourage, not to discount. You help by supporting people to find God through their own beliefs, church, and religion. It does not mean you try to make all people become like you. It is God who we are to be like.

Live in peace, loving all people, make this your life's sacred goal. In every situation and in all dealings with people seek to come together in compassion. Find ways to negotiate peace that is lasting. Resolve all issues of life. When you begin with acceptance of a person, you have gone a long way towards peace. Acceptance does not mean you agree on all points, it means you respect them and acknowledge that they too are children of God.

I am calling you to be peaceful. To let go of that which you cannot change. To let God take care of your loved ones. I call upon you to change yourself and not to try changing other people. I call upon you to set an example of peace. To live in the manner that will leave no doubt that you are at peace in your heart of hearts and in all areas of your life. One of the greatest detriments to peace is when family members decide how their loved ones should live. This is not how to help your loved ones. You help them more by praying for them. You help them more by encouraging and reminding them of how much God loves them.

Become serene on the inside and allow it to manifest in your outer life. Become serene through acceptance, appreciation, and through respect. Become serene through forgiveness and resolution. This is how to live with the sacred goal of peace. Become serene through compassion. Have more compassion for yourself first, then for others. Many times people want to talk to others about living in peace without making any changes in their own life. This will not work, my children. It helps only for a little while. To have lasting peace, the people of the world need to become peaceful in their heart.

Support each other through your prayers. Through your prayers you have an inner, active connection to the Source of All. Let your Divine inner connection bring to you the peace that passes all understanding. When two or more of you pray together you make changes. When more of you join together to pray for peace, you make greater changes.

Once again I ask that you set aside this day each month to pray for peace, to pray for the hearts of people to change. There is much for which to be grateful, as there is much that needs to eliminated from the hearts of men. Pray for a healing of the people of earth. So many of you become over concerned with health issues and forget the issues of the heart. It is imperative to heal the ills of the heart and of the mind in order to have peace.

When a person is angry, do not become angry with them, go aside to pray. When the heat of anger is subsided then, find resolution. Pray for the world's children who are abandoned and neglected. You may not be able to physically care for them, yet every person can pray. Too many children are left to their own devices. It is time to pray for parents and pray that these parents find the wisdom within their own being. Pray that each adult take the responsibility to encourage children. Remind them of how special they are. It does not matter how a child behaves, to God. They are loved.

This I would have you promise for the next year. This I call you to live for twelve months. Remember always how much I love you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.